NASA's Aitken Supercomputer Provides Powerful Modeling and Simulation Capabilities to Support Critical Research for Safe and Successful Space Flight for the Next Return to the Moon From Here 2024

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced today that NASA has highlighted new research advancements in support of the upcoming human landing on the moon's surface by running complex simulations on NASA's Aitken supercomputer, powered by HPE that will support new research, who Understanding the enhanced separation event and launch environment at Kennedy Space Center during takeoff involves NASA engineers preparing for a safe and successful space flight as part of the NASA Artemis mission that must be launched in 2024

NASA's Modular Supercomputing Facility, where is its Aitken supercomputer, is located at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California Image Credit: NASA Ames Research Center

HPE also announced today that it has extended NASA's Aitken supercomputer with HPE Apollo systems specifically designed to meet compute-intensive modeling and simulation needs.. The expansion of computing power, which will be operational in January 2021, supports NASA's ongoing research into computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which is essential for understanding aerodynamic events.

«At HPE, we are inspired by advances in scientific research that advance high performance computing technologies», declared Bill Mannell, vice-president and general manager, HPC, at HPE, said researchers and engineers at NASA's Ames Research Center continue to push the boundaries to improve spaceflight «We are honored to continue to collaborate with NASA and play a role in a historic moment by developing NASA's Aitken supercomputer with HPE Apollo Systems to accelerate the time spent seeing and safely landing the first woman and the next. man on the moon.”

NASA's Modular Computing Facility, where is its Aitken supercomputer, is located at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, in California

HPE designed NASA's Aitken supercomputer in August 2019 to support NASA missions, including research for the Artemis program, a mission to land the first woman and the next man on the moon's south pole region from here 2024

NASA's Aitken is hosted in 12 first computer units in its modular supercomputing facility (MSF), that NASA jointly developed with HPE, to achieve greater efficiency and significantly reduce electricity and water consumption., NASA's Aitken supercomputer was consumed in the first year. Of its operation, only 16% energy required for cooling, which saved more than 100000 dollars in costs and 14 million kilowatt-hours, also reduced by 91% the use of water used to cool the supercomputer, saving over a million gallons of water. Daily

The supercomputer will grow with HPE Apollo Systems using second generation AMD EPYC processors to provide advanced computing power to support continuous research

NASA's Aitken Supercomputer Advances Research on Return to Moon Mission, and NASA's Aitken supercomputer has already helped researchers advance the Artemis mission in the following areas:

Develop an aerodynamic database of potential events during separation Artemis Booster NASA engineers need to understand the potential events that could occur during detachment of the booster from the Artemis core during takeoff, which is essential for the safety of the crew and the success of a mission NASA considers the possibilities that both The solid rocket boosters (SERB), developed for the mission, will hit the main center or each other during a separation event

To simulate and model all variables during separation events during the Artemis mission, NASA has developed an aerodynamic database to display the possible locations of boosters during lessons by applying computational fluid dynamics tools (CFD) using NASA's Aitken supercomputer and calculating 22 different columns of rocket engines. , Which transmit hot exhaust gases, researchers were able to develop a database of 13 independent variables to model all possible events during flight during separation reinforcement. The project can be found here

Expansion into NASA's Aitken Supercomputer Will Allow More Detailed and Comprehensive Databases to Improve Analysis Accuracy for Safer Flight

Understanding the Launch Environment at the Kennedy Space Center The Artemis mission is to be launched at the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, in Florida, NASA researchers must understand the effects of IOP and surge waves (DOP) resulting from the rapid expansion of gas. From the mouth of the missile during launch

The launch team, vehicle lift and aerodynamics (LAVA) NASA uses NASA's Aitken supercomputer to apply computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate these waves and how they interact with the launcher in order to examine the potential dangers of the mission.

Continuous analysis helps NASA engineers improve the design of the launch environment. With the extended Aitken supercomputer, researchers will benefit from additional computing power to optimize solution time. To redesign the launch pad to accommodate the space launch system. The project can be viewed here

About Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a global company that operates an edge-to-cloud platform that helps organizations accelerate results by unlocking value from all their data, everywhere based on decades of re-imagining the future and innovating to transform the way we live And at work, HPE offers unique technology solutions, open and intelligent, with a consistent experience across all clouds and all edges, to help clients develop new business models, to engage in new ways and increase operational performance. For more information, visit

NASA's Research Advances With Its Aitken Supercomputer Builds On HPE SGI's First Deployment 8600

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(Opinion Bloomberg) – In an anecdote often attributed to President John F's father. Kennedy, the moment he learned of the exit from the stock market boom of the years 1920 was when he started getting stock advice from his shoe shiner You can make a similar argument about when the major stock indexes will finally give their blessing to an upcoming stock taking place the most recent example and the most dramatic of this next month, when S&P 500 will accept Tesla Inc through club doors for the first time, exemplary dotcom company of Yahoo Inc found its way into the main US stock index in December. 1999, just four months before the collapse of internet stocks which had acquired UX more than a decade to recover New admissions in the mid-years 2000 were rich in real estate games such as CBRE Group Inc, Boston Real Estate Company et Kimco Realty Corp., these companies were then hit hard. Due to the mortgage and financial crisis in 2008, this time will it really be different? Certainly, Tesla seems to be on a stronger footing than two years ago, when regulators were charged with fraud against Elon Musk and the company was, he said, “a few weeks” of the bankruptcy of its ascension to the S&P 500 since his investigation. Second quarter results were dividends for a fourth consecutive period, and it broke an important benchmark that prevents many startups from staying off the index., it works better 2 billion dollars in the third quarter alone, 4 billion more than the total cash flow from operations in the contract through September 2019 The automotive industry as a whole appears to be performing remarkably well under the influence of Covid-19, the S sub-index&P auto and parts hit highest level in more than two years on Monday, Tesla is already the 11th largest company by market capitalization on UX exchanges, equal to Its value is approximately the three largest car manufacturers in the world, Toyota Motor Corp., Volkswagen AG and General Motors. Ordinary investors will likely see their index funds turn them into Tesla's indirect shareholders, whether they like it or not, so what don't you like? Long-awaited question concerns valuation Tesla has passed the point where it is in imminent danger of disappearing, but it is still very difficult to justify the price put on the stock. Return on equity is just one sub-index for cars that even analysts believe will increase by 20% % In the years to come, they will only bring them back to levels that were, until recently, normal levels in an industry that had not been favored by investors for years This kind of pedestrian financial performance is hard to reconcile with expensive Tesla stocks. The average price of S components&P 500 is of 20 mixed 89 Once the profits from the futures contracts 12 month, Tesla has a price-earnings ratio of 113, which would be enough to give it the highest rating in the index after Under Armor Inc, Boeing and SBA Communications Corp. Comparing Ebitda to Enterprise Value, only six companies have scores above 49. It's very difficult to see how Tesla will be able to justify these ratings in the long run., even if you agree with the most optimistic analysts and assume that the company will produce about 10 ml. Net income dollars per year from here 2022 or 2023, against 556 million dollars over the 12 last months. Based on these figures, a price and profit multiplier of 20 times would produce a business worth less than half of the current market value For the business of 387 billion dollars from Tesla This is the real lesson for new entrants in the big indexes of every Yahoo or AOL Inc that turns into an example of a market surplus, there Kimco or CBRE survived but did not regain the magic that brought him into the spotlight The Yahoo hype of 1999 was ultimately a victim of the best search technology that Developed by a little-known startup at the time called Google The race to control electric cars is rarely less competitive This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board or Bloomberg LP and its owners David Fickling, Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering commodities, as well as industrial and consumer companies who worked as a reporter for Bloomberg News, Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and The Guardian For more articles like this, please visit us on Bloombergcom / Opinion Subscribe now to stay on top with the most trusted source of business information © 2020 Bloomberg The Thief

Loop Capital Markets analyst, Daniel Adam, started to cover the online bookmaker with a buy odds and target odds of 100 USD.

In a regulatory file detailing the UX listed shares at 30 September, Berkshire revealed 5 at 7 billion dollars in new issues in the health sector, including more than 1 at 8 billion dollars each in Abbvie Inc, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co, Merck & Co and 136 million dollars at Pfizer Inc. Buffett himself usually manages large investments for the equity portfolio of 245 dollars Berkshire, at 3 billions of dollars, said James Armstrong, President of Henry H.: «We have COVID-19 thinking differently. Healthcare “Armstrong” & Associates de Pittsburgh, owner of Berkshire shares

Approaching the 116th Convention, Capitol Hill is deadlocked on almost every issue, but there is hope for a bipartisan compromise on the retirement issue.

If you've ever wondered how your colleagues' retirement savings stack up, you are in good company. The desire to know where you land in a sea of ​​retirement savings is normal, and it can either help you progress, give you a feeling of satisfaction What is the average Retirement savings?

Not an easy road for Tesla (TSLA) in fact, the shares were sold sharply in September after being coldly treated and neglected for inclusion on S&P 500 (SPX) when they had achieved four consecutive quarters of profitability – the last remaining benchmarks. He must complete to join the S index&P himself said that Tesla “will thus generate” one of the largest financing deals in S history&P 500 “, and this calls for great caution however, the flip side of this argument is that this inclusion has been going on for some time.. – And the time has come to continue, stop taking our hand to evaluate Tesla and start working on benchmarks for their commercial appearance. As in 2021 and beyond.

Thomas H.K. Jr., President and CEO of Stock Traders Daily and Portfolio Manager at Equity Logic, returns to Need to Know to issue a new market call indicating investors will wake up to a harsh reality in 2021

Nio prepares to report third quarter results on Tuesday, after Tesla’s emerging Chinese opponent became the target of the short seller

“When viable and widely distributed vaccines hit the market, we believe this will stimulate the next downward step in the downward structural trend of the US dollar that we expect”, the bank said in a research note and Moderna said on Monday that its investigational vaccine was 945% effectiveness in preventing COVID-19 based on provisional data from an advanced clinical trial, becoming the second company in a week to report results well above expectations

Recently, the news focuses on the emergence of vaccines against the coronavirus. First Pfizer announced to have a product in the experiments, which showed an efficiency rate of 90%, and now Moderna has joined the course, with a vaccine that shows higher efficacy, in the range of 945% among the press releases. Investors Confident In Report On New Vaccine Announcement And What It Means For Financial Markets, we could be out of the COVID woods sooner than expected, RBC analyst Brian Abrahams wrote: «The main focus of investors and society as a whole has been how quickly immunity spreads across the population – either by infection or vaccination – this transmission will start to slow down and we can start to return to a certain sense of normalcy with [] announcing positive data from a second vaccine. This once again confirms the potentially high rates of immunization protection and should allow a second resource to become readily available.; see now, the possibility of obtaining a «collective immunity» one month before our previous estimate «By turning Abraham’s predictions into concrete recommendations, RBC analysts hit the table on three stocks, because these professionals see a probability of 100% an increase of 100% in the store by running the indicators in the TipRanks database. We learned that all three had a consensus rating «strong buying» from the rest of the street. Optinose, Inc. (OPTN) Optinose is a uniquely positioned pharmaceutical company, focused on the development of medical treatments for the ear and nose specialty. Laryngeal Optinosis has a drug on the market, ONZETRA, and a second, XHANCE, in the final phase of testing. Like many high powered research pharmaceutical companies, Optinose works with net loss. Of the year), exceeding street estimates of 14 at 6 million dollars as well as the financial results, Optinose reported strong operational developments from Q3, including a promotion agreement with associated pharmaceutical company Kaleo to promote XHANCE to healthcare providers and the announcement of a new drug in preparation on a final note. , The company had more than 143 millions of dollars in cash at 30 September, the share price falling to 409 dollars, Analyst Randall Stanicky asks RBC for investors to join before take off «Metrics provided for Q3 were encouraging with new scripts showing strong sequential growth on the back of increased Replenishment Activity, Higher market share and increased attraction for doctors prescribing drugs in large quantities At the same time, the expenditure directive has been abolished. Kaleo recently shared with well-funded OPTN setup stocks for a new takeover in 2021 », noted Staneki, to this end, Stankey rated OPTN outperforming (that is to say buy), and its goal of 17 $ indicates staggering upside potential of 304% compared to current levels (to watch the record) Staneki, click here) Turns out the rest of the street completely agrees with the RBC analyst with 5 purchases and no reservations or sales, The message is clear: OPTN is a solid buy 17 80 $ The average target price puts the probability of a peak above Staneki's forecast at 337% (See the OPTN stock market analysis on TipRanks) GoHealth (GOCO) Next up is another company in the health sector GoHealth is the insurance market, working to facilitate customer registration The company focuses on the growing healthcare market, but also offers individual and family plans GoHealth held its IPO in Earlier this year, in July, in what was the largest healthcare IPO of the year at the time, the company sold 46 million shares and raised 914 millions of dollars, at an initial price of 21 dollars per share, above the initially specified range, the share has since gone down. He lost almost half of his value, but according to RBC, this positions the company as a buyout opportunity that underpins this strong third quarter opportunity, since GOCO reported net income of 163 4 million dollars for the first full quarter as a public company. On an annual basis, he contributed significantly to an annual turnover of 431 million dollars to date 4 million dollars GOCO has revised upwards its revenue forecast for the whole year 2020, at a fork of 850 at 890 millions of dollars, RBC's Frank Morgan wrote about GoHealth: ) Posted by GOCO forecasts for the smallest seasonal quarter of the year, reflecting strong growth in LTV / CAC, and MGMT raised the lower end of the FY2020 forecast range, the midpoint now being above the consensus Ultimately, the company continues to capitalize on the attractive Medicare Advantage market and leverage the expanded sales platform and technology investments to generate impressive growth and increased profitability. We believe the broader market opportunities and capabilities GOCO operations provide an attractive framework for the next year and beyond. (i e Buy), and set a target price of 22 $ whose objective indicates confidence in a growth spurt of 101% for the next year (to see Morgan's record, click here) GoHealth's strong purchase compatibility score is backed by 5 purchase notes and one holding the average price The stock market target is 20 $, indicating a strong rally of 81% during 12 next months (see the GOCO stock market analysis on TipRanks) ADT, Inc (ADT) Last up is a security industry company ADT is a well-known cybersecurity provider, fire alarm systems and surveillance services Other in residential and small business markets The company's blue labels are an easily identifiable indicator of home protection services in the United States. In its third quarter results, published this month, b ADT began by noting the record customer retention rate, a key point for any business, before giving three vital indicators of financial performance, quarterly revenues have declined slightly year over year, passing 1 $, passing 301 billion dollars to 1, 299 billions of dollars, but the net loss of the business was a moderation of 182 millions of dollars. Last year, 113 million dollars in the current report and finally, free cash flow has improved year on year, passing 459 million dollars to 532 millions of dollars. Five-star analyst Seth Weber wrote an RBC report on the stock, and he liked what he saw succinctly, note Weber: We like higher ADT yields, improved yields and excellent free cash flow We see value in greater ADT push to trade (faster growth / less drain / better yields in a natural environment) and the recent announcement of partnership with Google (helping to get more mkt for the smart home Fast growing), as well as other ongoing growth initiatives to help increase / diversify old residential security offers. »These comments support Weber's outperformance rating on ADT, as well as its target price of 15 $, which results in an increase in 101% for the year. 1m (To see Weber's record, click here) ADT's strong buy ranking is based on 4 analyst reviews, which include 3 purchases and 1 comment., the average target price is 11 $ is of 13 $, which represents an advantage of more than 12 47% of the potential month (see the analysis of ADT shares on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading stocks with attractive valuations, visitez Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that brings together all stock information for TipRanks. Warning: The opinions presented in this article are only the opinions of featured analysts. The content is intended for informational use only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

La Federal Aviation Administration (FEW) planning to re-certify the (BA) 737 MAX for commercial flight – Wednesday, according to press reports – investors should be wondering what the MAX is worth a share in a post-pandemic world given the numbers, possibly Recertification is a minor stock event Boeing and its airline customers aboard the MAX were not immediately available for comment

Fintech company SmartAsset looked at average household spending and found that nationally, a nest egg 1 million dollars should last 23 years 46 years, and the results showed that drawing in New York would cost 1 million dollars on 1021 years, while the money will last 32 years 26 years at McAllen, Texas SmartAsset spokesperson, Mark Locastro, Says McAllen figure is impressive, but people should not assume that the averages will be correct for them

The turnover that will cost the retailer approximately 4 at 4 billion dollars for shareholders of record at the close of business on 2 December

(Bloomberg) – They were once American corporate giants, beloved surnames, case studies of success, but now they look more and more like something else – zombies and their numbers swell from Boeing, Carnival Corp et Delta Airlines Ă  ExxonMobil et Macy’s Inc, a lot The country's most notorious companies do not earn enough to cover interest costs (a key criterion, as defined by most market experts, for zombie mode), near 200 companies have joined the ranks of so-called zombie companies since the start of the pandemic, according to Bloomberg's analysis of financial data from 3000 of the largest listed companies in the country In fact, zombies now represent nearly 20% of these companies and, obviously, they added almost a trillion dollars of debt to their balance sheets during this period, bringing total liabilities to 36 billions de dollars. More than double the few 500 billions of dollars in zombie companies due to height of financial crisis The consequences for the US economic recovery are far-reaching The Fed's efforts to avoid a series of bankruptcies by buying corporate bonds It could have prevented another depression, but helping hundreds of struggling businesses gain unlimited access to credit markets, policymakers may unwittingly direct the flow of capital to unproductive businesses, resulting in lower jobs and growth for years to come, according to economists, Thorsten said. Behavior, Chief Economist at Apollo Global Management Inc: «We've come to the point that we have to ask ourselves:« What are the unintended consequences? “The Fed decided, for reasons of stability, to intervene. They knew they were going to create zombies. The question now becomes:” What about businesses that would survive and go out of business otherwise? “While zombie societies are more commonly associated with Japan in the years 1990 and in Europe After the crisis or even China in recent years, the number of YOS has been increasing for over a decade, in part thanks to years of extremely loose monetary policy Zombie companies get their title because of their tendency to falter and their inability to earn enough to break out of their liabilities, but still have access to them Sufficient credit to rebuild their debts They are a burden on the economy because they keep the assets tied up in companies that cannot invest and grow their business Of course, Not all businesses that turn into zombies are meant to last forever There are many stories of Boston Scientific Corp returning to Sprint Corp. Many companies that have seen their profits wiped out as a result of the Corona virus outbreak are recovering after the vaccine allows the global economy to return to a more normal level, and you may not need it at the end. For all the debts they've collected, however, the sheer amount of borrowing that struggling businesses have taken out in recent months will almost certainly limit the ability of some of them to make capital expenditures and adapt to changing consumer habits as Covid- 19 changes the way Americans spend their money. Bloomberg Analysis Examined Delays in Operating Profit. Pendant 12 month, Russell Index companies 3000 compared to their interest expenses over the same period The results paint a grim picture More than a sixth of the index, is 527 companies, did not earn enough to meet the interest payments and compares it to 335 companies at the end of last year 1 36 trillions of dollars in combined debt Now eclipsed by 378 billion dollars in zombie corporate debt that was reported before the balance sheet pandemic, Boeing saw total liabilities swell by more than 32 billion dollars this year, while Carnival's debt burden increased by 14 8 billions of dollars, Delta added 24 2 billions of dollars, Exxon 16 billion dollars and Messi 1 billion dollars, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, selon Bloomberg Intelligence: “Zombie businesses were built because of laxity”. Markets that ensure the sustainability of seemingly insolvent companies The epidemic has exacerbated this chronic problem. From the point of view of economic theory, zombies reduce long-term growth due to misallocation of capital and companies that control market share but lack the ability to invest in growth. Short term, as the value of zombie companies runs out, loan recovery assumptions, which will undoubtedly lead to larger deviations to compensate, should decrease – Noel Hebert, chief credit researcher A Boeing spokesperson led Bloomberg to call for the company's third quarter results, said CFO Greg Smith said managing cash and leverage in the budget is a top priority and debt reduction will be the main goal. Once cash generation returns to more normal levels, representatives for Carnival and Delta declined to comment. Exxon referred Bloomberg to comments from Senior Vice President Andy Swiger last month on a call. The results of the company, in which he highlighted the efforts of oil producers to reduce operating costs and increase divestment operations, While maintaining stable debt levels Aggregate A spokesperson for Macy's said the company is confident in its financial position and expects to have sufficient liquidity to fund operations and pull out debt maturities in the years to come. come. Among the new arrivals, all US airlines, with a total debt of 128 billions of dollars, were zombies in 2020 and increased. Cinemas and other entertainment companies on the list of 2 last year at 10, which represents nearly 28 billion dollars in additional debt, said Ken Monaghan, portfolio manager at Amundi Pioneer, who supervises approximately 85 billions of dollars: «We distinguish the walking wounded and the living dead. “ The question is whether the business model has changed so dramatically in the wake of the epidemic that survival is in question. Few industries are likely to die, mais certains peuvent nécessiter un changement radical pour survivre et attirer le capital.Les économistes ont toujours averti que les zombies sont moins productifs et qu’ils dépensent moins en capital. Le matériel et l’immatériel, et ils se développent à un degré moindre en termes d’emplois et d’actifs que leurs pairs, mais de nouvelles recherches de la Banque des règlements internationaux montrent que les zombies peuvent être plus nuisibles à l’économie qu’on ne le pensait auparavant. Les entreprises rencontrent des zombies depuis plus longtemps que les années précédentes, mais sur près de 60% des entreprises qui émergent finalement de l’état des zombies, many nevertheless suffer from a prolonged loss of productivity, profitability and growth, which results in addition, businesses that have recovered are three times more likely to become zombies again than businesses that weren't, according to the September study, who reviewed the companies of 14 advanced economies over three decades.”Zombie disease also appears to cause long-term damage to those who recover from it.”, Ryan Banerjee and Boris Hoffman of the Office for International Settlements wrote in the report. Therefore, «the viability of the company should be an important criterion for its eligibility for government and central bank support, and a representative of the Federal Reserve declined to comment.» Some say the concern about the proliferation of zombie companies is overblown, while they represented 41% of companies in UBS Group AG's analysis based on interest coverage ratios during the quarter. Secondly, asset-weighted, the ratio has significantly decreased, only 10% and using the bank's preferred methodology, which considers the debt in relation to the value of the institution, attendance decreased to only 6%, near average levels since the late 1990s.”Je ne pense pas que le problème semble pire que les deux récessions précédentes”, a déclaré Matthew Mich., Économiste en chef chez PGIM Fixed Income. “Les autres ne sont pas sûrs.” “La question des zombies est l’une des rares”, a déclaré Matthew Mich., Économiste en chef de PGIM Fixed Income. La plus grande question ouverte concernant l’héritage de la pandémie Notre économie sortant de la pandémie sera-t-elle aussi dynamique et résiliente qu’auparavant? Je suis prudemment optimiste car la concurrence est profondément ancrée dans le système américain, ajoutant: «However, le désendettement des entreprises dans les années à venir entraînera un ralentissement de la croissance, une faible inflation et des taux plus bas« tant que l’œil peut voir »(mises à jour avec Bloomberg Intelligence commentant après le paragraphe 13) pour plus. Des articles comme celui-ci, veuillez nous rendre visite sur bloombergcomS’inscrire maintenant pour rester au courant de votre source d’actualités commerciale la plus fiable © 2020 Bloomberg The Thief

La faiblesse des données sur les ventes au détail a aidé le Dow Jones Industrial Average à baisser de 400 points mardi matin. Tesla est en hausse de 12% après avoir listé S&P 500, tandis que son rival Nio est en hausse de 6%

Micron Technology (MU) teste une résistance en 2018 qui pourrait éclater, et vise enfin la montée de la bulle Internet de 2000

Le président de Berkshire Hathaway Inc (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B) Le président Warren Buffett a investi dans quatre grands fabricants de médicaments alors que le monde fait face à une autre vague de la pandémie de COVID-19 qui fait rage Ce qui s’est passé: Les dépôts ont révélé Réglementation faite avec la Securities and Exchange Commission des États-Unis selon laquelle l’investisseur légendaire avait acquis près de 136 millions de dollars d’actions dans Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: PFE) au dernier trimestre, les résultats provisoires montrent que le vaccin Pfizer est efficace à 90% contre COVID-19 a commencé la sauge Omaha a également des emplois d’une valeur de plus de 18 milliards de dollars chacun chez AbbVie Inc (NYSE: ABBV), Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (NYSE: BMY) et Merck & Co, Inc (NYSE: MRK), selon les documents déposés par la SEC Pourquoi c’est important: Les actions des quatre sociétés pharmaceutiques se sont échangées à la hausse lors de la séance après les heures de bureau lundi, les actions d’AbbVie en hausse de 167% at 100 $, les actions de Merck de 158% at 81 45 $ et de Bristol Myers de 282% Pfizer estime 099% après les heures de bureau à 37,70 $ Buffett est connu pour faire de gros investissements de 245 $ à Berkshire 3 milliards de HP Rude lui-même, les investissements peuvent être considérés comme une indication de l’endroit où Buffett et ses gestionnaires de portefeuille Tod Coombs et Ted Wiscler voient la valeur, a noté Reuters plus tôt. L’investisseur chevronné est connu pour utiliser une stratégie disciplinée axée sur la maximisation des gains pour réduire le risque. La période de détention préférée pour le président du Berkshire est dePour toujoursCertaines de ses actions préférées incluent Coca-Cola Co (NYSE: KO) et Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) au début de la pandémie cette année en avril, Buffett a abandonné ses actions de la compagnie aérienne Action des prix: Monday, les actions de Berkshire Hathaway ont été échangées. La classe A 2 East 28% plus élevée à 349540 $, tandis que les actions de classe B ont clôturé 25% plus haut à 233 $ 10 Photo par Fortune Live Media sur Flickr Voir plus de Benzinga * Cliquez ici pour les offres d’options de Benzinga * Tesla ouvre la plus grande station de charge Super in the World * Tesla, Nio, Nikola et ZoomStocks est le plus grand fonds de pension américain pariant sur (C) 2020 ne fournit pas de conseils en investissement Benzinga Tous droits réservés

L’application Square Cash est une plus grande source de revenus Venmo que PayPal et continuera d’être un moteur pour les actions Square tandis que Venmo vise à réaliser un profit, déclare RBC Capital Analyst

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News – California – La NASA dévoile de nouveaux progrès de recherche pour la mission humaine sur la Lune à l’aide d’un supercalculateur propulsé par Hewlett Packard Entreprise
Associated title :
NASA Il révèle de nouveaux progrès de la recherche sur la mission humaine sur la lune à l’aide d’un supercalculateur alimenté par Hewlett
La NASA présente une mission humaine à Moon utilisant un supercalculateur exécutant HPE


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