Game development is difficult Game development becomes more difficult when done by one person Cyber ​​Shadow, a new action platform game released by Yacht Club Games, attracts attention very quickly and we gave it 95 in our review to celebrate the release of the game. The opportunity to ask the game developer a few questions, Arne Hunziker M. Hunziker has a lot of experience with games over the years, putting a lot of effort into pirating ROMs before continuing with development alone as such, he has a lot to say about the game and what made it

PCI: What are the biggest challenges that Cyber ​​Shadow poses you? What advice would you like to give to other individual developers?

Hunziker: Each task requires very careful deliberation to ensure that it is an efficient use of your time., but you can't waste a single minute sometimes, getting a task done is faster than constantly wondering if it's really worth doing can do it Lack of resources leads to paralysis, which sometimes ends up doing nothing at all Having the ability to control any aspect of the game is very powerful My advice to any soloist is to shoot something very small first

PCI You said you were inspired by Shadow of the Ninja How about this game that inspired you so much? What aspects of this game do you think you managed to improve?

Hunziker: Shadow of the Ninja contains a variety of weapons that you often use for a short time, that inspired special elements in Cyber ​​Shadow They are temporary, but the precise gameplay can lead to your use for a long time. The game also features the style of play that its lineup expands depending on how fast you advance when slowly moving forward., you can take each challenge at a steady pace and enjoy the scenery or break everything to experience a more difficult ordeal

PCI: When you stopped on the artistic style, were you still set to 8 bits or did you go back and forth?

Hunziker: Cyber ​​Shadow was 8 bits from the start and the other options were never considered. Game modification 8 bits was something I did a long time ago and it was like a fun puzzle instead of working. to appreciate the development extended to other aspects as well. There are enemies because their movement style was fun to code or maybe you found some funny sound effects that you need a matching visual design

PCI: In terms of design philosophy, what is your ultimate goal in terms of incorporating aspects of the games that inspired you?

Hunziker: I have often looked for a feel and not the exact design of an inspiring media like a game that could have a certain atmosphere. I tried to avoid using the exact same design, but I looked for other things that could create a similar atmosphere

PCI: According to you, what will allow Cyber ​​Shadow to withstand the test for years to come?

PCI: I read that you received advice from Yacht Club Games? What types of changes or additions were made as a result of these tips?

Hunziker: From pushing individual pixels to retooling the level, comments were complete. Some levels have been shortened and others longer. The gradual introduction of enemies and their combination with the level of stakes and other enemies, in particular, received a lot of attention. Trying to teach the player surreptitiously is at the center of a lot of advice I have received

Hunziker: Mega Man X2, Super Metroid, Against: Hard Corps They are all very well groomed and have an excellent variety of levels and skills, what sets them apart, it’s the amount of fun they bring back again and again

PCI: If you could send yourself the tips in time at the start of Cyber ​​development ​​Shadow, what would you say?

Hunziker :: Keeping in mind during this long period of development thinking that you are close to the finish line to realize that it is not like that at all is very difficult for you, but you have to keep pushing honestly. give up several times, but with what I was really deep inside, it was not an option

PCI: Once the game is over, are you the type to perform it for fun, or are you more likely to put it in the rearview mirror?

Hunziker: I started playing the game for a while even when I'm supposed to only test a little tweak especially now that players have found new ways to play faster, I find myself trying these new techniques Honestly, its really crazy how the speed was faster than my best i will definitely keep coming back.

Hunziker: the way you evolve from something very simple, just jump and cut, to something more advanced where you can clean the parts in seconds The more you learn, the more advanced the game systems become, which is reflected in the progress of the game

PCI: For you, what do you think is the most difficult section of the game from a gameplay point of view?

Hunziker: Definitely the home stretch from the final level, but fast runners seem to do a short job. In fact, they do a short job throughout the game. I never imagined people would complete really low times and seem to improve afterwards

Xbox One, indie game, Nintendo

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