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Google said it has suspended the Talk app on its mobile store until the platform resolves publishing issues that “seek to incite continued violence in the United States” (AFP)

San Francisco –
Google said on Friday it had removed the Talking app from its mobile store to authorize a “horrible content” which could incite deadly violence like the one seen in the U o Capitol building

The social network Parler has become a haven for far-right figures who say they have been censored by other social media platforms.

“We are aware of the ongoing deployment of the Speak app which seeks to incite continued violence in the United States”, Google said in response to an AFP query

Referring to its digital content store designed for Android devices, the company added: “So that we can distribute an app through Google Play, we need applications to implement strict explicit content supervision”

Silicon Valley internet giant says, application policies and practices that limit violent posting have been endorsed by application developers whose software is available on Google Play.

Google said: “In light of this continuing and urgent threat to public safety, we are suspending Play Store apps listings until these issues are resolved.”

Apple reportedly warned Parler that its software could be removed from the App Store if it does not take action to prevent users from planning illegal and violent activity on the platform, such as the deadly attack in Washington.

Conservative support for President Donald Trump’s allegations of electoral irregularities has led to a migration to alternative social media sites that have refrained from filtering unverified allegations.

This change reinforced right-wing favorites such as Parler, Newsmax et Rumble, who rejected Facebook and Twitter's approach to tagging and curbing the spread of conspiracy theories.

Facebook and Twitter banned Trump's accounts on Friday, fearing he would use them to trigger another attack like the one in the nation's capital on Wednesday.

As they became more and more important in political conversations, Twitter and Facebook have ​​fought against manipulation and disinformation, while simultaneously striving to keep their platforms open to a variety of perspectives.

Talk and similar sites have become a magnet for racist and anti-Semitic metaphors, as well as groups that have been banned from other platforms for posting hateful content or promoting violence.

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News – THAT – Google is removing Parler from the App Store due to a “explicit content”


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