Le Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 (495 $) is quite simply an excellent office document scanner. This is an alternative to the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 that we reviewed in December 2018, and a direct competitor in terms of price and functionality for Editors’ Choice – Brother ADS-2700W ( 400 $) iX1600 is relatively fast and very precise, and it comes with the highly acclaimed ScanSnap and ScanSnap Home from Fujitsu. This end of the field has many great products., but the iX1600 offers great software, performs, ease of use, not to mention a very affordable price list (although the ADS-2700W and other competitors are cheaper) this makes it our last choice among office document scanners for SOHO users (Small Office et Home Office)

Fujitsu launches scanner together: the ScanSnap iX1600 and iX1400 the latter is slightly slower than the iX1600 and lacks an intuitive color touchscreen and a few other features Although the iX1600 costs over 100 $, it is generally better value for money.


Measuring 60 x 115 x 63 inches (HWD) with its drawers closed and heavy 75 books, the iX1600 is the size and girth of its predecessor iX1500, and is not far behind many other entry-level models, including the aforementioned Brother ADS-2700W and a scanner Epson WorkForce DS-575W Wireless Duplex Printer (400 USD), an HP ScanJet Pro flatbed scanner 3000 S3 slightly larger (400 USD) Canon imageFormula DR-C230 desktop document scanner (495 USD) weighs approximately 2 lb less than the iX1600 But it is about 31 inches taller and 4 inches more.

When the trays are extended to put them into service, the length of all these machines increases by three times or more. Make sure the location you want the scanner to accommodate unexposed

The iX1600 comes with an automatic document feeder (ADF) of 50 sheets An automatic document feeder of 50 sheets is the standard format for scanners in this price range; In fact, all devices mentioned here so far have 50 page loaders, with the exception of the Canon DR-C230, who counts 60 pages

Most of these devices are designed to be configured and operated through an interface and provided document processing software., but they are all equipped with integrated controls of varying complexity. Without a doubt, the iX1600 control panel is the largest, the most detailed and the most functional. We will talk more about the ScanSnap interface. And the software a little later

You can connect a computer to the iX1600 via USB, computer, mobile device or wireless network via Wi-Fi Fujitsu's ScanSnap Connect app works for most smartphones and tablets and includes many features of the ScanSnap desktop app

The daily duty cycle of the iX1600 is 5 000 scans This is a higher rating than the DS-575W (4 000 scans), du DR-C230 et du ScanJet 3000 (3500 scans) or the ADS-2700W (3 000 scans) Since to digitize 5 000 pages, you have to charge 50 ADF sheets 100 times a day, you are unlikely to drive the device near its colossal capacity.

The configurations available from the scanner control panels are generally limited, because the device derives most of its functionality from the software on another device. The iX1600 can work this way, allowing you to choose from profiles configured with ScanSnap On a computer or mobile device, but also has its own version of the ScanSnap interface, ScanSnap Home, integrated is a simple and consistent procedure for profiling and starting cross-device scanning.

ScanSnap allows you to create up to five separate users with personalized home screens displaying workflow profiles, specific applications, tools and other options. You can create your own scan profiles from scratch or modify an existing template. All profiles are accessible on both the touch screen On your scanner and computer device

ScanSnap can scan directly to iOS or Android devices as well as to a computer. You can also scan directly to the cloud without the need for a computer or portable device, or scan to multiple cloud sites simultaneously if needed, XScanSnap Cloud's document recognition feature can send documents, business cards and receipts to separate cloud services

During the briefing I received with the ScanSnap team, the project manager said the scanner had “everything is automatic”, what looks like a proper description. You can stack different types of documents in the same batch; ScanSnap will automatically recognize the color settings, orientation and size of each page, will delete blank pages. The software also identifies documents, receipts, business cards and organize the content accordingly

The software package includes optical character recognition (OCR) Abbyy FineReader and the Kofax Power PDF Standard for Creating and Editing PDF Files

Fujitsu rates the iX1600 at 40 ppm unilateral (ppm) and 80 ipm (or ipm, where each side is an image), which is a bit faster than the other models mentioned here so far, they are all classified 35 ppm / 70 ipm, except ScanSnap iX1500 and Canon DR-C230 (30 ppm / 60 ipm)

I tested the iX1600 (and all these others) via USB connection from a standard Intel Core i5 computer running Windows 10 Professional I have also tested it with ScanSnap Home from the control panel and it has basically the same performance to ensure consistency, we try to test all devices the same, therefore Scores shown here are for scans performed on PC

iX1600 scans a single-sided text document from 25 pages and is saved as a PDF image at 412 ppm, captured and saved from our text document of 25 pages (50 scans) in PDF format at 857 ipm – faster Some of his scores in both tests; these scores beat the iX1500’s 96 ppm and 238ipm were 36 ppm slower than ADS-2700W but 125ipm faster in duplexing test; Connect DS-575W in single mode and 134 ipm behind in dual mode; It beats the ScanJet Pro 3000 at 79 ppm and 302 ipm

Ensuite, I recorded the speed at which the iX1600 scanned, processed and saved the two-sided document from 25 pages in a multi-searchable PDF after multiple runs, it took on average 40 seconds to scan and convert entire document This result was surpassed All other devices we have talked about in this review, most of the time within seconds The Canon model, who arrived 10 seconds behind the iX1600, was the slowest

The resolution of the iX1600 was also impressive in Arial and Times New Roman font pages, I managed to convert the Arial text page perfectly up to 4 dots and a flawless Times New Roman page at 6 points not only these results go well beyond Requirements for almost all professional applications, it’s some of the best I’ve seen. Most other scanners in this bunch have also achieved exceptional resolutions. Epson DS-575W converts to 8 Arial et 10 Times New Roman error free, but I tested it some time ago, so It may have received software and firmware updates since then.

I have also scanned some business card packages in the card archiving section of ScanSnap, as with other scanners that I have tested, the overall resolution was mainly affected by the design of the individual cards that I played cards with with colored backgrounds, gradients and other features in important text fields And around a corrupt role in the recognition process, the application of various background filters and other noise filters has helped some, but I've often found that writing data from more designed cards is the fastest way to enter data given the number of times business cards are scanned with machines like this, hope it takes People who design it keep in mind that being machine-readable is just as important as having eye-catching and memorable graphics

During the last years, Fujitsu's ScanSnap scanners just got faster, more precise and easier to use, which makes them ideal for offices where some team members may face technical challenges The ability to customize the interface for each user is particularly useful. The entire interface is based on icons, the scanner The scanner does exactly what you expect every time you touch Scan The ScanSnap iX1600 easily receives our latest editor's choice gesture for SOHO desktop scanners

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