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Galileo Galilei was the first to observe this planet in 1609 using a primitive telescope followed by Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens, who first drew the planet using his advanced telescope. This celestial body that astonished them was Mars After nearly 400 years of astronomers establishing its elliptical planetary motion, Mars orbit should be as busy as a few international missions from Earth to this distant neighbor.

In July 2020, a series of launches took place, even as the world suffered from one of the worst catastrophes of the last century, the COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus took control, work moved to distant locations as scientists in the United States, in the United Arab Emirates and China respectively launched the Perseverance vehicle, the Hope probe and the ambitious Tianwen-1 rover, in order to stimulate research. for the signs of life on the red Planet

The missions were launched in July 2020 while Mars was at the perihelion of the Earth, who is the nearest flight, which reduced the journey time, fuel consumption and cost of the mission. This window appears once every 26 month. Missions should arrive this month

The rock samples the rover collects will be studied with data from the landscapes in which NASA was trained.

One of the most advanced and difficult missions in the Martian environment, the persistent rover should land on 18 February. Missions “will advance NASA’s quest to explore the habitability of Mars in the past”. Part of the ongoing robotic exploration of the planet , this mission will last at least 687 days Or a Martian year The rover, which has a high priority scientific goal to answer key questions about the possibility of living on Mars, is seen as the next big step ahead of proposed future manned missions

The mission will land in Jezero crater, a dry basin of 45 kilometers wide that previously housed an active river delta and water-filled lake. According to NASA, rocks and regolith (broken rocks and dust) collected by Jezero's Perseverance Sample Buffer System May Help Answer Basic Questions About the Existence of Life Outside Earth Two future missions currently being planned in cooperation with the European Space Agency will return these samples on Earth however, to reach the crater, the rover will have to go through the ” Seven Minutes of Hell “which includes a controlled descent – with temperatures equivalent to the surface of the Sun, a supersonic parachute swell and the very first self-directed landing on the planet's surface (” “); googletag cmd push (function () {googletagselectOutOfPageSlot (‘/ 6516239 / outofpage_1x1_desktop’ ‘,’ div-gpt-ad-1490771277198-0 ‘) addService (googletagpubads ()); googletageringSyncRendletag (); googletageringSyncRendletag (); googletageringSyncRendletag ()

The rover, with a high priority scientific objective to answer key questions about the possibility of living on Mars, is seen as the next big step before future manned missions (NASA).

“NASA explores Mars from the Mariner flight 4 in July 1965, with two other flights, seven successful orbits and eight landings since then”, said Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Director of the Scientific Missions Directorate of NASA in a press release. «Perseverance, created from the collective knowledge gleaned from these pioneers, has the opportunity not only to expand our knowledge of the red planet, but also to investigate one of the most important and exciting questions for mankind about the origin of life on Earth also on other planets »

The mission also carries more technology focused on future exploration of Mars. Le MOXIE (Experimentation using the resources of Mars with oxygen in situ), a device the size of a car battery in the body of the rover, is designed to demonstrate the carbon dioxide conversion potential of Mars. in oxygen. On the belly of the probe to try the first test flight on another planet If this initial flight is successful, Ingenuity will fly four more times

A black and white image of the red planet, taken by Tianwen-1, announced to the world that China has reached the Mars race as its probe performs the area's fourth orbital correction at its destination Tianwen 1 was launched on 23 July, and he flew for over 197 days and over 465 million kilometers on its journey to the planet. He is now less than a million kilometers from Mars.

“The spacecraft will perform a braking operation to slow its speed and ensure it is captured by gravity from Mars towards the 10 February”, a déclaré China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp., the country's main space entrepreneur. The Space Administration previously mentioned that if everything goes according to plan, the probe 5 tonnes, which consists of two main parts – the orbiter and the landing capsule – will travel more than 470 million kilometers before entering orbit of Mars. Approved by Chinese authorities in January 2016, Tianwen translates to «Sky questions» and is quoted from ancient Chinese poetry by Qu Yuan, Xinhua reported: «To Tian Wen, Zhou Yuan raised a series of questions in poetic verses involving the sky. , stars and natural phenomena. »And the myths and the real world, who showed doubts about some traditional concepts and the truth-seeking spirit.

The Tianwen-1 orbiter will provide a relay connection link for the spacecraft while conducting its own scientific observations for the year of Mars The probe will map the morphology (composition) the planet and its geological structures using a Mars underground exploration radar instrument orbiting Mars. You will also notice the characteristics of the soil and the distribution of water and ice. Meanwhile, the rover that will land in the Utopia Planetia basin should operate for 90 days. Marian He will observe the properties of the topsoil and analyze the composition of surface materials with reference to the climate and environment of the planet.The Utopia Planitia basin is gaining in importance because it was also the landing site of the NASA Viking Lander 2 in 1976

The Emirati Al Amal probe, lorsqu’elle atteindra l’orbite de Mars plus tard ce mois-ci, sera la première à fournir une image complète de l’atmosphère martienne et de ses couches. Il aidera à répondre aux questions clés sur l’atmosphère martienne mondiale et la perte d’hydrogène et d’oxygène gazeux dans l’espace au cours de l’année de Mars.

L’objectif de la mission est de comprendre la dynamique du climat et la carte météorologique mondiale en identifiant les caractéristiques de la basse atmosphère de la planète rouge. L’énoncé de mission a déclaré que << la mission vise à renforcer les capacités des Émirats dans le domaine de l'exploration planétaire et inspirer les futures générations arabes à poursuivre la science spatiale. "

The first Arab Mars spacecraft is the result of six years of scientific work by nearly 200 engineers (source: United Arab Emirates Space Agency)

Called Amal, ou Amal, the arrival of the spacecraft in orbit of Mars coincides with the year in which the UAE celebrates the 50th anniversary of its formation. As a newcomer to the field of space development, United Arab Emirates succeeded in placing three satellites to observe Earth in orbit. The success of the Hope to Mars mission will be a major milestone for the oil economy as it seeks a future in space, more than a year after the launch of the first Emirati astronaut. Hazza Ali Al Mansouri UAE has set itself the goal of building a human colony on Mars from here 2117

As planet Earth transforms into a new normal covid state, science on Mars is on the verge of a major upgrade

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