IPhone revolutionized consumer technology, helping to create an app-based economy and pushing Apple (AAPL) to a market capitalization of 2 trillions of dollars after iPhones unveiled in January 2007. Apple has since sold 2 billion Unit worldwide, phones being the main source of income for the business

As Apple designs the phone in Cupertino, in California, giant technology supplies spare parts for the phone from manufacturers around the world. The latest and greatest iPhone 12 is no different from Apple, with parts from Japan, from Europe, from China and South Korea.

Apple often relies on Samsung to produce OLED panels used in iPhone Super Retina XDR display, despite the rivalry between the two tech giants, according to several sources, including Wired and it uses panels from Samsung's rival LG, which gives the iPhone one of the best smartphone screens around

In previous generations, Apple used OLED panels for high-end iPhone Pro models and LCD panels for standard iPhone models. LCD panels are generally brighter than OLEDs, but they don't offer the kind of vibrancy or power saving that OLED displays. With the iPhone 12, Apple has moved the entire lineup to OLED, which gave all phones the same screen

The beating heart of every iPhone 12 is the Apple A14 Bionic processor The chip, based on UK-based ARM architecture designed by Apple, is one of the most advanced smartphone processors in the world

Using a design process 5 nm, something the chipmaker didn't mass-produce Intel, the A14 has a processor and a GPU, as well as a neural motor to 16 cores for machine learning capabilities inside, the A14 uses high power processor cores (CPU) for resource-intensive processes and four less power-hungry processor cores to handle more main applications

L’iPhone 12 Pro receives three new cameras that allow it to capture wide-angle photos, ultra wide angle and close up. These lenses are powered by the CMOS image sensor (SNE) from sony

For the iPhone range 12, Apple has added a series of new features across the board. Basic iPhone and iPhone mini have two camera lenses, one wide angle and the other ultra-wide, as well as a new low-light photography mode, which was missing from the iPhone base 11

Meanwhile, l’iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max benefit from enhanced capture capabilities in low light, and with the added telephoto of the 12 Pro, the telephoto lens can zoom up to 2x, while the 12 Pro Max can zoom up to 25x, giving you a deeper zoom for sharper photos taken from a distance

Its battery is one of the most important aspects of any smartphone, and for the iPhone 12, Apple has relied on Amperex technology to provide power to run its phones throughout the day

Apple claims that the iPhone's battery 12 Pro Max offers up to 20 hours of video playback on a single charge, while the battery of the 12 Pro works 17 hours in between, 12 and 12 mini get respectively 17 hours and 15 hours. Big phones have longer batteries, because their larger sizes mean more space for more powerful batteries.

First iPhones with the next generation of 5G cellular capabilities, l’iPhone 12 works well with 5G consumers, which is still in its infancy in the United States, offers much faster network speeds than 4G LTE, which improves downloads and downloads. And reduce latency

Analysts like Wedbush's Dan Ives predicted a so-called “super cycle” above-average sales for the last generation thanks to the addition of 5G, and this thesis seems to be correct

Demand for phones led Apple to increase iPhone production 12, because society should build 96 million units in the first half 2021, or an increase of 30% from one year to the next.

Although there are rumors that Apple will develop its own 5G chip for future devices, l’iPhone 12 is based on Qualcomm's 5G module (QCOM) to ensure it can work with existing 5G networks

According to the iFixit tech repair site, iPhone storage chips 12 made by Kioxia restore the amount of storage space you'll get from the iPhone to the version you choose. L’iPhone 12 basic and iPhone 12 mini each have a storage capacity of 64 Go, 128 Go et 256 Go. Gigabyte iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro et iPhone 12 Pro Max each have a storage capacity of 128 Go, 256 Go et 512 Go

One of the most important decisions you will make when buying an iPhone is that the amount of memory to buy is very low., and you will delete images and apps and rely on the cloud for a lot of storage, while you're paying for something you don't need

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The Ministry of Health discovered 13 new cases of COVID-19 in Singapore on Thursday 24 December, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 58 495.

Chinese antitrust regulator formally opened investigations with Alibaba Group Holding into alleged monopoly business practices, in particular by requiring e-commerce merchants to choose only one platform as their exclusive distribution channel., Chinese central bank says it will call Ant Group executives for a meeting With financial regulators covering banks, the insurance, securities and foreign exchange, as part of the tightening of the regulation of the fintech industry The State Administration for Market Regulation, the antitrust monitoring agency, said in a statement that it had recently launched investigations into Alibaba for alleged monopolistic behavior such as “coercive exclusivity”. Get the latest insights and analysis from our Global Impact newsletter on big news from China. A business practice in China's internet industry where companies force merchants to choose a single platform as their exclusive sales and distribution channel The company that owns the South China Morning Post said in a statement that Alibaba would actively cooperate with regulators in connection with the investigation The company's business operations remain normal: U.S. deposit receipts on Alibaba fell by 34 points, is 13%, Thursday at the New York Stock Exchange in a brief trading session before the Christmas break, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq and the S&P; In Hong Kong, the stock fell by 89%, its largest intraday decline since 11 November, while Alibaba Pictures and Ali Baba Health also declined. Ant Group is not publicly traded Falling Alibaba share price weighed on many of China's largest internet and tech companies: dominant game publisher and social media operator Tencent Holdings, e-commerce giant JD.com and on-demand services giant Meituan Falling shares of all four companies wiped out More than 86 billion dollars in combined market value for 12 companies. Negotiations were halted at 30 hours on a shortened trading day due to Christmas Eve in Hong Kong Zhao Xiaofeng, assistant professor in the finance and insurance department of Lingnan University, said the investigation was a “great stress test”. About Alibaba: «Is Alibaba's success in the past really due to a good business model or is it simply because the company controlled a scarce resource and was in a monopoly position?» However, Zhao said that even though the authorities fined the company, it would be just that Ramzi “Zhao said:” The real effect is that Alibaba will not be able to force traders to choose a single platform to sell their products., and society risks losing traders and consumers.«Short term, the investigation will reduce Alibaba's growth as it can no longer take market share so quickly by undermining smaller competitors, but the real impact will not be as great as expected [Due to] China's e-commerce industry», said Wang Chen, Xufunds Investment Management partner in Shanghai is a fairly competitive industry that newcomers find it difficult to enter Beijing lectures on e-commerce platforms in Big Tech's new antitrust warning: «Alibaba can keep most of its current market share rather than losing it, [even if] growth will slow down in the long run, the survey is beneficial for the e-commerce industry and will prevent some large players from Rapid expansion “People Daily, the spokesperson for the Communist Party, said in an opinion piece that the antitrust investigation at Alibaba was aimed at” better development “.” This investigation does not mean that the position and state support for the platforms (Internet) have changed. ” Specially designed to improve its regulation and development and promote its healthy development in order to further contribute to the high-quality development of the Chinese economy. (IPO) of 37 billion dollars Ant Group was pulled by regulators just last month 48 hours before the start of trading in Shanghai and Hong Kong, participates in the world's largest finance operation Financial regulators were concerned about Ant Group's lending practices and wanted fintech to increase capital allocation to support its lending to small and medium-sized businesses. People's Bank of China, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC), China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the State Monetary Administration will meet Foreigner (SAFE) with Ant Group in the near future “to oversee and lead the Ant Group in accordance with market principles and the rule of law to implement requirements such as financial control, fair competition, the protection of consumers' legal rights and interests, as well as to regulate its operation and the development of financial services.”Ant Group has stated that it “seriously study and adhere to all regulatory requirements and fully comply with the performance of all related work”, according to a statement posted on his official WeChat account on the social media platform. Postponed because quarterly revenue increases by 30% * Alibaba group will pay 3 at 6 billion US dollars to control China's largest hypermarket operator Sun Art of the French billionaire’s Mulliez family * Ant Group Affirms Commitment to Stable Management and Innovation at Regulatory Meeting Prior to World's Largest Premier Public Offering * Ant Group Limits Support For Foreign Electronic Wallet Partners To Rethink The Future Ant Group Removes Small Bank Online Deposit Products From Its Platform As They Comply With New China Fintech Rules To Receive Latest News from the South China Morning Post, download our mobile app Copyright 2020

Foreign Ministry provides consular support to two Singaporeans convicted of drug trafficking in Shenzhen

Thursday, Sri Lankan authorities have imposed lockdowns on three towns on the outskirts of the capital to contain the spread of COVID-19 during the holiday season. Kosgama, Awissawella et Ruwanwella, at about 60 kilometers (37 miles) east of Colombo, have been closed, from Thursday noon, lockdowns have been put in place in dozens of towns and villages since the coronavirus reappeared in the Indian Ocean island nation in October.

A man of 35 years old accused last week of killing a student 19 years old appeared in court again on Thursday 24 December

Yahoo News Singapore readers are busy learning more about COVID-19 and its effects. here are the 10 main research related to the coronavirus

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang calls on leaders of Spain and the Netherlands to support Beijing's proposed investment deal with the European Union, after a senior French official threatened to block him over forced labor issues. Biden is sworn in as President of the United States within four weeks and seeks to coordinate China's policy with Europe Concerns over forced labor remain a stumbling block to the deal between the European Union and China “China is ready to work with the European Union to push for an early conclusion of an investment deal”, Li told Dutch Prime Minister Mark Root, according to Chinese state media Xinhua.Get the latest information and analysis from our Global Impact newsletter on major emerging news in China, and in another appeal to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Xinhua said he promised to cooperate with the European Union on the deal., climate change and green development, adding: «China hopes the union will continue. The European Union proposes a fair policy, open and non-discriminatory. Li made the calls hours after prominent French and Polish officials opposed the EU investment deal, respectively, about China’s responsibilities with regard to workers’ rights and the need for the EU to coordinate with the US on China.”We cannot facilitate investment in China if we do not commit to abolishing forced labor”, said Franck Riester, the delegate in charge of trade at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an interview with Le Monde, Rester said deal could be stymied if Beijing does not accept international conventions banning forced labor. Referring to the International Labor Organization, Stay stated: «Regarding the investment agreement under negotiation, we have a red line: ratification of the fundamental ILO Conventions. Many countries share our positions, like Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. I also know that Germany is very attached to these issues. Rester said it would be unacceptable to increase investment in China without adequate human rights guarantees while hailing the deal as an important step towards rebalancing our investment relationship with China.. These trade agreements should serve as «leverage to advance social issues, to fight against forced labor, especially the Uyghurs». Observers said the China-European Union investment deal would not be a panacea for troubled relations, as observers say: «We must move forward on all fronts at the same time. First: investments, trade, opening up to public markets, sustainable development and of course human rights », said the French minister “We are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong and Inner Mongolia or the situation of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang Most decisions of the European Union require the support of Germany and France, the two main members of the bloc”, Rester's comments indicated the reservations of the French government, although Berlin, according to diplomatic sources, push for a deal. Remain also said that under the terms of the agreement – who, according to diplomats, is in its final phase – the European Union will have to open up the energy market to Chinese companies. Rester also said that Brussels and Beijing had not been able to agree on how to resolve disputes arising from the agreement and on the need for Beijing to commit to protecting investors, Rester said there were concerns over whether European companies entering the Chinese market through the New Deal could be subject to a “sudden nationalization”. By the Chinese government He said: “This is one of our trade policy priorities: we need a strong dispute settlement framework and strong guarantees to ensure that China fulfills its obligations in the agreement.””The issue of forced labor is a red line for many countries, but France is the first to say it publicly”, said Noah Barkin, an expert between the European Union and China at the Rhodium Group consulting firm, “It is clear that China will act on this issue otherwise the deal will not.” He stated: “The Chinese Embassy in France did not respond to requests for comment. Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zbigniew Rao, also weighed heavily in the deal, declaring:” Europe must seek a comprehensive investment deal, fair and mutually beneficial with China. We need more consultation and transparency to attract our allies across the ocean. The Atlantic “> Biden Harris administration welcomes early consultations with our European partners on our shared concerns about China's economic practices https: // tco / J4LVEZhEld >> – Jake Sullivan (@jakejsullivan) 22 December 2020 Rao's comments came after Jake Sullivan was selected, US President-elect Joe Biden as National Security Advisor, target of the EU-China agreement, Sullivan wrote on Twitter: «Biden-Harris Administration Welcomes Initial Consultations With Our European Partners On Our Common Concerns About Practices. Economic China Read more in the South China Morning Post: * On the eve of the investment agreement between China and the European Union, the eleventh hour pressure comes from the United States and Europe * An investment agreement between China and the European Union is expected soon. Foreign Minister Wang Yi Says Article Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Calls For To Support Support The investment deal with the European Union was first published in the South China Morning Post. For the latest news from the South China Morning Post, download our mobile app Copyright 2020

If you are looking for flexible real estate investment funds, here are three funds which were not really affected by the economic crisis caused by the epidemic The three real estate investment funds which were not affected by the epidemic appeared first on the smart investor

His lawyers said on Wednesday that an executive director of Chinese tech giant Huawei, who faces extradition to the United States for fraud and conspiracy, intends to ask Canadian authorities to relax his bail conditions.

In the most populous state of India, the nationalist government BJP undertakes a mission against the “jihad of love”, the conspiracy theory that Muslims attract Hindu wives for the purpose of transformation and eventual national domination

Singaporean Kelvin Wei, based in Vientiane, turned his undying love for animals into the Fimman Swan Zoo in the capital of Laos.

Regulators said on Thursday that China had launched an antitrust investigation at Alibaba, which led to the e-commerce giant's share price plummeting and exacerbated the problems of billionaire founder Jack Ma.

Multi-ministerial task force tightened home stay notice rules for travelers entering Singapore with recent travel history to South Korea.

Every time she uses her Lasso rope, the stakes are high, but with the release of “Wonder Woman 1984” the day of Christmas, the world's greatest superhero can change the future of blockbuster movies.

In this exclusive interview, ValueChampion and Dawn Cher, Founder of the famous SG Budget Babe personal finance blog, have thought about 2020 and

Zam Zam, Movenpick and Fish Walk & Co were among the 16 restaurants fined for violating COVID-19 security management measures over the weekend

Republicans on Thursday blocked an attempt to adjust the hard-won pandemic relief plan to more than three times direct payments to struggling Americans, what President Donald Trump asked for

Britain and the European Union reached a post-Brexit trade deal on Thursday in hopes of easing the economic blow to the UK's imminent departure from the bloc after months of difficult negotiations

Online sales company stops selling products intended to support Illinois teenager. Two people were killed and a third injured during a demonstration in Wisconsin this summer. Kenosha News reported on Thursday that the Kyle Rittenhouse family had started selling products “Free Kyle” via Printify last week. The company tweeted that it had terminated the Rittenhouse family account, because it violated a policy prohibiting content that encouraged or condoned violence.

A number of Mediacorp artists and others are under investigation for allegedly violating secure spacing rules at Jeffrey Xu's birthday party, according to a report

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News – THAT – Apple iPhone teardown: this 3D image shows where the parts for your iPhone came from 12

Source: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/where-your-iphone-12s-parts-come-from-161719303.html

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