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A bundle of fiber optic cables passes under the desks in the control room of the data center (DPC) from Sberbank PJSC to Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow, in Russia, Monday 16 December 2019, while Sberbank expands its technological offerings, The Kremlin backs legislation to keep the country's largest internet companies under local control by limiting foreign ownership.: Andrei Rudakov / Bloomberg

(Bloomberg) – Chinese scientists claim to have created a quantum computer capable of performing certain calculations near 100 trillion times faster than the world's most advanced supercomputers, thus marking the first landmark of the country Technological development efforts

The official Chinese news agency (Xinhua), citing an article published in the journal Science, said the researchers had built a prototype quantum computer capable of detecting up to 76 photons by sampling the Gaussian boson, a standard simulation algorithm. It is much faster than existing supercomputers

Hacking is a quantum computing feature, also known as quantum superiority, where no conventional computer can perform the same task in a reasonable amount of time and is unlikely to be undone by improvements in algorithms or hardware, according to research

Although it is only in its infancy, quantum computing is seen as the key to drastically improving processing speed and computer power, allowing them to simulate large systems and advance advances in physics, chemistry and other fields. Chinese researchers compete with pioneering Alphabet Inc companies, Google at And Microsoft for technological leadership, which became another front in the United States – the Chinese tech race

Google said last year it had built a computer capable of performing a calculation in 200 seconds which would take about 10000 years for the fastest supercomputers to achieve quantum supremacy. Chinese researchers say their new prototype is capable of treating 10 billion times faster than Google's prototype, according to a report by Xinhua

Xi Jinping government is building a national laboratory for 10 billion dollars for quantitative information science As part of a major effort in the field of YOS, l’administration Trump a fourni 1 billion dollars in funding for artificial intelligence research and quantitative information earlier this year, and sought to get credit for the Google hack in 2019

History suggests that we should buy large-cap technology when it's down 10 at 15%: Colina Wedbush Securities ‘

Netflix could lead the way for a reduction in the FAANG directive as we enter the third quarter: Morgan’s Synovus Trust

Quantum mechanics, quantum computing, computer science, quantum supremacy, Pan Jianwei, boson sampling

News – THAT – Chinese scientists call for breakthrough in quantum computing race – BNN Bloomberg


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