Afin de pouvoir explorer au maximum l’espace, il faut pouvoir se passer de l’être humain ce dernier n’est pas encore suffisamment équipé pour y arriver d’un côté et atteindre des zones spécifiques de l’autre les robots manuels peuvent être très utiles après cela L’Agence spatiale européenne a de grands espoirs pour que le robot DAEDALUS explore les grottes de la lune

Si les gens doivent rester sur la lune pendant de longues périodes, we will need to be able to use the resources below the surface of the natural satellite and an unusually designed robot can help with this task, decided the European Space Agency (THAT). to support the DAEDALUS project. (Landing and Exploration in the Autonomy of Deep Sub-Lunar Structures) This is a ball-shaped hamster exercise robot designed by Julius-Maximilians-University to study moon caves.

This ball has a diameter of 181 thumb (46 cm) is supported by a cable and uses a combination of stereoscopic cameras and LiDAR to map the surrounding underground space as it develops independently within said environment., dosimetry and temperature sensors assess the degree of danger of the caves. to human life while their extendable arms allow them to test lunar rocks and remove obstacles

DAEDALUS is an exploration robot concept that is getting a lot of attention from the European Space Agency, but there is no guarantee that it will end up on the surface of the Moon It could in any case be a decisive tool if this were to become a reality. Researchers can find well-preserved materials, and maybe even ice cream. Some of these caves can make ideal human campsites on the moon, because they can protect from small meteorites, radiation and extreme temperatures. Explorers will no longer necessarily need to build such complex habitats as they will live below the surface

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News – WITH – This is DAEDALUS, the European robot who wants to explore the caves of the Moon
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This is DAEDALUS, the European robot whose lunar caves he wants to explore
the robot” hamster ball “to explore the caves of the moon


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