It was a much anticipated orbit! After a first failure in May 2020, Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne missile successfully reached low earth orbit on its second flight on 17 January 2021.

Early in the afternoon, US West Coast Time, the 17 January, a Boeing 747 Cosmic Girl took off from a spaceport in Mojave, in California, carrying a small LauncherOne missile under its left wing. One hour after the plane took off, the rocket detached from the Cosmic Girl and the NewtonThree engine successfully launched its first stage, propelling the LauncherOne into space after three minutes of operation, the first stage engine giving way to the second stage of the NewtonFour engine, which lasted about six minutes.

At an altitude of about 500 km, LauncherOne payload has been deployed. Unlike the May flight 2020, which ended in failure just seconds after the deployment of Cosmic Girl, the second LauncherOne flight did not carry test ballast, but real satellites. We understand very well what was at stake for Virgin Orbit during this trip!

It's total, LauncherOne has deployed around ten CubeSats, which are standard nanosatellites supposed to represent a significant share of the light launch market, and which Virgin Orbit hopes to dominate in the years to come. These 10 satellites were launched under the auspices of NASA and were designed by eight different universities and an engineering center affiliated with the United States Space Agency which take with them many scientific experiments and various technological demonstrations.

LauncherOne was originally a project of another subsidiary of the Virgin group, and is well known to Clubic readers: Virgin Galactic If the latter developed a safe and economical way to transport tourists on suborbital journeys to the limits of space, the company announced in 2012 his intention Development of a small orbital launcher

Ensuite, LauncherOne was shot from WhiteKnight Two, a custom vehicle designed for the manned spacecraft of the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two., in 2017, the manned program and the orbital program split into two distinct societies

Virgin Orbit signs several contracts with US government agencies (including NASA) and private clients, and the old Boeing 747 of Virgin Atlantic becomes the new missile carrier

For the group, les ambitions de Virgin Orbit – and its commercial subsidiary VOX Space – are clear: to regain a significant share of the LVV market, especially with government customers, Virgin Orbit builds on the extraordinary flexibility that its unique architecture offers


The most important test of this rocket stage for Artemis stops at just 67 seconds, after a fault message from one of the four engines

If there is no PC version or PS5 update, Bloodborne can be (re) detected with PS1 version

Is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds about to be replaced with a sequel? This is what recent rumors suggest, and it looks like a possible second commercial arrival is imminent!

One of the many speakers in the Teufel galaxy (we have already tested the Airy TW and Cinebar One headphones), Motiv Go is a fairly bi-global product, strong enough for salon use (type portable), compact and autonomous Enough for a purely nomadic operation. What justifies its already high price of 250 euros?

In an interview, Two of the creators of Night School Studio spoke again about their Oxenfree video game mod, who should see the light of day at the end as a series

SureAI, the German studio that developed the Enderal mod, a full Skyrim conversion, now move on to full-fledged game creation

Chinese company Jingling Tech announced the upcoming availability of JingOS, a system inspired by iPadOS, before the end of the year, and the company also promised to present its alternative to iOS

For the exit 2021 of CES, we couldn't make it to Las Vegas, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of being canceled, CES turned out to be fully available online, thanks to the live broadcast of the conferences!

Manufacturer announces various video solutions for Microsoft Teams and Zoom conference rooms

Just before the winter sales, Amazon makes a great offer to already buy the SanDisk Extreme memory card 256 Go for less than 40 €

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News – WITH – Virgin Orbit comes to space for the first time with its LauncherOne rocket


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