For Mac Apple Silicon, Apple has created a new system on a chip (SoC) based on Apple A14, a dedicated chip for the iPhone and the Apple iPad M1 is not yet officially available, and the first Macs won't be released until next week, but the chip is done It's already made a name for itself with performance metrics that put it at the forefront of all Intel Macs currently available

If these results are surprising, this is not the case for AnandTech, who on the evening of the opening speech published his full review of the Apple A14 as every year, the site was able to measure Apple’s progress very precisely thanks to its internal processor and the performance gains achieved by modernization And when we know that this smartphone chip currently surpasses the best Intel mobile processor, Apple M1's first Geekbench results are not surprising

While waiting for the possibility to test Apple Silicon Macs and see what goes on in their stomachs, AnandTech's analysis is invaluable in understanding why Apple chose to switch to its ARM chipset and you have a good idea of ​​what to expect from Macs with the Apple M1


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I find Nicola partly expressing journalist Anandtech's admiration for the M1!

However, this reporter realizes that this processor is just one “entry level” !!!

But it looks like the Anandtech guy fell off his chair while writing the article!

Something is falling from her chair!
The article is awesome, just like the future of devices!

Excellent article, can't wait to read the trolls!
Oh fuck, we are at the MacGe Club

It's true that haters like trolling, but OK, they don't like it enough to pay.

I had put the Anantech article in the comments several times, but since it is in English this seriousness and these techniques, the kings of Ultracrepidarianism ignored him

It is easier to declare “Apple ment, it's marketing, and benchmarks mean nothing, wait until you see real tests, you will be disappointed, you like” rather than face serious analysis from one of the best sites targeting something other than titles you know Make it up 🧐

Great item for an ordinary person like me
I can't wait to be in a few years and understand what my Macs will look like with the possible M3 and m2 chipsets
Thanks MacG I risk being a lifetime subscription

If that’s enough (among others) to have a large cache and to double the number of decoders for optimal performance, why don't other manufacturers do it too?

Indeed, it is not enough to say to get it, it’s not as easy as you might think * L’article d’AnandTech * discusses in more detail everything Apple was required to do to manage the large set-top box, which is not easy

After that, they are expensive and the gains are also linked to software optimizations (you have to manage the implementation in parallel) If Intel did, Windows PCs would not necessarily benefit from significant performance gains, while producing processors would be much more expensive

Finally, Apple has created a very impressive processor design team who could be the first to think about it and put it into practice.

“ple has put together a great team to design their own processors which could be the first to think about it and put them into practice

This is when it is thought that the eternal “Apple no longer innovates”, “Apple only follows it” makes us laugh quietly from the official point of view. Maybe the products are mass based, but there are basic problems that the company never ceases to amaze them, and reach this stage of control The whole product chain is not necessary at all An easy task: conception, processor architecture, operating system, third-party development environment, and services all on an ecosystem ranging from connected objects, to professional computers, going through tablets and smartphones I think I can safely say that they are the only ones to master this degree of synergy and to align with it will become a complicated matter for many market players.

Exactly! And even 1!
Apple always makes people dream, even with its iPhones which, he says, almost blend in with the crowd
All there is to know, is that this block is not aware of everything that is implemented in its products, while this block is not aware of it.
IPhone is quite expensive for a lot of people, but it's actually a piece of the latest technology that can make Intel laptops blush!

Apple never mentioned RAM, processor frequency, not to mention the L2 cache, fans think he's not doing anything innovative anymore
The reality is very different, as shown in this article and the Anandtech incident

It must be a question of cost!
When you sell a smartphone with 300 bullets, you shoot as many things as possible to bring the prices down 🙂

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News – FR – Analysis of Apple M1: a slap in the face to the inventor of the processor


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