Contain is back, but the action doesn't end in Pokémon GO! The next community day will see the first generation of Pokémon: Elektek so rare and iconic that everything happens on Sunday 15 November from 11 h to 17 h Without further ado, here are all the tips to get the most out of it while staying safe! You have the brilliant openings of Alakabel!

You might think that giving babysitters a bonus while refining the whole world is totally absurd and that in itself is totally true as it would cause some people to take risks but don't panic, we have the solution to get the most out of the house! In January, the GO Marathon took place, and at that moment, we have analyzed all the technologies to cover the maximum number of kilometers in a minimum of time on Pokémon GO. You know what? The best tip 100% legal that we can do from home with a promise sock, nothing weird, we explain everything to you in a complete guide entirely dedicated to this question, take a look!

An elkid can hatch from 2 km of eggs and divide the distance required for hatching by 4 so that the Elekid can appear every 500 meters using sock technology which makes it appear in the game as you move to 10 km / h, one egg will potentially hatch Elkyd every 3 minutes is profitable on average, non?

Note that if you are no longer interested in Elekid but are looking for a Stardust, sock technology also works on eggs from 10 or 12 km! If you toss several coins at the same time and set the starlight time correctly, there is a lot of dust to do!

If possible for you, take the time to prepare well before the start of the event. Although the community day lasts all day, you will need some resources Especially if you are attending the event from home.

Start freeing up Pokemon storage space. Keep at least 200 locations so you don't have to worry about it. Nothing is more frustrating than being slowed down by full storage

Prepare your bag You will need approximately 300 Super Balls and as many Hyper Balls as possible (if possible, try to get around 500 bullets) Also remember to have raspberry berries and especially Nanana (at least a hundred) If you have some incense aside, we recommend with him, it's up to you to plan a second one, but few people will play 6 hours

We generally recommend that you play in places full of PokéStops (with pretty temptations) and call your friends. Given the current conditions, we recommend that you stay home quietly! What if you decide to stay home, it can be useful to have gift items ready to be opened in reserve and tasks ready to be checked to replenish your inventory.

There is an essential tip to improve your time: Quick Capture Some quick capture techniques have been fixed, but not! Here is a little tutorial:

Finally, do not forget the research missions! They are crafted a bit on their own and allow you to restore many very useful items of course, so if you play away from home, choose a park or location with lots of active PokéStops and lures.

We said that earlier, after the event, you have 2 more hours to get Elekable with its exclusive attack however, be aware that you need a stone to play for each of your developments This is a relatively difficult item to obtain, so do not empty your inventory of the same type of Pokémon If you have the reserve, eat one of your usual best Elekteks, one or two famous stories, and that's all! New snow stones will be needed during the next community day, so don't waste them

To be honest, you can only develop one Elektek device during this Community Day Flamethrower is an attack that will only be useful to cover up some of Elektek's PVP weaknesses (Electek is a good Pokémon in Hyper League) but there is a problem: Elektek also has access to Ice Fist and we will always prefer a Snow suit. / Electricity rather than Electricity / Fire

If you still want to develop one or two models, the first thing to do is find the best performing samples.There is a very convenient way to sort and count your IV messages which we discuss in depth in a dedicated article What We Recommend, is to classify your Pokémon by PC and then type the command Elektek& in the search bar! 3 * &4 * Once sorting is complete, make the exchanges Do as much as possible until around 6:30 p.m. Candy is yours, maybe Lucky Elektek!

Finally, end the action with one or two twists. Good game for everyone!

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