Thanks to the internal processor, even the most compact Mac computers develop power that allows them to compete with the Mac Pro

Completely disguised, the smallest Mac has become the most powerful Mac which we noticed several days after testing the Mac Mini in its version spiked with an M1 processor This is also confirmed by studies from the specialized site Geekbench, which gives this model the highest score for current accounts (using a single heart), surpassing older Mac Mini devices, iMacs and even the Mac. Pro, the latter only manages to catch up (but massively) in multi-core processes

How did we get there? In fact, Apple realized that the processor it was developing for the iPhone and iPad was steadily increasing in computing power, to the point of outperforming processors designed for high-end computers. Hence the idea of ​​rejecting it in a version dedicated to M1 computers, which equips the Mac Mini and two other models (MacBook Air et MacBook Pro 13 inches) is nothing more than an improved version of the A14 Bionic processor of the latest iPhones.

Let's move on to its internal structure to note that this component is distinguished by its pattern of 5 nm, which allows it to accommodate more components (16 billion transistors) on a particularly small surface, containing several calculation units, and common processors specializing in display, image and sound processing , A neural engine for processes associated with artificial intelligence, to memory and interface controllers, as well as a chip responsible for the security of the system.

And all these little people quickly activate to deliver unprecedented displays In our tests, we noticed the amazing response of the apps installed as standard. After the initial optimization, Safari, Pages, Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand and others are running at full speed and speeding up daily operations in the blink of an eye. To Safari, which instantly displays web pages, and iMovie, what emerges from the speed of the scrolling sequence in 4K It's easy to imagine that professional applications would benefit greatly from this performance, but really, with basic software, everyone will feel the speed An incredible boost to anything you can do on a Mac

Currently, Apple's software is the first to be optimized for the new processor, others are gradually starting to be available (Twitter, Affinity Photo, GraphicConverter, Cinema 4D, etc but Apple did it right. In fact, any application can run it on a Mac equipped with an M1 thanks to an emulator called Rosetta 2. This tool converts online help for Intel processors into instructions for the Apple chip and it works perfectly. We launched games, office software and editing tools in This mode without noticing any hiccups or slowdowns We were also surprised by the better performance of some games, which feature more detail and smoother animations than they were when launched on an Intel Mac.

Thanks to the new processor, the Mac Mini can run apps for iPhone and iPad again, we were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the Games process, educational apps and cooking recipes: any tablet application appears on the Mac screen as it appears on the iPad This makes this small model the software champion because in addition to the hundreds of thousands of software available for the Mac, it is also enriched with millions of applications for iPhone and iPad

More efficient than the old model, the Mac mini M1 processor also features other improvements, like the possibility of connecting two monitors simultaneously (one via Thunderbolt and the other via HDMI 20) or compatibility with the Wi-Fi standard 6 for high speed wireless networks. We estimate that it maintains the analog audio output in particular the RJ45 Ethernet socket which allows it to be used in a wired network losing the USB-C sockets, however, it limits its connections to Thunderbolt ports / USB 4 and the two USB-A ports Too bad

Since its launch in 2005, the Mac Mini remained the best value for money of Apple computers, amplifying its new version with the M1 processor this characteristic because this small case has become one of the most powerful Macs sold to date, if not more powerful than him. At a lower price than the previous model: 799 euros instead of 1259 euros, its performance makes it a great tool for work and leisure, whatever the field, and its small size allows it to be easily integrated into the office or at home And even if it is necessary to add a keyboard, a mouse and a screen (which can be recovered from a previously used workstation), the game is worth it.

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