Developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital, Exit the Gungeon is entitled to receive an update titled “Hello to Arms!” »13 November to celebrate the release of the title on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One This Exit the Gungeon update was originally released on Apple Arcade, PC et Nintendo Switch, and presents new weapons and items, an arsenal mode and a new NPC called Ledge Goblin which will include the mini-game” Kick ” helmet »in order to obtain rewards, including a new head called Glocktopus, an octopus armed with several pistols thanks to its claws.

Do not forget, Exit the Gungeon is an action-oriented arcade game where our characters have to escape from Gungeon, a place whose paradoxes pervade the whole area and threaten to collapse.Our rifle soldiers will face a horde of zombies if the names and terms mean anything to you, because the title is a continuation For “Enter the Gungeon” (also available on Switch), here is a short trailer to reveal some of the new features in this patch:

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Maximum Games, Steel Wool Studios, Scott Games and Just For Games have announced the physical release of two horror games for Five Nights at Freddy: Help Wanted & Core Collection Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted sera disponible le 15 December 2020 Sur Nintendo Switch & PS4 et Five Night At Freddy: The Core Collection will be available on Switch, PS4 et Xbox One le 12 January 2021 The Core Collection includes 5 major license titles: Five Night At Freddy’s 1, 2, 3, 4 and Sister Location Trailer HERE and HERE Pre-order soon here and there

Scheduled for Friday, & Game Console Clock: Super Mario Bros. will include a small bug because the song “Mario Drawing” (sung only in English), accessible by keeping button A pressed, has subtitles in the wrong language When playing in French (in particular), German subtitles will be displayed by default, however, it is possible to change the subtitle language at any time while the song is playing. A small error makes this first shipment an even more collector's item All the details of this error can be found on the official European website, in the section “There is always time to have fun”

Released on 30 October, Legends of Ethernal will soon benefit from the arrival of the patch in the issue 11 which will be available in December Restores the general balance of difficulty, add more drops of ether to the game, especially in the jungle, and removes permanent death in Hardcore mode while Regarding bugs, spiders that showed curious behavior when stunned now react normally and typos in the French translation have been fixed. More information about the game here

Die by the Blade is a fighting game, exact sword simulation in 1Vs1 locally or online based on games like Bushido Blade, Way of the Samurai and Dark Souls aiming to blend 1Vs1 fighting style with action and adventure Emphasis on Barry and combos if Advertised as fraudulent, the title will not leave room for errors The first gameplay video is available for this title, knowing that it will only be available on consoles and computers (including the Switch) what about 2021

2URVIVE is a top-down shooter game developed by one person, Tony de Lucia (2BAD GAMES), in which players navigate a world devastated by a virus. The only objective is to defend against hordes of infected people who attack you. The number of infected people is high and you will pass sooner. Or later, but if you have to die, you can fight to the end. It can be played in co-op 2. The game contains tactical and strategic elements. Prepare before each wave. Buy weapons and ammunition, create towers and resist as long as possible. Each wave is more dangerous than the last and that the injured More and more titles available on the 24/11 against 699 € (Video photos &)

2K ad 10 WWE Superstars and 20 customization items that will be available in WWE 2K Battlegrounds from the 6/11 with a variety of special movements, melee items and environments will appear in the following free DLCs (some content must be unlocked with the virtual currency of the game) : Friday 6/11 – Goldberg, Batista, Jey Uso (to open) & Jimmy Uso (to open) Wednesday 11/11 – Ultimate Warrior, Eddie guerrero (to unlock) & Lita (to unlock) More 18/11 – Trish Stratus, Booker T & Ruby Riott (it will open)

Gregory Edmund Fischbach, founder of the legendary studio Acclaim (Mortal Kombat, Burnout, Extreme-G and Turok) ), Which was founded in 1987 and disappeared in 2004, has just created the Accelerate Games publisher whose first project will be to focus on the Toy Soldiers HD project for 2021 (especially on the Nintendo Switch) Remember that Toy Soldier HD is an improved port for the eponymous game which In 2010, it provided players with excellent and innovative tower defense

Available after Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase created on 28 October on Switch, the first two main parts of the No More Heroes series were the icing on the gameplay video cake of the episode 3 planned for 2021.These ports, the Engine Software studio behind, As stated in his announcement on Twitter, the team has already made several changes to the hybrid console, notamment Ni no Kuni, Little Nightmares et The Legend of Heroes.

Tested by us as such, Windbound got three free content: Creative Fashion, allowing you to capture images with full control of the camera's position and orientation, field of vision, of the exhibition, the time and position of the sun, 20 different poses and expressions For Kara, 20 Kara hats and accessories and a variety of filters, black and white, to the CRT, pastels. Other content will end 2020 and start 2021

Wondering what the Nintendo Switch version of Immortals Fenyx Rising and Ubisoft’s Action would look like? & Adventure? Nintendo decided to show it off for a little over a minute in their last live show.: Partner Show, with play sequences in various situations (exploration, combats ) The game is still scheduled for release on 3 December, see our last article

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