According to the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, the future Martian economy could rely on cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin anyway, this is what one of his comments on his personal Twitter account suggests.

The billionaire, one of the founders of the online payment giant PayPal, intends to send the first humans to Mars with their missiles

Selon Elon Musk, SpaceX is confident that astronauts will land on Mars in 2026, however, if everything goes as planned during the prototype testing of the Starship missile, he could launch himself towards the red planet as soon as 2024. SpaceX will have to overcome a number of challenges to enable a safe round trip of manned flight

Alex Friedman, an artificial intelligence researcher, asked if the Martian economy would run on encryption, and the user responded with a possible coin name called Marscoin. Elon Musk simply replied with “Yes” a few days ago. Dogecoin cryptocurrency price rises

Even though Elon Musk manages to send humans to Mars, it is unlikely that he will have the authority to decide how the local economy works. However, cryptocurrency seems like a good candidate to build a new economy on a new planet. If governments decide to accept the move, it is not known whether they will settle on an existing cryptocurrency or create a new currency dedicated to the red planet.

Elon Musk aims to build a self-sufficient city on Mars as quickly as possible Building a community on another planet involves the need to establish a new economy, but also a system of laws to regulate the colony

For the time being, SpaceX recently took off its Starship prototype, named SN8, at an altitude of 15 km. The company is back on the flight with a detailed All Eyes Now video on SN9, expected to arrive on the launch pad soon SpaceX ran into problems after flight SN8, because the SN9 has lost its balance in its own hangar

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News – WITH – Mars: Elon Musk wants a cryptocurrency-based economy


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