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Video game for children: On the Switch, “Super Mario 3D World Bowser’s Fury”, between nostalgic pleasure And the punk spirit.

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Pearl of the little-known 3D platformer released for Wii U, «Super Mario 3D World» returns to the Switch accompanied by «Bowser’s Fury», a great Perfect Connect open world experience, generous and fun from the age of 7 years

With this Switch release of Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo brilliantly completes its Wii U game library rehabilitation project. Generally, the switch port is somewhat identical to the original released in 2013 containing all the components of this suit other than Destructible which has built the legend of mustache jumping for over thirty-five years; Whether her obstacle courses are organized into a series of levels or her mysterious squares to strike her for special coins and powers to counter the many dangers in our path

All the greatness of the best traditional game of Super Mario is in the art of bending the above formula like the torsion reed. Here is the third dimension which brings freedom of movement in depth and by capturing the colorful and childish linearity to its levels. . Super Mario 3D World is also a great festival of innovative and expertly balanced conceptual ideas. On these platforms that swing head to tail at the slightest jump, these invisible bridges require greater caution, this magic object doubles Mario on the screen and is capable of confusing our reading of the game, not to mention Mario's new power With his flair for climbing and his devastating snorkeling attack …

However, the modularity of its stadiums is what captivates Super Mario 3D World as it is equally well suited for solo adventure as it is with chaotic and fun multiplayer locally or online, the initial track can then easily turn into a collaborative project with scouts and the affair is in an endless race between seasoned players, desperate to drop the flag at the finish line first Super Mario 3D World bets with an unparalleled experience of nostalgic fun, with innovative and welcoming touches, to invite young and old to the party

Bowser Fury balances this cutting edge conservatism, an open world experience with a free camera Mario has yet to compete with his historical enemy, which becomes more powerful and out of control than ever The first big change is the abandonment of known levels With his meticulous precision in favor of a large archipelago of small, chaotic islands accessible without any transmission The second stir is the repeated appearance of Bowser, godzilla vulgar spit rage, to transform the celestial universe into a blaze to explore. But hell is needed to take things back that can turn us into Mario’s giant lion and give us beats An enemy, like in any movie, “kaiju” is respected.

Alone, Bowser's rage will seem slow and with the support of Super Mario 3D World, he became the complementary parent of a supposed chaos, daring flashes and a hoarse punk soul The dark side of the essential diptych dock on Nintendo Switch

To play Super Mario 3D World Bowser’s Fury, l’EPD / Nintendo from Nintendo is available on Nintendo Switch, 3 years on 7 years.

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Nintendo Switch, Mario Series, Splatoon and Mario Golf

News – FR – Video game for children: On the Switch, “Super Mario 3D World Bowser’s Fury”, between nostalgic pleasure And a punk soul
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