We have already seen the processor performance of the Apple M1 chip for Mac better than other Intel Macs.. This is also the case with the Rosetta 2, that is, today, the benchmarks reveal the performance of the graphics part (GPU) and the input chip , Apple M1 works great

In GFXBench, Apple M1 has outperformed Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card 1050 Ti and offers better performance than AMD Radeon RX chip 560 Apple outperformed the other two graphics cards, except twice in the Aztec Ruins High Tier test, la Radeon RX 560 D’AMD performs better too, Apple M1 struggled with the other two GPUs in our ALU test 2 But for the rest, the Apple model is at the top.

There is also the GeForce GTX case 1650 of Nvidia and Apple M1 very close: 29 TFLOPS for 1st, 26 TFLOP per second Unfortunately, there is no standard yet to compare the two GPUs.

Some may have noticed it: GeForce GTX 1050 et Radeon RX 560 are not the latest GPUs from Nvidia and the latest AMD models are more powerful but we must not forget that the Apple M1 chip is the first generation., it has a graphics processing unit (GPU) ) Integrated, because the other two are suitable graphics cards

However, an important test remains: what about long term use? We will have to wait for full testing to see that the Apple M1 still performs better after tens of minutes of heavy use. This particularly applies to video encoding, 3D software and more

As a reminder, the first Macs will be delivered tomorrow with the M1 chip. It will be MacBook Air, MacBook Pro et Mac mini

Bug, the 1050 Ti already has 4 years, and that's nothing What's the point of comparing these old things ???

The built-in GPU of the M1 chip is more powerful than the dedicated CG GPUs which still play great games at 60 ips today

WOW 60fps for nice games that don't matter 1050ti if you can load it at 40 fps in the middle / high in current games, that would be really good

Between the CPU part which will be more efficient than the i9 10XXX and the correct GPU part, it's always very encouraging, especially for SOC V10

It will always be less efficient than the 1050ti to watch the video Why weak because the 1050ti is well cooled and has a CUDA

no, it would never be equivalent to the i9 because it is poorly cooled
If the CPU overheats, its frequencies do the same

We are already talking about GPUs here, so what is the connection with i9? So if your i9 is awesome, why not an M1 chip? Like on MacBook Pro nah ??? Congratulations on your last sentence, Nobody knows

And every day, there are haters to discredit these exams Eternal war is miserable for he who has the greatest

Good evening, I don't really know myself in all this but concretely with this power it is possible to use 3D programs like Blender, Maya and macbook even with little memory thanks to M1 Thank you for understanding

You will quickly be bound by RAM and SSD and yes it will work but if you do one light project per month then okay if this is your job then you will spend your life watching your reel project

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News – WITH – GPU: Apple M1 performance better than GTX 1050 Ti and Radeon RX 560

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