After inside, Epic Games store in games remains just as frustrating but as solid as Christmas gifts, here are the coolest things in Darkest Dungeon

Like always, you have 24 hours to add the game for free to your EGS library and keep it for life

As early fans eagerly awaited the future Darkest Dungeon 2 for months now, the Epic Games Store will now allow a few players who haven't tried the adventure with the first game creation to get started. The game can actually be obtained from Red Hook Studios for free until 26 December at 5 p.m., before exchanging it for another security

In this dungeon crawler 2016 (it was, personally, GOTY that year) mingling thug, madness and RPG, you will have to form a group of adventurers to explore different areas inhabited by creatures and traps as well as rebuild the local village and thus improve your forces., this will allow you to search for the real ailment affecting the area

It’s a real gem, both in the gameplay and in its artistic direction, still unrivaled today.

Gears, Baron Noir and Versailles are part of this particular selection of chains. We will also deal with some non-original series, but no less good, offered by the platform

Faced with the scale or the price of electric cars, the question of recycling batteries seems uncertain to say the least. However, the question is crucial in more ways than one, whether it is reducing the environmental impact of electric cars or reducing the cost of expired batteries.

In a few days, Cyberpunk 2077 will finally be available at all good retailers in France and Navarre We got lost in the streets of Night City a bit early Enough time to tell you all the good we can think of, because there is no point in prolonging the suspense that it shouldn't be: this is the declared success we tell you more

Since the advent of computers, composition software, audio editing and mixing flourished and entered into fierce competition also known as DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and it is now widely available to the greatest number, whether for beginners, the advanced or the professional

At a time when the challenges of cybersecurity are not very important for internet users, antivirus companies are working hard to improve their protection, improve their working environment and develop additional features such as VPNs. Focus on the latest free and paid security suites on the market in 2020


Early December, the Swedish music streaming platform, like every year, presented his famous exhibition retrospectively and as usual, this wonderful data dump in our favorite addresses led to a huge post on social networks

Surround sound, 3d objects, Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, Dolby Digital, Dolby Prologic and other DTS-HD Master audio systems are difficult to navigate
Multichannel home cinema in the jungle Fortunately, we are there, and due to our inability to be inclusive, we certainly don't pretend to do it, we suggest you to bypass the question and hope we can clarify the matter.

The Raspberry Pi is arguably the most popular and accessible nano-computer. Its attractive price, its flexibility of use and the unlimited capacities associated with it delight manufacturers of all kinds and arouse the sensitivity of the general public whose interest has grown steadily in recent years.

Here is a small list of the best accessories to enhance your PS5 experience from the start.

It's almost Christmas, it's time for “good” gifts, Grandpa Zenzen games and jokes. So we wanted to condense this Christmas spirit into a competitive game., targeting gamers, where you have to answer a somewhat wobbly quiz Ready to take everything out of the box?

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News – FR – As a Christmas present, The Epic Games Store presents the best of Darkest Dungeon


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