The General Council of Medical Associations of Spain called for the resignation of the director of the Emergency and Alert Coordination Center, Fernando Simone, for “apparent and prolonged disability during the development of the pandemic” of COVID-19, period during which he acts as spokesperson for the Ministry of Health p>

The doctors, gathered in 52 professional organizations, demanded in a press release “respect, reconnaissance, participation and dignity” and called to a “change” in the management of health crises and the launch of a committee of independent experts

The General Assembly of the General Council of Medical Societies was also uncomfortable with Simon's recent statements., which have been the subject of controversy on several occasions since the spread of the infection

According to doctors, his words are revealing of “disappointment, lack of understanding and lack of sensitivity”, and they also interpret that they express “a clear ignorance of work, responsibility and advocacy of health professionals”

More precisely, they refer to last Thursday, when Simon Hee said, about the number of infections among healthcare professionals, who “have now learned who in the first wave managers are improving care services in hospitals and of course, the toilets behave better”. By avoiding infection outside of the workplace.

Doctors censor these words and inform “the damage caused by the COVID-19 epidemic [Women have gone and are leaving for health workers in general and for doctors in particular”, and this is where Spain is “above the infected” among European countries


Do not forget that 72 doctors have died in the care clinic since last March and hundreds of professionals are struggling to cope with the after-effects of the infection

Until last August, during the first wave, 55 824 health workers have been infected with the Coronavirus in Spain, according to official data, and especially because of a shortage, many professional organizations have declared “appropriate protective equipment during the most difficult times of infection

Medical schools publicly ask her for a correction and remember that this is not the first time they have expressed embarrassment over statements or actions “inappropriate” of most of the Spanish government’s chief medical officers for the epidemic

Doctors influence the lack of an expert group made up of recognized professionals, independent and transparent, and an evaluation system to improve the response to epidemics

Simon has been severely criticized by the right-wing opposition and by professional health organizations, accusing him of not having dealt with the health crisis and of minimizing it in the first place at the time of the impact of the epidemic on Spain, where there is already 458.000 591 case and 40.000 769 death According to official information

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