Hi-Tech Some websites cannot be accessed in 2021 for the old Android operating system?

OBSOLESCENCE is bad news for owners of older smartphones with an older version of Nougat 71Android 1

Published on 14/11/20 20:05
– Updated 14/11/20 at 8:05 p.m.

The unfortunate result of a slight change in the security certificate: a number of websites under the HTTPS protocol will not soon be accessible via Android smartphones under a previous version of Nougat 711 because it does not take into account the ISRG Root X1 certificate that a critic wants Let’s Encrypt will disseminate it more widely, on the DST Root X3 account

Although the majority of Android smartphones already use a modern version, 338% of smartphones still have an old version of Nougat 7 Today 11 This ultimately represents millions of smartphones From September 2021, these smartphones will not be able to connect to a certain number of websites or access certain mobile applications that connect to a site via HTTPS to function

We expect Encrypt to finalize the default signing of a certificate co-signed with IdenTrust in early January. 2021, which should already have repercussions for owners of Android smartphones

The certification authority always offers a solution We recommend the Firefox Let’s Encrypt partner to install this web browser as it has its own “list of trusted root certificates”, including ISRG Root X1, unlike other Internet browsers which rely on in-system certificates Mobile operation Let’s Encrypt declares: “Firefox is currently unique among browsers, and anyone who installs the latest version of the browser benefits from an updated list of certification authorities, even though their operating system is quite old.” Unfortunately, the certification authority does not offer any solution regarding the applications.

If you still have a smartphone running an older version of Android Nougat 7 Day 11, maybe it's time to get a new phone, just to take advantage of the latest updates, but also security fixes, because Google no longer provides support for Android versions released before 2016

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News – FR – Some websites cannot be accessed in 2021 for the old Android system?

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