Like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey before him, the new episode of Valhalla features many romantic relationships and that is of course, whatever your sex compared to your Ivor! Here is the complete guide to all possible relationships

New Assassin's Creed game is big and rich in content! The main tasks will be the opportunity to meet beautiful people, and some of its members will be able to befriend you and maybe more

Instead of chasing the 10 legendary monsters, embark on a journey to the land of emotions with our comprehensive guide!

Until now, 5 different personalities were found If, fortunately, other heroes open to a relationship are discovered, we will update this article!

The Petra Hunter could be an emotional invasion of Ivor. You just need to build a hunting hut inside your colony (the one that also opens the hunt for mythical monsters). You will then have to do all your missions, after which the camel will give you a date Accept, then go talk to her again until she confesses her feelings. You can then:

As long as you don't break up with her, the relationship will continue its course. When you go talk to Petra, you will always have the opportunity to spend time with her for an activity, kiss him or take him to bed Otherwise, log out and

will be done

The virgin king of Jotunheim is one of AC Valhalla's potential connections and you will need elemental magic.. In fact, give her the wedding bracelet Thor gave you to start the relationship.

In England, you will meet Brothier and Broder at the wedding of King Oswald, Broder will clearly tell you his intentions and you will have the option of responding positively or negatively Like the two previous relationships: it will not affect any task and will have no consequences for the future.

The pretty one sits next to a waterfall in the Rijavelki Mountains, the first task is to find your comb, what makes her nice to you, then to accept his requests (take her for a walk and let her comb your hair) in order to start your relationship! It’s very short and only ends with a few scenes that can be found below No long nights for two, rather simple conversation

And yes, it is already possible to start a relationship with Randphy, Ivor's brother's wife, so his sister-in-law! Unlike other relationships, everything happens via a task that ends with a single task. Follow the dialogue options to quickly access the relationship

Note that this romance could have dire consequences for the story if Randvie has not yet left Sigurd! If you'd rather not betray your brother, wait until later in the story because this couple is going to separate and you will have a chance to charm Randvie again.

Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

News – FR – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All of Ivor's romances (Randvie, Petra)


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