It's no more 200 $ (or the equivalent in local currency) more 500 that developers who own DTK in the form of Apple Store Equipment Credit will also have them until the end of the year, rather than in May, to use it. This would allow them, if they were planning to use that amount to contribute their equipment for a large MacBook Pro or iMac M1, while waiting for the arrival of these devices.

Pay them 200 $ offered (or the equivalent in local currency) for DTK, billed for the rental of 500 $, to the confusion of some developers, they found the offer a bit too light for their investment in the rapid survey of the first improved M1 applications

Others have experienced problems with the Mac mini that have prevented them from using it fully and have not received support from Apple. The latter did not indicate the total number of DTKs in circulation during this stage of preparing the new processor. Platform

In June, in order to pay a deposit to the (future) plateforme Apple Silicon, the manufacturer offered developers to optimize their applications on a special Mac, or in other words, un Developer Transition Kit (DTK) a real Frankenstein machine, which has an iPad Pro chip under the Mac mini chassis

This desirable computer costs 500 $ rent and developers are required to return it after one year (read: From DTK to Mac mini, How the mystery iPad became a Mac)

The day on this computer has passed after the arrival of the Mac M1. This is why Apple has sent developers participating in this program an email asking them to set up a DTK to be returned to sender in a few weeks To thank the little hands, Apple offers them a 200 $ to use to buy the Mac M1, once DTK's return has been confirmed

Developers have until the end of May to consume a coupon of 200 $ which is very boring, knowing that WWDC will undoubtedly happen in the next month and with it the promise of new Macs.

Everyone will judge the generosity of Apple's offer, but we will remember that in 2006, when DTK saw the switch to Intel processors, developers got their first Intel iMac but paid 999 $ for DTK

It seems to me that a “contract” ​​of lease was signed so that the developers do not own the DTKs
Apple is afraid to sue them if they don't return them, after which they can forget a coupon of 200 $ and Apple can permanently delete their development account

terminated the contract with Apple and Apple closed its developer account, so all their income is tied to their apps

DTK costs 500 $ for apple files, 200 $ in coupon and Dev costs 300 $ 🤔

Is it expensive to have a developer machine compatible with the future 25 € per month for one year? It's exactly that!
If you want to develop for iOS, Demo Phone will cost you more !!!

The only thing is that a company like Apple doesn't need to monetize DTK like it was selling or selling 1000 DTK $ and gave developers an Intel Mac of 1300 $ for DTK income

It's fair to say that Apple needs to improve its store, so it needs developers to make it happen., who could have sold DTK 1 $ as the first secure Apple TV we could develop to help grow their store

DTK is a tool you can only use once, this is not the end product, so you will not receive an update (you will buy a door wedge in the future) even if it gives you a small commercial advantage knowing that it is often v0 / the version 1 products vary widely from DTK and initially APIs are not ripe at the start of product life

Due to its price, I didn't buy it even though I'm trying to support migration of iOS apps I'm working on in mac mode with a machine, it was better but good 🤷‍♂️

I imagine they charge just to make sure everyone doesn't create a developer account to take advantage of the offer

It’s not bad for Apple to “sell dtks” car plus de gens vont le tester et essayer de créer des applications pour cette plate-forme donc tout est bon pour Apple

“I imagine they charge just to make sure everyone doesn't create a developer account to take advantage of the offer”

Avoir un compte et payer DTK ne suffisait pas: il fallait justifier sa demande 😉

For the rest, ce sont des conditions tarifaires pour accéder à la boîte à outils de développement qui sont hautement privilégiées d’un point de vue financier

2 / S’il était indépendant, il aurait pu compter ses sous pendant un an, comme beaucoup d’autres

Si vous êtes proche de 500 $ dans une entreprise de développement d’applications Mac: obtenez un emploi de développeur pour une entreprise dès que possible, vous n’êtes pas conçu pour travailler

Ce que je veux dire, c’est qu’il n’est pas rentable d’investir dans une plate-forme qui n’a pas encore été lancée. Il vaut mieux attendre de voir comment la plate-forme se comporte et choisir d’y aller ou non

Comme je l’ai dit, de l’entreprise à la survie, vous ne brûlez pas votre argent de toute façon

For me, être le premier jour sur Apple Watch ou Apple TV équivaut à être le premier jour sur la M1 et c’est un pari risqué

Quand vous voyez une naïveté infernale dans mes remarques, on the contrary, c’est tout le contraire de la crédulité. Elle fait face aux dures réalités des affaires 😎

Ce que je veux dire, c’est qu’il n’est pas rentable d’investir dans une plate-forme qui n’a pas encore été lancée

C’est votre point de vue et il est loin d’être universel: proof of the large amount of transport available at high speed

Ensuite, for small structures with a fragile economy and questionable growth prospects, this is clearly another compromise

But when it comes to this type of arbitration, it is imperative that you ask yourself questions about the sustainability of your business

I call it credulity if you will, I call it the basics of a well-known company, widely studied and documented.

“Like you say it's a business within a business to survive, you never burn your money”

I repeat: the gullible invites you to trust your work strongly if you are at it.

Pour les applications modernes et bien développées, un billet d’entrée coûte 500 USD plus quelques jours ouvrables.

Préoccupation naïve de pouvoir faire des affaires là où le risque est à ce niveau de coût ridiculement bas 🤑

S’il était indépendant, il aurait peut-être compté ses sous pendant un an, comme beaucoup d’autres.
Développement de Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Les affaires iOs ne devraient pas trop souffrir pour être acceptées par Apple pour recevoir DTK, il faut avoir une application qui semblait importante pour apple et justifie deux ou trois possibilités et fins pour autant qu’on puisse comprendre que la situation est généralement difficile pour les jeunes développeurs iOS, donc ici on ne parle pas de ce genre de situation
No 500 dollars don't count for much sorry 300 dollars in fact 🙂 Over a year

I was on the verge of bankruptcy this summer of projects that were canceled in series by clients without government help I was dead I have been a freelance developer for iOS for over ten years, and i never had a single cash flow problem before this year i can tell you i counted my pennies


“I have been an independent iOS developer for over ten years and have not encountered any cash flow issues until this year. I can tell you that I counted my pennies”

When you say freelance writer:
Do you work for independent companies?
Do you download your own apps to support your business?

In the second case, it becomes more difficult to follow this model with or without COVID economically

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News – WITH – Apple will add 500 $ instead of 200 $ to developers who rent the Mac mini DTK 🆕


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