While hiking with his father in the Alberta region of Canada, last july, a young boy from 12 years old discovered a dinosaur skeleton 69 million years. Archaeological excavations ended on Thursday 15 October.

The boy, Nathan Hrushkin, is a big dinosaur enthusiast, And this, since the age of 6 years. This chance discovery surprised him, he was "literally speechless", he told CBC.

"When I saw him, it was evident. It was a bone. He looked like the ones you can see on television ", said Nathan.

With the help of his father, the young amateur paleontologist sent a series of photos of his discovery to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, in order to seek the opinion of the scientific community. The latter of course confirmed the extraordinary discovery of Nathan, even specifying the species : it is a young hadrosaur, otherwise known as the duck-billed dinosaur.

For François Therrien, museum paleontologist, said a find like this in Horseshoe Canyon is rare, and that the one Nathan made is of great importance because it fills a whole series of gaps.

Since Nathan's discovery, between 30 and 50 bones were found by paleontologists in the canyon wall, all belonging to a single young hadrosaur aged three to four years. “These animals were probably the most common in Alberta during the late Cretaceous, they were probably as common as deer are today ", clarified François Therrien.

But few juvenile skeletons have been found in the Badlands, and Nathan’s discovery is even more remarkable due to the location of the skeleton in the rock formation, which generally retains few fossils.

Thursday, the young boy was able to join the researchers to observe them removing the last bones from the site, in order to then bring them back to the museum to clean and study them.

Since this discovery, Nathan continues to roam the area in order to get his hands on new vestiges of the past.

Source: https://www.cnews.fr/monde/2020-10-16/12-ans-il-decouvre-un-squelette-de-dinosaure-et-fait-progresser-la-science-1008675

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World news – THAT – A 12 years, he discovers a dinosaur skeleton and advances science

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