While I am curious about the meat of what’s in Beyond Light, Destiny 2’s fall expansion, there’s an additional question the delay of it raises about what’s going to happen in Year 4 with the game’s established seasonal model.

With Destiny 2 pushing back Beyond Light to November 10, that leaves a few options about what could happen with Year 4, and none of them are amazing. Here’s what I see as the possibilities, and why I only think one of them makes any amount of sense.

Theoretically the next season of Destiny 2 after a fall expansion would be starting in December. It seems extremely unlikely that Bungie is going to cram an entire season’s worth of planned content in a single month, or force players to get through a battle pass in that amount of time.

Bungie could just permanently shift their release schedule for fall and make Destiny’s big content drop come out in November instead of September. No, no, no. I hate this. As we can tell from this year, November is always an insanely crowded month as that’s when almost all the big holiday drops come out. This year alone Destiny has to contend with Call of Duty, Cyberpunk and Assassin’s Creed within a week or so of its release. If it was out at its normal September time it would be competing against practically nothing. So I think September needs to stay.

So, instead of making one season short, you reduce the length of all seasons. Ten months until September divided by four is 2.5 months per season. This would probably mean more content overall in year 4, and avid players will probably recognize that the last month of a given season is usually more or less filler and dead time, so this would trim some fat. This might be the best option in some ways, and yet I think this final one is probably the way to go.

So, year 4 would just be three longer seasons instead of four shorter ones. Ten months divided by three is 3.3 months per season, so about 100 days each. I think that more casual players would not mind the extra time to finish up battle passes, but perhaps more importantly, I think we have to keep in mind that we are still in the middle of this work from home pandemic with no end in sight, making development harder on Bungie’s side. Many tech companies are saying their employees will work from home until mid next year at least, and that could be Bungie too. So instead of telling them “hey, I know working conditions are harder, but you now need to cram 4 seasons into 10 months instead of 12 while working on The Witch Queen,” the more relaxed idea would be to cut a season altogether to perhaps help them breathe a bit, and hopefully avoid a delay of The Witch Queen out of September of next year. For this reason, I think this is the best option of all of them.

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Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2020/09/05/destiny-2-may-need-to-cut-a-season-out-of-year-4-due-to-beyond-light-delay/

World news – THAT – â????Destiny 2â???? May Need To Cut A Season Out Of Year 4 Due To â????Beyond Lightâ???? Delay

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