Update: It has been confirmed that Azur Lane: Crosswave will be launchingphysically and digitallyon Switch in the west in February 2021.

Original Story [Wed 23rd Sep, 2020 10:30 BST]: Idea Factory is bringing Azur Lane: Crosswave to the west in 2021, it has announced.

Based on the Chinese side-scrolling shooter Azur Lane which was released on smartphones in 2017, Azur Lane: Crosswave is set in a world where over 50 battleships – including real-world craft such as HMS Hood, IJN Yamato and Bismarck – are reimagined as wide-eyed, anime-style girls who command massive fleets of ships.

Unlike the original game, which adopted a 2D perspective, Crosswave is described as ahigh-octane 3D Action Shootercreated using Unreal Engine and contains 4 game modes – Story, Extreme Battle, Photo and Episode – as well as customisable characters, rare items and in-game rewards.

The game is already available on Steam and PS4, and the Switch port will benefit from the inclusion of characters Taihou and Formidable from the outset – they were previously DLC on other formats. There’s also an updated Photo Mode where players can choose up to 6 characters instead of 3, “with extended camera angles!”

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Ah so this is getting an English release. Was looking at it on the Japanese eShop the other day. Has potential to be a bit of fun, will keep an eye on it.

I play Azur Lane with my girlfriend after she introduced it to me andI wish I could be more excited for this. Just looks like a lesser version of the mobile game but with 3D models that just are not as charming as the original chibi art. Doesn’t help either that it doesn’t seem like it does much more gameplay wise than a free game.

Eh…know nothing about this game, came only to ask why the fudge is the anime girl holding a Norwegian flag in the thumbnail for this article. o.O

I hope the extra content is an actually good game. imagine that for a plot twist. ” You dummies, the good game is the free dlc

This has actually caught my eye. If there’s a physical release I will consider buying it.

@TAndvig It’s the flag of the German navy in WW2. The character is supposed to represent the Bismarck.

They should just do a moe show based around an average viewer’s home. Dirty Dishes-chan, Used Sock-chan and Soggy Body Pillow-chan would be the main leads.

Fantastic news, was gonna get the PS4 version at some point but held off when this was announced and now an English release is perfect. Still prefer KanColle but we aint getting that anytime soon.

@Xiovanni I get you don’t want to support anything to do with Winnie the Poos regime so why not just buy it second hand (if released physically)?

Also whatever you buy, games or otherwise, is indirectly or directly supporting something you may disdain. Tis the way of life and it is not going to change. I can separate a regime from the hard working people who worked on it.

@BeautyandtheBeer Good point on buying it second hand.I can’t always avoid goods which had China somewhere in the production process, but I can at least find ways to minimize my footprint on the CCP’s coffers.

@Pod Thank you for your comment it saved me time lolits always confused me, trailers without gameplayI mean Metroid just has to show a logo, but uh, this title doesn’t quite carry the same legacy

@needmorecowbellMetroid Prime is a quite specific thing by now. ^^ This is billed as ahigh octane 3D shooter”, whatever that means when we can’t see it in action.

The deluxe pack for pc is £18.95 over at fanatical right now. Only for the next 20 minutes though.

Hrm. I was thinking it would include all DLC when it came to the Switch. Bummer. I will wait for a possible ultra deluxe Akashi complete edition before considering it. In the meantime I will play it on my phone.

@Damo Then the red should be a lot darker. Odd, it looks much more like the Norwegian flag with the contrast they used in the picture. They’re also missing the obvious symbols, but I guess this being a 2020 game there is no way they have the balls to do that.

It looks to me that the flag representing the Bismarck is missing the Iron Cross. Which makes it harder to tell it apart from the Norwegian flag. Especially when the dark line in the middle looks dark blue to me.

Recently played on PS4. Enjoyed it in spite of the samey gameplay. I’m sure the Switch version will get Neptune for free who is now unavailable on PS4 and was a 1st month exclusive or something.

Quick and easy game though, I was done in 2-3 days with everything I wanted to do so consider that when pondering the price. You can marry 50 waifus if you want.

If this has nice water physicsI wonder if they worked just as hard onOther areas as well? 😏

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World news – THAT – 3D Shooter Azur Lane: Crosswave Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Year

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