On commence ce dimanche avec Sense – Ominous premonition: To Cyberpunk Ghost Story which will be released at the end of the year on Nintendo Switch and which is revealed with a new trailer.

Indygo tells the story of a painter who suffers from depression. One of the symptoms is isolation. The main character has not left his room for more than 3 month. The person helping him through this difficult time is his girlfriend Anna. It became obvious to both, that this situation cannot last forever. Now is the time to look for a solution. How the story progresses is up to the player.

Assemble Entertainment and Pixelsplit Games announce the release of Deadly Days on the Nintendo Switch eShop for the 27 August. The game is available for pre-order at a price of 15.19 € instead of 18.99 €.

In another dimension, an unknown but very powerful entity has emerged and threatens to destroy all intelligent life in our reality. The galaxy's inhabited planets are too divided to act. It’s to see, the bravest and best pilot in the galaxy, to face the enemy alone, despite the very low probability of survival. Jets ‘n’ Guns 2 will come out 26 August on Nintendo Switch.

Good news, the very good Lair of the Clockwork God will arrive on 3 September on Nintendo Switch for $20 / £15.50 / €18.

Ben is addicted to old-school adventure games. A die-hard fan of the years 90, he collects everything and anything in the hopes of combining his old odds and ends to solve the puzzles. His friend and sidekick, And, aspires to become an indie platformer hero. And it is not the assets that it lacks : the guy is classy and his nose clashes. You play alternately as Ben and Dan, and use their abilities to neutralize Apocalypses.

Arcade Archive Trigon is available since 20 August on Nintendo Switch. Hamster also announced the next releases: Against, Gemini Wing, Super Cobra, Super Dodge Ball et Gradius II (Vulcan Venture).

“LIGHTNING FIGHTERS” is a shooting game released by “KONAMI” in 1990. The “SUPER FIGHTERS” mounted with plasma weapons and “TRIGON”, an auxiliary unmanned combat capsule, are sent into battle as humanity's ultimate asset to repel the invasion of an extraterrestrial civilization. This KONAMI masterpiece makes a comeback especially for the parading shooter in you. The "Arcade Archives" series faithfully reproduces many classic Arcade masterpieces. Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of the arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete with each other from all over the world with their high scores. Enjoy the masterpiece that created a generation for video games.

Newton's Cradle Puzzle Game soritra on the hybrid console online store on 27 August at a price of 2.49 €.

Newton's Cradle Puzzle Game is a unique and challenging puzzle game. There are hardly any instructions, so you have to find out how to solve these levels yourself. There is 33 levels (stimulants !) And 8 jazzy songs in the background.

We stay in the logic game with Batu Ta Batu who releases the 2 September for $4.99.

Or Editor 11Sheep, which is preparing the release of the title Parking Madness on Nintendo Switch on 23 August for a price of 5 €.

Death has a hangover and, to top it all, had his souls stolen by that damn Dracula. She needs the help of her two best warriors - or at least the first comers. Only these two dead morons can reclaim souls and end this conflict. If they fail, death will kill them again… so no pressure… Your mission seems easy, you must defeat all enemies in a huge castle and stay in possession of souls for your master. Your only weapon will be the bullet - it's the last thing you have left, so protect her well ! The challenge is, however, more difficult than expected. The mysterious castle has multiple routes and secret areas that await our warriors. The perilous passages and the bosses that guard the following floors are not the only obstacles in their path.. Fortunately, you can count on special sticky-type abilities in your adventure, pungent or ghostly. You will also be able to control the speed of your ball - speed up or slow down. At the end of each room, you will have to face a huge and unique Boss.

Infected with a zombie bite, Anling's days are now numbered. She must now fight, not for his own survival, but for that of his young son, Cody. In this survival game, the player takes control of Anling, whose goal will be to find a safe place where her son can survive ... before the infection takes hold of her. The player will have to manage limited resources in order to slow down the infection, while making sure that neither Anling nor Cody die of hunger or thirst. In order to be more efficient in this management, and to prepare Cody for the future, players can pass on the skills Anling has learned, whether in combat or general survival, like cooking or crafts. In order to survive this long journey, a perfect balance between finding resources and improving skills will be necessary.
Such mother, Such Son
Cody will learn from his mother's actions, from combat to cooking : Make sure he knows the basics of survival before it's too late.
When life gives you pieces of metal ...
Always be on the lookout for materials, you never know what might be valuable to a merchant, or what useful object you could make.
Time bomb
Anling's infection is a shadow hovering and getting closer every moment. Manage your days and make the most of the little time you have left. Keep moving forward, time will not wait for you.
Cherish the present moment
Don't lose sight of what you're fighting for. Enjoy the little moments ...

The colorful Hero Hours Contract is coming to Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch next week, either on 27 August at the price of 3.29 €.

Color Jumper is an abstract puzzle platformer game focused on colors and the precision of your movements. Inspired by extremely challenging platform games such as Super Meat Boy, Downwell, VVVVVV and many others, your goal in Color Jumper is to reach the end of the level. You play as a block with each side assigned a color. Colored platforms solidify only when in contact with the corresponding color. Every jump turns your block ; vous devrez ainsi planifier minitieusement chacun de vos sauts jusqu’à la fin des niveaux.

Le Studio Artdink a annoncé qu’il allait proposer le troisième jeu de la série de RPG fantastiques pour smartphones Witch Spring sur Nintendo Switch. Majo no Izumi 3 Re:Fine Ningyou Majo, Eirudy no Monogatari sortira plusieurs semaines après l’annonce de la sortie du jeu d’action à défilement latéral de la série, Shadow of Witch Marionette, sur Switch. La sortie de Nintendo Switch sera publiée par G CHOICE, le nouveau label de Studio Artdink, et ajoute du nouveau contenu en exclusivité pour la sortie. Le jeu est prévu pour le 3 December, at the price of 4 378 yens pour la version japonaise uniquement (avec CD de la bande sonore, livre d’art et boîte) and of 3 278 yen for global digital version. The “Witch Spring” series started in 2015 and now has four main entrances with more than 1,7 million downloads. Witch Spring 3 was originally released on iOS and Android in 2017, and tells the story of Eirudy, the witch puppet, who is pursued by warriors. Eirudy lives in a house in the Misty Forest, where she makes tools and magic, and trains to fight the warriors she encounters outside while searching for magical ingredients. To fight the warriors, you have to wake up your dolls and use them in battle by guiding Eirudy, the witch puppet, towards the path of light.

Shakedown: Hawaii follows the adventures of three protagonists through an open world 16 bits full of missions, side quests and arcade challenges set against the backdrop of empire building. Explore the island on foot, by car or boat. Provide yourself in its countless stores, rob his residences, interact with the islanders and reveal its secrets. You are the CEO ... of a company on the verge of bankruptcy. Online commerce has killed your convenience stores, carpooling has ruined your taxi company and streaming has scuttled your video stores. To save your empire, you will have to adopt the strategies of "modern commerce". Complete missions, acquire businesses, sabotez vos concurrents, réaménagez le territoire et rackettez les commerces en échange de votre protection pour fonder votre propre empire corporatif « légal ». L’île tout entière est à portée de main… ou du moins pourrait l’être si vous faites les bons choix.

Et on termine avec le top des ventes de la semaine passée aux États-Unis sur l’eShop de la 3DS.

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World news - FR - 21 new games announced or dated for Nintendo Switch + bonus

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