Starting with Stage One, the 2020 CrossFit Games is underway. Here is the results and leaderboard from the highly anticipated competition.

With current situations in the world, the 2020 CrossFit Games has been forced to a hybrid format. Stage One of this format goes down over the next two days, with athletes from around the world competing in remote environments, with seven events over the weekend. The top five men and top five women will then compete in person, for the second stage of competition, in Aromas, California, to determine the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth.

Athletes will be competing at various points throughout the day, with allotted time slots in their respective time zones. Friday, September 18th sees the first four events taking place in two blocks. As the athletes complete their workouts, their scores will be updated on the leaderboard, with videos of their efforts being released later on in the day.

What Are The Athletes Competing For? Well, besides the chance to be one of the top five men and women to go to California next month, athletes are competing for a ton of cash. A total of $1.3 million will be up for grabs between the top 20 athletes, with the 1st place winner walking away with a whopping $300,000. In addition to that, the top three event finishers will earn an additional one, two or three thousand dollars.

Over the course of the weekend, athletes will compete in seven events for Stage One of the 2020 CrossFit Games. Most of these events are variations on traditional workouts, with the intent to make it easy to do with equipment that is usually on hand at affiliates. For a full breakdown of the events, check here.

Show Signs of Encouragement Make a sign or choose a picture of your favorite athlete and post to social media with a message of encouragement and the hashtag #CFGCheers to cheer them on throughout the weekend. With the unique format of the 2020 Games, athletes won’t be enjoying the live cheers from thousands of fans surrounding each event — but that doesn’t mean we can’t cheer them on! #CrossFitGames #CrossFit #Sports #SportofFItness #FittestonEarth

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