“And we’re also planning to deliver for more Nintendo fans…With multiple EA games set to launch on Nintendo Switch this year.”

Electronic Arts recently announced its ‘EA Play Live’ stream conference would be going all-digital this year. While we’ve been trying not to get our hopes up for any announcements related to Nintendo’s beloved hybrid system, our expectations are now quickly changing.

The third-party video game giant has just released its Q4 fiscal year results and during its conference call, the company apparently said there are « multiple » EA titles set to launch on the Switch this year. Yep, multiple games! Here’s the scoop, courtesy of Gematsu:

Where do we start with our requests? A re-release of the Mass Effect trilogy and even the fourth entry would be nice, or how about something like The Sims, or an entry from the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare series? Maybe some Need for Speed games or Battlefield. The list goes on…

Apart from Burnout, which is due out next month, one other Switch game we can probably expect in 2020 is FIFA. That’s technically multiple games, right? Perhaps we’ll also see the return of Yarny after the Brazillian Classification Board rated the original Unravel game for Nintendo’s hybrid device and other platforms last month.

What’s your own take on all of this? What would you like to see from EA if it did decide to release more games on the Switch? Leave a comment down below.

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Just want NHL please. Unless they want to do Mass Effect right on the Switch unlike the Wii U this time.

I hate EA, but honestly, if the first Garden Warfare ever came to the Switch, I’d buy it. lol

The sequel I didn’t like, but the first game’s Garden Ops was super addicting. The Ops games in the sequel just felt less exciting for me…and I didn’t even bother looking into the third game.

Yeah, see EA, we’ve been lied to so often that it’s hard to expect anything from you. I appreciate Burnout Remastered, and I’ll be there day 1 cause it’s one of my favourites and THE title I wanted on Switch from you.

Now, of the rest, Mass Effect Trilogy may be long overdue, but I’d be down for it since I only ever owned Mass Effect 3 on Wii U but was told NOT to start there but to play the others first. So would love to get a chance to play all three back to back, the way they were meant to be played. Of all your licenses EA, Mass Effect is the one I want to see on Switch the most, and all three in one package please, I’d pay extra for the full package on a 32GB cart if need be, the way Witcher 3 got released. Please don’t mess that up.

I’ll gladly take Mass Effect and Dead Space trilogy remasters. Fingers crossed, but I’m not expecting much.

FIFA is one of them, but if there are multiple games, I wonder what the other(s) will be? Cross your fingers for a madden

Yes EAs microtransaction policies are awful but everyone is guilty of that, just look at Nintendo’s mobile games, but I have enjoyed the last few Fifa games without going near the microtransactions. Not excusing it at all as it is a scummy tactic and I believe proper regulation is required for all games and publishers.

I highly doubt it will be Madden. Not sure why so many are thinking it will be.

This is to their shareholders who are probably asking why EA is not releasing games on one of the fastest selling consoles of all time.

EA is not stupid and I imagine the likes of Fifa has sold more than expected on Switch.

@Supadav03 « I highly doubt it will be Madden. Not sure why so many are thinking it will be. »If they make Madden on the Switch like the one on the Wii U, with touch controls and more interactivity than the other consoles, then it might actually be a decent game.

Everyone should buy Burnout Paradise and prove to EA that Nintendo Switch deserves their games as well! Better late than never!

@spirit_flame I’d buy a 16-bit College Football USA ’97 port on the switch in a heartbeat.

Please, please let it be NHL. The last time NHL was on a handheld was in 2006, when it was NHL 07 on PSP. 14 years, I think it is overdue.

@TheFullAndy I would say EA was worse than most when it comes to microtransactions. That said, if they released something good for the Switch, I’d probably buy it. Although looking over what they’ve made in the last few years that could be ported over, there’s nothing I really want (I’m not a Star Wars fan).

Kingdoms of Amalur is just about my #1 pick if I could port anything from anybody.

Not holding my breath, but I wish EA went back and remastered their EA Sports BIG releases, specifically SSX and SSX Tricky, as well as NBA Street and NBA Street 2. I realize licensing issues are present in both (music in SSX, NBA players and music on NBA Street) so, as I said, not holding my breath.

More realistically, Mass Effect Trilogy (not Andromeda) should be a priority – it is a fantastic saga that deserves to be kept alive.

But if they go way back, how about the Command & Conquer series? There is even an upcoming remaster of C&C 1 and C&C Red Alert that could be considered.

I’d buy an NHL game on my switch. That’s about it as far as sports go.

Hmmm. Does that mean NHL and Madden might come to Switch? There is zero competition on the Switch for most sports. I would love those, a new FIFA, and the return of NBA Live.

@Supadav03 it’s a no-brainer with the install base likely being bigger than XB One by the time it releases this summer.

I mean maybe they can widen the audience of the Switch which would be good for Nintendo, but I can’t say I’m too excited. I’ll wait and see though, considering they may not even do anything.

The last time I had an EA game was on the the AMD (Pentium 2) full tower I built from Jameco parts, 5.5 floppy, 3.5 floppy, zip drive, and 100MB HD.

Mass Effect, Dead Space and Skate would be great. Highly doubt it though. Anyway, them bringing more games to Switch is a good thing regardless since the more third parties make the Switch, the more chance of good games. People seem to have forgotten the Wii U days rather quickly.

The Strike Collection – HD Remasters of Desert /Jungle / Urban and Nuclear Strike all in one superb collection.

The Plants vs Zombies IP makes the most sense of anything from EA to land on the Switch.

A downgraded version of FIFA, Madden, and Need for Speed… EA has not impressed on Switch. They never go all out.

Can we get the Sims 4 (or 5 when it inevitably comes out) on the switch please? I really think that the switch is perfect for the sims.

@graysoncharles @rockodoodle This is EA we’re talking about. How many other “no brainers” have they whiffed on with Switch.

EA is going to be dumping massive money and time into making Madden for PS5/Series X. Switch definitely will not be getting that version of Madden and I doubt it would even get a legacy version.

78% of FIFA’s sales were on PS4 with only 3% on Switch. I LOVE my Switch but Nintendo has never been the go to for sports games, especially not Madden. I’ll put Madden 21 in the slim-to-none bucket (but I’d love to be wrong).

Not that I’d trust modern day EA to do it right, but I’d like to see a new Road Rash or a Road Rash remake.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Otherwise, I will say speculation at this point. EA is really good at saying the right things and not having to do deliver a thing on the Switch.

I’m guessing most of them will be crappy sports games or some lackluster titles that never sold well on previous platforms.

Unless they are releasing a Dead Space remastered trilogy, I have zero interest in anything they bring to our beloved console…

maybe there will be a (free DLC) update that adds in some Mario Kart style race cars. just imagine being Bowser (in his clown car) chasing the bad guys like he was a cop (except for the fact that he will be capturing the good guys.)

There’s our « multiple » titles. EA never said they were going to announce any additional titles for Switch.

With The Sims, I would prefer an annual console release like the 2000s as opposed to a port of the PC game (and the ridiculous quantity of DLC) in tow. The first two GBA games (and also the DS edition of The Sims 2) were amazing and I would love to see a return to that style of experience.

I was happy to buy expansion packs on disc for PC back in the day, but they’re having a laugh if they think I’m going to pay for download-only DRM-crippled DLC. EA killed my goodwill during The Sims 2 period and I’m more than content with sticking with the first two games on PC if they aren’t willing to get their act together.

I think the Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare series would not only get the just rewards it deserves but it would be a big hit on the Switch, especially with the Splatoon crowd.

As far as anything else? It’s rumored that Unravel 1 is coming out soon, however if we get Madden I doubt heavily it would be the most recent version, it would probably be a legacy edition but they would still charge $60+ for it.

I personally would love Battlefield 4, or a scaled down Battlefield 1, the Mass Effect Trilogy (They can cram Andromeda back up their butt). Another game I would love to see, Skate, any of them.

Couple of other titles I don’t necessarily want, but would do amazing on the Switch:The Sims 4Apex LegendsA Way OutDante’s InfernoMirror’s EdgeFight NightAlice: Madness ReturnsTitanFall 1 and 2Any Need for Speed Game

@Supadav03 Where did you pull your FIFA percentages from? Because trying to fact check them on Google is pulling up nothing. The only thing I can see is that FIFA 20 has been added to the Greatest Hits collection in Japan which means it now sells for a lower price. They usually don’t do that for something that didn’t sell well.

Madden would be sweet. The install base is big enough now. Madden on the go would be epic. I could play Madden while watching an NFL game or play while at the game. Or at work.

Finally admitting there may be something to this Switch, eh EA? You smell that EA, you should know it, it is called money…

Mass Effect Trilogy, Dead Space ports, Unravel 1, the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare games-plenty of options that would work fine on Switch in several ways, wouldn’t be pricey to port, and could nets some decent profits. Old classics and cartoony games are sure to get core gamers attention while Plants vs Zombies and the sports titles grabs more casual audiences.

Not really expecting much from EA. I don’t even avoid their games much, a lot of their stuff just doesn’t appeal to me, and they seem insistent on making their game output as small as possible anyway. I said it before, there could be something new to grab people’s attention, but EA seems fine coasting by on their sports titles.

@muscpt It has been very confusing as to why EA may finally be realizing this, we are talking about the system that has outsold its competition in different regions despite them having a couple year head start. And even now, 3 years in, the System is still sold out in a lot of places and selling like hotcakes. EA has been known for chasing money even if it hurts their studios, I half expected a shitty low fps version of Battlefield V already lol

@Andrew5678 To be honest, it’s expensive to ever port anything. Especially anything recent from EA since they forced all their studios to use the Frostbite engine which is a bitch to port to anything else.

I’d only buy the Mass Effect Trilogy from EA as I have yet to play a single game in that series. I think people should keep their expectations low and only look for FIFA and that Unravel game.

Fallen Order and Dead Space would’ve been cool additions though, but I wouldn’t give money to EA.

@brandonbwii Unravel 2 was a really nice port on the Switch and I loved every moment of it, Unravel 1 doesn’t have the same co-op appeal

@Old_Man_Nintendo I’m talking on break. I eat at work so have a bunch of time to kill.

Breaking down the sales by platform, the game sold best on the PlayStation 4 with 3,363,237 units sold (78%), compared to 797,024 units sold on the Xbox One (19%). The game also sold 134,102 units on the Nintendo Switch (3%), 8,429 units on the PlayStation 3 (0%), and 6,613 units on Xbox 360 (0%).Feb 1, 2019

I messed up. That was simply launch week #s, not the whole year BUT I still think it paints the same picture in the end. Even IF Nintendo quadrupled its interest, that’s still only 12%.

And FIFA is a lot more popular globally than Madden. If any of you guys what to quote me on this and check back during football season I’d be happy to talk again in the fall.

I hope Mass effect trilogy will make it to the switch. But I won’t get my hopes up, it is EA we are talking about…

@Supadav03 I’m not denying that it’s more popular on other systems since they are charging full price for a legacy edition on the Switch but VGChartz is not a reliable source

@mesome713 How long are your lunch breaks? Being a security guard I get zero minute breaks….(sobs softly)

The only thing the majority of Switch owners will want from EA is the same thing everybody else has been asking them for. Remasters. Unfortunately, EA only specialise in monetising the poor uninformed casuals with loot boxes. I wonder how many times EA can:

1. try and force the market to do their bidding2. misread the market and how gamers play games3. keep closing developers

before they start to feel the sting that their toxic corporate practices and greed is causing them.

@Sentinator I still think even if we get remasters of past titles from them they may add loot boxes in some way. So Mass Effect 1 remastered, $39.99, Mass Effect 2 remastered $39.99, and Mass Effect 3 remastered $39.99. Or buy the Trilogy for $99.99 and get pre-order day 1 access to a new Andromeda skin. Then there will be microtransactions for new skins

@Old_Man_Nintendo Take from it what you will, but in the fall Madden 21 won’t be on Switch (IMO)

@Mando44646 « Nothing in this doc mentioned new Switch titles » and you are right, but if you read the tweet, he said that EA mentioned it, so, kind of like word of mouth rather than officially documented

I’m completely sure that not single one of those « multiple games heading to Nintendo Switch » will be a Star Wars game, so they can keep them to themselves.There’s nothing I want from EA except Star Wars. I can’t wait for the day they lose the license.

@maruse I could see something like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order coming to the Switch if anything, because the sales of it surprised EA, they wouldn’t need to worry about putting up additional servers (unlike if they ported Battlefront 2) and worry about crossplay (again with something like Battlefront 2)

@Ventilator I agree if I had to guess the top three games I think will be ported eventually to the Switch:Unravel 1A Way OutPlants Vs Zombies 2 (or Battle for the Neighborhood)

@Old_Man_Nintendo That’s fair. I know it’s not just shoving a PC title into Switch, but I assume there are more difficulties porting some titles compared to others. Older titles and more stylized games are less graphically intensive compared to something like Fallen Order. There’s also a risk vs reward consideration, which is why I brought up game bundles and stylized titles that Nintendo gamers would like.

Regarding Frostbite, EA should really consider just splurging on a new engine that they own so they don’t have to pay royalties to 3rd party engines. An engine change could probably make it a lot easier on everyone working on their titles.

I realize a star wars game is probably out of the realm of possibility – frostbite never ran on last gen or wii-u consoles, and the minimum requirements for Battlefront 1 on PC are much higher than warframe or doom. I think SWTOR would be cool as a single player game with que-able multiplayer raids and flashpoints, possibly releasing with only the original 1-50 content. It was mostly a single player game already, and the ability to play the 250+ hours of voiced story content from bioware on the go would be a huge win. As a PC player, I’d absolutely double-dip for offline play and the old balance set. But that would be a massive undertaking, and require a new control scheme and UI for tablet mode- more than just a port, really. Possible given the system requirements though (albeit with a massive ~50gb download). We have no traditional MMOs on the system, so it would have a monopoly on that niche.

More realistically, I would love something non-sport related (I play NHL, but not much into other videogame sports, and I don’t think the market is there. If the main selling point is online play, those that have a PS4 or Xbox and a switch probably won’t double dip. Which is unfortunate, as most of EA’s games in the past 10 years are multiplayer focused). I think any battlefield release (4?) would need to have bots playable when in portable mode. Maybe the whole Dragon Age series? Mass effect would be nice, and potentially be a way to give Andromeda another life (it was much better after patches, though the bad press was done by then). I would double dip for need for speed, which I think did OK for a Wii-U title and fairly well on Vita. Maybe NBA Jam or NFL Blitz from way back – sports games designed with local multiplayer in mind- would be a better fit.

@Andrew5678 They do. They have the Frostbite engine that DICE created for Battlefield that’s used in Mirror’s Edge, Fallen Order, and the latest 4 or 5 Need for Speeds plus I’m sure all their sports titles use it.

@Old_Man_Nintendo They haven’t added loot boxes to any games since Battlefront 2 and they already removed those long ago. Loot Boxes are dying in console games, thankfully, because of the outcry. The last game I remember getting slammed was MK11. It might survive on the mobile market, but console/PC gamers won’t tolerate it.

It’s Electronic Arts, so nothing to get excited over. About the only projects they could do that would thrill me are classic compilations that will never happen.

I could go for a compilation of the Strike games. At minimum, it would need to include the SNES & Genesis versions of the first three alongside PS1 ports of Soviet and Nuclear Strike.

Another fun one would be a Need for Speed compilation up through and including Porsche Unleashed (PC versions except for the 3DO original that remains the best version of NFS1).

I would love the Mass Effect Trilogy, those games are some of my favourite ones. Honestly, I didn’t hate Andromeda either. It was quite disappointing, but people hate on it and still buy games like Sword and Shield, which seem to have many problems in common with it: clunky animations, bad story (even by Pokemon standards) and weak characters and yet people defended them with passion and it even managed to be a commercial success. At least Andromeda was patched to correct some stuff, it was fun to me gameplay wise and I would like it on the go. The original one would be way better though.

Please: Star Wars, Plants Vs. Zombies (both the original series and Garden Warfare), other pop-cap games like Peggie, Bookworm, etc, Madden, and then some of their older back catalogue too.

@Old_Man_Nintendo If it’s « Indie » games, my guess that it’s brand new games. Time will tell what’s coming sometime this year, but most likely soon. New EA games is a rarity on any system now.

I wonder why they don’t port Titanfall 2 to Switch, or even Mirror’s Edge / ME Catalyst.

@Falien Yes true-and that is one genre really missing on Switch: AAA Real Time Strategy Games.

Legacy editions galore!Frankly, it has been maybe three or four years since I last played any EA product, and that was just a failed attempt to make it to the end of Mass Effect 3. With Bioware now developing frigging online shooters, I can’t see myself getting interested in anything EA would produce nowadays.

@mesome713 Why so long?! I would hate to have to be at work for 9 hours simply because they think I can’t eat faster

@Old_Man_Nintendo Titanfall 1 and 2 is awesome games. Respawn is the best developer EA have.
It’s wrong to flame Respawn because of EA.
I bought their Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order yesterday for my Xbox One X. 4K + HDR.

Titanfall 2 is a game that’s highly optimized and should be ported to Switch.
Because of Wii U, EA is still sceptical about Switch even when Switch sold over 55 millions so far and still sell like hot cakes.

@Old_Man_Nintendo Cause if you drive to eat at a restaurant for lunch with coworkers you need an hour. We get paid for it too.

@mesome713 Not all businesses feel that way, many only give you a half hour. I like not having a lunch break, it means less time at work and near my coworkers lol

Never played a Mass Effect but did play KotOR 1 and 2 and loved them so I know I’d love Mass Effect. Give me those and I’ll be happy.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a publisher that was so hated, yet highly requested by Nintendo players.

@Old_Man_Nintendo Thats true, but even less support after EA got new boss right before Wii U launched.Need for Speed Most Wanted had loads for Wii U exclusive upgrades including PC textures, and Mass Effect 3 were a damn good port. Crysis 3 port were cancelled. After this, support have been terrible.

@outsider83 I don’t hate EA, I just think they make a serious of really stupid decisions. Now Bethesda on the other hand, Fallout 4, and 76 are inexcusable messes

Like a lot of people on here I think dead space trilogy (hell even throw in the mobile game I still have installed on my phone as a bonus) is perfect for switch release. Mass effect. Garden warfare would be excellent. An actual sequel to plants Vs zombies without horrid microtransactions (I know it’s EA.) A popcap collection! So many great casual popcap games!

Maybe a Sims 1 Remake or a Choices Port, a SimCity Creator Remake, Spore but less complex + Whats confirmed

By multiple, they mean two games. And knowing EA, they’ll gimp the Switch versions and then charge more. We’ve been here before; we know their gameplan

@sandman89 HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH UR SO FUNNY!!!The switch will never,EEVER be able to run a game like battlefield.Why do you think red dead redemption or Call of duty isn’t on the console yet?No,the switch Dosent have the strongest hardware to run battlefield…sorry,mate

Madden, Crysis, Burnout. Maybe PvZ and a Sims game. Probably a load of Mobile ports, realistically.

Fallen Order is the only thing in EA’s stable that would really make me sit up. Love the BioWare stuff, but I just don’t believe EA will ever do anything with them. The more time passes, the older and less technically impressive those games get – and EA doesn’t believe people will buy things based on gameplay and story alone. It always has to be new and shiny – which is why it can get away with annual updates to its sports franchises and continue to rake it in.

1 – Madden2 – anything Star Wars3 – NHL4 – any arcade sports/ea sports big4- Need for speed

Please don’t bring your micro-transactions..It doesn’t have to look PS4 so long as it’s fun to play.Remember, Nintendo is for everyone. Folk like Dead Space as much as Simpsons Hit and Run so vary your genres. (Nintendo do!).If you haven’t guessed, Plants Vz Zombies and Sims will do amazingly well.

Crysis and Burnout are both cofirmed. Throw in a FIFA legacy edition and there you go, multiple games. Although I’m hoping for Mass Effect or something along those lines, I won’t get my hopes up.

There’s talk about a mobile version for Skate 3. Maybe EA meant the Switch by saying mobile. That would be awesome.

hmm… looks like someone is having trouble developing for the new consoles and wants to make sure there is a revenue stream by finally bringing ports to the Switch.

Dead space , , would be amazing, already got bioshock coming this month, best two games ever made ( maybe tie figher / xwing )

Plants vs Zombies: battle fro neighbourvil! I use to love the PvZ series and it would be cool to see it on Switch!

With the switch sales reaching 60 million I think they will finally support it more, maybe a better version of fifa and mass effect trilogy

Multiple titles, eh? Uhmmm… Mass Effect Trilogy, maybe? Perhaps Dead Space Trilogy?? Oh well, we’re talking about EA, it’s hard to be exited about this, they’ll surely dissapoint lol

@sandman89 right and I’m a telepath and I TOTALLY KNEW you had a pc.Take it easy,man I thought u didn’t know so I was informing you

If they’re smart, they’ll add a version of Madden, Command & Conquer Remastered and even Star Wars: Rise to Power (whenever it dose release for Android).

@GigaNibba Battlefield 4 was on the Xbox 360 which was insanely weaker than the Switch. On top of that with the right porting studio anything is possible, we have Doom (Doom Eternal soon), Wolfenstein, and the Witcher 3

Well the more choice, the better I guess. Struggling to think of anything EA has I would really want to play on Switch though. Find most of their stuff pretty stale at this point. Sims 4 would probably be the game that makes the most sense on this platform.

I do own Unravel Two ( great game and often available for $5 in sales) and FIFA 19. I know most people dislike the Switch FIFA games but I’ve had 45 hours of fun with it to date and also picked it up in a sale so no regrets here. I only get the urge to buy a FIFA game once every 8 years since the 90s though so no desire for any more for a while longer

Oh yeah, Command and Conquer is theirs too, huh? Yeah I would be interested in that for sure.

Expecting nothing. Then if something for Switch is announced, it’s a pleasant surprise. I’d get Madden, probably at launch.

Source: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/05/ea_set_to_launch_multiple_titles_on_nintendo_switch_in_2020

World news – CA – EA Set To Launch « Multiple » Titles On Nintendo Switch In 2020

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