Twitch streamers and YouTubers appearing in video games has become increasingly common nowadays. The latest internet star to receive this treatment is the controversial figure Guy « Dr Disrespect » Beahm.

He joins the online multiplayer shooter Rogue Company as a Legendary Skin for the character Dallas. This is the same game that went free-to-play on Switch at the start of October. Dr Disrespect is also getting his very own map called « The Arena ».

While Dr Disrespect isn’t the first influencer to join Rogue Company, it’s certainly interesting timing. He was banned from Twitch in June – just months after signing a multi-year deal with the platform for millions. Beahm says he still doesn’t know why he was banned and Twitch has refused to provide a statement.

Before this, Beahm’s Twitch account was previously suspended for live streaming in a bathroom at E3 2019. In addition to this, he has been accused of racism and was more recently called out for spreading coronavirus conspiracies on stream.

Is this online personality likely to encourage you to play this game? Have you tried out Rogue Company on the Switch yet? Tell us down in the comments.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

Lol for doing a fake chinese accent. You guys wrote that as if it might’ve been something actually serious.

@TG16_IS_BAE Does he know when there will be a Vaccine for Autism? Not because there’s anything wrong with Autism. It’s just to throw the Anti-Vaxxers off.

@nessisonett Very true! I remember that fiasco. Some of these guys sure know how to stick a boot in their mouth.

@AJDarkstar These guys all have rabid fanbases, usually full of the sorta dudes that make fun of girls for fangirling over One Direction or BTS. I think they’re the only people who would really want this.

@nessisonett that sounds like a really sad life, but I guess if that’s what they want… 🤷‍♂️ The funny thing about that scenario is the irony, which those people will be totally oblivious to.

First of all he is a moron and idiot. Second a skin is blehh and a map named the arena doesn’t mean it was made after him at all.Now Rouge company is cool. If you played paladins you might like it. Same kind of concept but more realistic. Pretty good controls and graphics but is completely online pvp for the most part. Good f2p game all around I would just advise if you start having issues with crossplay and hackers to turn off the crossplay as the hackers are from the pc side 99% of the time. In time they will be seeded out

What’s so controversial about this streamer? And, no, I’m not reading those articles from Kotaku. If I wanted to read bias articles that go absolutely nowhere and don’t tell you the whole story, I would go to any mainstream media site.

@MsJubilee Controversy is not decided by opinion. If you want to know what’s controversial about him, read those articles. If you want to know if it’s justified, form your own opinion.

He’s kind of like a band like Simple Plan. An adult man that makes content for teenagers.

A meh crossover for a meh game. Controversies aside, Dr Disrespect’s on-stream personality has always sounded to me like an excuse to be a huge jerk, and it seems like it’s extended to his personal life with all these controversies and conspiracy theories.

They’ve probably already decided he’s a perfectly okay dude since they’re so ready to dismiss every « mainstream » media site and Kotaku. I remember when I was an edgy thirteen year old.

Honestly I’m more inclined to avoid the game now, The guy for lack of a better word is a bit of a well its vaguely similar to duck. Only without the letter U.

All the Doc stuff was a bit pricey, but how could I resist a chance to be so damn good looking? Also the new Champions Club Arena map is really pretty. Game itself is weird for me…I don’t know that I love it, but I get a tickle in my brain to play it now and again, after strongly disliking it at first. Slow grower on me.

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