If you’ve been waiting for confirmation of the completion of Demon’s Souls’ development, then… Well, there’s no need to worry, because according to Souls specialist Lance McDonald, the title went gold all the way back on 24th September. That was a little over a month ago, but it seems reasonable, considering fellow launch title Godfall was finished a week before that date and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales wrapped in early October.

That means that there’ll be no last-minute delays, and the anticipated FromSoftware remake really is scheduled to release alongside the PlayStation 5 on 12th November – which still feels wild, in our opinion. McDonald added that he’s seen a “few very small sections of gameplay” and he’s “very happy with everything so far”, which bodes well for the final release.

A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy’s covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. He also likes tennis games way more than you.

Any news of a CE yet? This is one I’d splash out on. It’s a really important game to me.

Nice. Really looking forward to this game. It looks great. First game I will played on the PS5.

@get2sammyb Are you guys going to do an article about the new Mortal Shell update? It’s made an already awesome souls game even better!

Would have bought this is Sony didn’t charge £70 for it. Even RDR2 isn’t worth that.

@get2sammyb that’s true might as well preorder then as I’ve got the week off work to play this. 😅👍

Awesome, and I’ll get to stare at it for a week before my PS5 turns up!!

@nessisonett Well since it’s releasing in 2020 it would instead feature Joker from Persona 5 because Atlus can’t help themselves

I hope Sony does one more State of Play before November that focuses solely on the first-party launch titles.

I’m so excited for this. I’m surprised Sony isn’t making a bigger deal out of it though. You’d think they’re want the “gone gold” tweet and all that to feature a lot side other first party games.

I saw a lot of concern over both this and Watch Dogs getting delayed just because there was no tweet that said “our game has gone gold.” People need to realize that most games don’t come out and say they went gold. Only a few each year do that. If Demons Souls had any chance of being delayed then Sony wouldn’t have announced it as a launch title a little over a month before the console came out.

Love the graphics, might pick it up when I see more gameplay. I’m sure I’ll see the “”You Died” screen far too many times 😁

@Jaz007 I think it’s because their focusing on Spider-Man instead as THE big launch title. Demon’s Souls will be more the purest’s choice.

@Amppari they’re wasting an opportunity. GoS and TLoUII had special editions I didn’t care for, but Demon’s Souls. Man I’d love a trinket.

@AdamNovice It’s a big mistake to use a spin-off game thats on PS4 for the PS5 launch. It doesn’t scream next gen that much. Demon’s Souls does and attracts a core gaming audience, the king to buy at launch. It looks so much more advanced and clean than Miles Morales because it’s a pure next gen game.

@Axelay71 You won’t need much patience with the loading times from the SSD now. Just get right back in the action.

As exited as I am to play this, I’m waiting for a price drop. $70 is not an acceptable price point for me. I’m just not paying that for ANY game, ever.

@Jaz007. Actually it’s not. It’s also PS4 bound. I can’t wait to see what PS5 can actually do when a game is made strictly for PS5 that PS4 can’t also run.

@Jaz007 I’m not denying that but Spider-Man is huge. Also you need to take into account that it’s an incentive to get a PS5 a bit later on, when people buy a new console they tend to want a game they know and trust it’ll be high quality. It’s why GTAV did so well for so long cos it was most people’s go to first next gen game.

What does go gold mean? I thought going gold meant something had sold a certain amount.

@Agricultural It means that a game has finished development and is in the process of making the disc.

@Jysoe77 I’m probably waiting with next gen until 2023, when there’s probably a PS5 slim and tons of cheap games. My 1080p tv from 2014 will probably also have been replaced with a newer 4k tv by then.

I really don’t know about this one… I never finish Souls games cause I don’t have time to die 10 times at the same boss with my huge backlog xD but at the same time this and Godfall are the only real next gen games we will have at launch….

@AdamNovice I get that for the mass audience, but not giving Demon’s Souls, the only real next gen game this year basically, hits as much attention is a bad sign.

Yes the SSD is a game changer, but still not convinced its my type of game. If it was more Old school God of War, Bayonetta then for sure. But it seems like to much levelling up, grinding.

@Jaz007 Not really, it was there at the reveal event. The gameplay trailer was the last shown before the price was announced. The only thing it hasn’t had compared to Spider-Man is Game Informer coverage. Demon’s Souls is for the very core gamers, whereas Spider-Man is there to sell the system because of his mass appeal. Demon’s Souls doesn’t need a big marketing campaign to sell itself, Spider-Man alongside a PS5 does.

@Jaz007 both are. Look it up. So far the only games that aren’t mentioned to be PS4 bound are Gran Turismo 7 and Godfall.

@AFCC Godfall and Gran Turismo 7 are the only games so far that aren’t PS4 bound.

@Jysoe77 I’ve not seen Demons Souls listed for PS4 anywhere apart from this rumour. Surely it’d be on sale by now

@Jysoe77 That is just an error that Hungarian online retailer made. There was already a fiasco where Demon’s Souls was incorrectly labeled during one of the PS5 showcases, and it was since clarified that Demon’s Souls is not crossgen, PS5 only.

@Axelay71 If it would be your first Souls-like game, I can tell you its not the same type of combat as older God of Wars or Bayonetta. There is no combo meter, juggling your opponents, or anything like that. Its a slower and more methodical pace of combat.

But I think there are at least some similarities. In God of War, you dont level up Kratos, but you do have to level up his weapons and magic abilities. Not much different than leveling up a characters stats. Also block is used often in God of War, and shields are important in Demon’s Souls.

@Jysoe77 Not that it is getting any love or interest but Destruction Allstars is PS5 exclusive too.

@Medic_Alert it would probably help if Sony bothered to show it off properly at some point

It appears Covid has sent Sony’s marketing team mad… The one game that sells itself gets all the hype and nothing else gets a look in.

@Jaz007 there’s actually much more places than say it’s PS4 bound than just that one spot. It is coming to PS4. I just didn’t want to post a bunch of links. So far my first PS5 game is going to be the Spider-Man package that comes it part 1.

@carlos82 many sources say it is indeed coming to PS4 as well. But after the PS5 one.

So I guess no is really against remakes. The just like to complain when the “other guy” does it.

Source: https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/10/demons_souls_ps5_apparently_went_gold_last_month

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World news – GB – Demon’s Souls PS5 Apparently Went Gold Last Month

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