Just in time for Halloween, all manner of horror descends onto PS Now today. Fight for your life in the post-apocalyptic open world frontier of Days Gone. Embody the undead hero of Sir Dan Fortesque as you fight to bring peace back to your village. Outwit one of cinema’s most iconic boogeymen in multiplayer Friday the 13th. Buddy up for some medieval puzzle platforming work in Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince and tackle Double Fine Productions’ own brand of roguelike in the wastelands of Rad.

With the games launching today, let’s take a look at what awaits you. Not a PS Now subscriber? Find out more here.

Step into the dirt flecked shoes of former outlaw biker Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter trying to find a reason to live in a land surrounded by death. Scavenge through abandoned settlements for equipment to craft valuable items and weapons, or take your chances with other survivors trying to eke out a living through fair trade… or more violent means. With humanity ravaged by feral creatures known as Freakers, any mistake could be your last in your attempt to carve out a new life in the hostile Pacific Northwest high-desert.

Sword swinging, perilous puzzles and enchanting environments are brought back to life in this full remake of the original PlayStation action-adventure. Step into the bones of Sir Daniel Fortesque, an inept — and long-dead — knight accidentally resurrected by the evil sorcerer Zarok, 100 years after his embarrassing demise. With the kingdom of Gallowmere under threat by Zarok’s demon hordes, only the skeletal Sir Dan stands in his way. A second chance for the toothy grinned, undead adventurer is at hand — can you defeat Zarok and grant Sir Dan the honour he lost in the flesh?

This asymmetrical multiplayer title captures the heart-pounding terror of the iconic film franchise from which it takes its inspiration. Play hunter or hunted as up to seven Camp Crystal Lake counselors strive to use the tools to survive, escape or even try to take down Jason Voorhees, the man who cannot be killed. If you are randomly selected to play the killer instead, use unique abilities to track down and terrify those unfortunate enough to cross your path!

Lush, fantasy-themed 2.5D puzzle platforming awaits as three heroes must pursue a wayward prince whose nightmares are becoming monstrous reality and terrorising the lands. To overcome the very real forces of darkness, you must juggle the abilities of each hero: conjure platforms with Amadeus the Wizard, strike distance targets with thief Zoya and fend off attackers at closer range as the knight Pontius. With cooperative multiplayer available both offline and online, team up to take on the challenge ahead and save the realm.

Developed by Double Fine Productions, Rad is a 3D action rogue-like set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, where humanity has faced Armageddon not once, but twice. Playing as a teenage protagonist, you must venture into the Fallow — an ever-changing, radioactive wasteland filled with unknown and unspeakable creatures. Go grab that sweet bat and help save the world… or what’s remaining of it anyway!

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Why is Days Gone a temporary game? It’s a PS exclusive that’s been out for a year and a half and sells for like $20. I’m not saying that brand new exclusives need to be on PS Now day one. But theres no reason why two year old games arent permanently added to the service.

Same goes for:
Jak & Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3, Jak X, Ratchet & Clank Collection and Deadlocked, PS All Stars Battle Royale, Twisted Metal Black, Gran Turismo 5, 6, and Gran Turismo Sport, The Order: 1886, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Uncharted 4 & Lost Legacy, The Last of Us: Remastered, inFamous Second Son/First Light, Horizon: Zero Dawn, PaRappa The Rapper, PaRappa 2, Patapon.

This is a PLAYSTATION SERVICE. And yet there are dozens of OLD PLAYSTATION games that aren’t there. It makes no sense. Please do better.

Yeah I dunno why they do that either. They did the same thing with Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man. It kinda sucks. I don’t understand it.

Not only that. But if PS Now is the only way we can play PSOne, PS2, and PS3 games next gen (which I don’t have an issue with) then you guys need to add A LOT more classic games to the service. There are over 300 PSOne and PS2 games on the PS3 PS Store. And based on the way PS Now works, any digital game that’s on the PS Store can be added to PS Now. If you worked out a deal with the publisher and what not. Beyond adding a bunch of classic games, there are a few improvements the service needs.

1. All older exclusives should be on the service permanently PS2, PS3, & most PS4
2. PS Now on more devices
3. 1080p/60fps
4. More PS4 versions of PS3 games.
5. More franchises

It’s because PS Now is more or less of a scam. Most of the games on it are bad and wouldn’t last you 6 months. To sell subs, they put the AAA games on for 3 months and then remove them so that you are now stuck with a sub for mostly average at best games and the AAA title companies can go back to selling their games.

Nice, Days Gone is one of the best exclusives of the generation and anyone who’s not played it is in for a treat, and I have been wanting to try RAD for a while.

Days Gone (already own) and MediEvil are a pretty big deal. And Rad looks rad. =)

Bit of a meh month imo. Days Gone just got announced as a PS Plus Collection game, Medievil has Plus written all over it, and Friday The 13th, that’s probably the worst add ever, most will have that from PS Plus, the game is dead and the game isn’t good.

The game isn’t dead I still play it all the time and easily find matches. It has problems but it’s a fun game.

So Days Gone and Medieval, two PS4 exclusives, are meh? Lol, cancel your Now subscription dude

Great games but were are the old games from ps1 to ps3? So many amazing games. Can you add them too please. Does sony even read or answer any of these comments?

Secondly why are you trying to force me to chose between Now and Plus. The overlap on these services is now becoming ridiculous. I’d rather you focus Now on delivering classic PS3 games at this point given the lack of backwards compatibility and leave PS4 to Plus. I’d love to see the Final Fantasy XIII games on Now for example as most of the others have been released on PS4.

I agree. PS Now will be on PS5. So they might as well turn PS Now into a backwards compatibility service. Add the best PS1-PS3 games since we cant play them on modern machines.

There are so many franchises and games from those generations that we cant play now, that we would be able to play if it were on PS Now.

Not sure if this is the place to suggest games for PS NOW. My family loved the game “Maximo™: Ghosts To Glory”. Any chance to have that added to PS NOW ?

Any chance we could get more of the games on PS Now to be downloadable? I have a great connection for online games, but it never seems to handle streaming PS Now games. If all games on there were downloadable, it would be amazing.

I hope this is like previous months where the blog simply fails to list all the games because it’s bad ever since the merger.

While I was happy for Days Gone and Medievil, I also wanted to try Princess Madelyn.

Is there any logical reason they don’t let PS Now subscribers download the PS3 games to their PS3s? I’d much prefer to download and play a PS3 game on the original hardware than stream it on PS4.

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