Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is due out in just over a week’s time, but it seems Activision still isn’t done telling us about it. As revealed by IGN, the brand new entry in the series will feature competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes. You can see them in action in the brand new video above.

There are two competitive modes for up to four local players that come under the banner Bandicoot Battle. Playing as Crash, Coco, Fake Crash, and Fake Coco — a new character — you can gather some buddies to play either Checkpoint Race or Crate Combo. The first is fairly self-explanatory. You and your competitors race each other to the end of a level, but there are numerous checkpoint boxes to smash along the way. The player who gets to the most checkpoints first wins overall. Like Time Trials, time-freezing crates can also be smashed to pause your timer.

Crate Combo sees each player aiming to break as many crates in a level as possible. Each crate destroyed increases the points value of the next crate, but the combo can reset if the meter runs dry.

Meanwhile, the co-op mode is apparently named Pass N. Play. Once again, four local players can take turns getting through the single-player stages, passing the controller along each time you die. The article says you can play regular levels and the mirror mode style N. Verted levels in Pass N. Play mode.

What do you think of Crash 4’s multiplayer offering? Belly flop into the comments section below.

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The more i hear about this the more it looks to be a day-1 purchase from me,Psyched as *****!

I’m liking the look of this, but, at the price they want, I will wait for a sale til I dive in for some Crash fun.

This game is absolutely rammed with stuff to do. Fair play to Toys for Bob, it seems like a really robust game.

So pass n play mode is basically how me and my brothers played the original crash games but with a fancy name sticked to it

It’s evident Vicarious Visions has played at least some role during development. Why? Allow this Ninty guy to explain.See, in the GBA days, Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (basically Warped’s more tropical stages crammed into a small cartridge) was touted as the first multiplayer Crash game – as in, the first multiplayer platforming Crash game.The 1vs1 modes were races in the unlocked stages – the first who reaches the goal, wins.

Also hyped to see whatever Fake Coco looks like. I mean look, she can’t look any more wrong than Sierra Era Crash anyway.

@AlexSora89 Fake Coco was supposed to be in Twinsanity, look her up, iirc they got an in-game render and everything (i quite liked how she looked)

@whatever-156 That was Evil Coco, the counterpart to Evil Crash. As far as I’m aware there has never been a goofy style fake Coco.

Soooo, the co-op mode is basically going back to the Super Mario Bros 3 times and how me and my friend played N. Sane Trilogy like 2 months back. Lol

Sound COOL I wish they did Crash Bash to tho. We had sooooo much FUN playing that with 3 other real people.

@TheGamerKing Maybe? However you’ll definitely appreciate all the easter eggs/callbacks from the earlier games, and care more for the characters if you play the PS4 Remake Trilogy.

The modes sound like fun. Too bad I don’t have any friends to play local co-op with.

It looks great but £54.99 is steep, especially given all the other games and consoles launching with 30 days on this coming out!


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