With the return of the cold, it is also the return of colds and this questioning: in the event of Covid-19, do anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen increase the risk of complications?

The issue has been hotly debated. At the start of the Covid epidemic, doctors assumed that Advil, Nurofen, or Voltarene, drugs from the family of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, could be dangerous in the event of Covid, says Nicholas Moore, professor. pharmacology. “There were, quite early on, serious cases that had been exposed in particular to ibuprofen”, he recalls. But quickly, the doctors realized that this was easily explained. “We start taking paracetamol but it continues, so we take ibuprofen. So it’s the sickest people who take it. And then we say that they are sicker because they took it, so that they took because they were sicker “, explains Nicholas Moore.

Since then, the statistics of Covid patients have made it possible to study nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. “A number of studies have been done, in French health insurance data, in databases in England as well, to look at this risk of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and / or ibuprofen, and we found that firstly there is no increased risk of becoming positive for Covid when taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Secondly, when one is positive and has taken or is taking anti- inflammatory drugs, there is no increased risk of being hospitalized. “

And we do not, overall, increase the risk of death, or increase the risk of severe forms in people who take or who have taken nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

As a result, even during the Covid epidemic, we can continue to take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. “If you have the usual chronic treatment for rheumatism, for migraine, for osteoarthritis or things like that, you should not stop, you should not change. If you have symptoms of the flu, of infection. , you have a cold, you think you have the Covid, that’s not a problem, you can take it but you get tested “, insists the professor of pharmacology.

Seek the advice of your doctor because, in particular, by calming symptoms such as fever or headache, these anti-inflammatory drugs can also mask a worsening of the disease.

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Source: https://pledgetimes.com/covid-19-there-is-no-increased-risk-of-becoming-positive-for-covid-when-taking-nonsteroidal-anti-inflammatory-drugs-according-to-studies/

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World news – CA – Covid-19: “There is no increased risk of becoming positive for Covid when taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs”, according to studies

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