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Faced with the prospect of having to sell Yasmeen’s house to cover her mounting legal fees, Alya runs a credit check on her gran and discovers a number of unpaid loans in her name. Knowing the debts are all Geoff’s doing, Alya feels worse when Yasmeen reminds her that she was tricked by her abusive spouse into signing over half of Number 6.

Left with no other option, Alya asks Geoff if he’ll put the property on the market so she can use Yasmeen’s share to fund her trial, but he takes great delight in turning her down.

Alya is determined to prove Geoff has been fleecing Yasmeen, and after overhearing him arranging a date, she follows him – only to find he’s meeting a sweet old dear from the hospital radio.

Having got one over on her, victorious Geoff then reports Alya to the police for harassment before heading off for a hotel rendezvous with his new girlfriend.

The strain of being apart from Vanessa is playing tricks on Charity’s mind as she becomes convinced her fiancée is ignoring her calls because she’s having an affair. Tracy laughs off the ludicrous suggestion, but Charity won’t listen and storms out to go for a drive.

With her mind elsewhere, she crashes her car into another vehicle, and ends up in a barny with the other driver – Moira’s brother Mackenzie – over who’s to blame. Admitting defeat, Mackenzie offers Charity £500, but sensing something fishy is going on, she demands double.

A stand-off ensues, but after finally accepting the cash, Charity is won over by the newcomer’s charm and their sexual chemistry leads to a kiss. Left flustered by the unexpected turn of events, Charity goes to scarper, but then hears a suspicious noise coming from Mackenzie’s car boot, and decides to investigate further…

With money in the Slater household tight, and merciless Suki upping the rent, Kush is tempted into online gambling again. Martin is concerned about his mate’s dangerous habit, and while Kush insists he has got it all under control, it doesn’t stop him from stealing money from the till at Ruby’s.

Unfortunately, Kat’s light-fingered lover is rumbled by Ruby, who gives him the chance to return her dosh. When Kush denies any wrongdoing, Ruby tells the Slaters about his spiralling addiction.

Later, Kat is worried when Kush tells her he has won £10,000, and orders him to clear the account in order to prove he doesn’t have a problem.

Across the Square, Ruby’s still raging about the day’s events and meets with Suki to form a plan to drive the Slaters out of Walford. Suki suggests they hold a poker game with Vinny and Kheerat at Ruby’s, and the brothers invite Kush to join in.

Moments later, Stacey and Jean arrive at the club, having learnt what Kush is up to, and they beg him to step away. But will their words of warning be ignored?

With just hours to go until they flee from the village, Sienna asks Brody to steal Sophie and Sebastian’s passports from the garage safe. Brody gets to work, hoping he doesn’t get caught red-handed by Warren, who’s dangerously close to rumbling their plan.

Elsewhere, guilty Sienna encourages Liberty to make a go of it with Damon – unaware that her sister has decided to keep baby Faith after a conversation with nurse ‘Nico’.

With everything set, Sienna and Brody get ready to go, but are halted when Liberty suddenly shows up to the naming ceremony she has arranged for Faith. The couple manage to divert everyone’s attention and sneak away, only for Sienna to have a crisis of conscience when they get to the car.

Thinking she wants to stay because of Warren, angry Brody tells Sienna they either leave now or they’re over. Sienna has to decide what to do, but it could already be too late when Warren works out what’s going on.

On the warpath, furious Foxy goes after them, while Liberty alerts the police. In flashforward scenes it’s revealed the car chase will end in tragedy, but who for remains to be seen.

Following Scarlett’s disruption of his art exhibition, the chase is on as Ned follows her back to the maze where she stabbed him last year. Although scared to be back in the place that holds such disturbing memories, Ned runs into the maze after Scarlett, determined to put an end to her twisted game.

But once again he has underestimated his stalker, and as Scarlett seemingly vanishes into thin air, Yashvi and Levi arrive on the scene to find a blood-stained palette knife in the maze, and traces of blood in the boot of Ned’s car.

With the finger of suspicion pointing in his direction, dazed Ned is unable to remember what happened, but is certain Scarlett engineered the whole thing. Unfortunately, Levi doesn’t buy his story, and to Ned’s horror, neither does Yashvi, who admits she can’t be sure he wouldn’t harm Scarlett. Has Ned just been framed for murder?

The Slaters aren’t the only soap family to have hit tough financial times – the Spencer clan are also in the midst of a cashflow crisis. Amelia’s worried when Dan forces himself to return to work at the garage despite still being injured, so she decides to make them some money by selling an expensive handbag in her possession.

Amelia approaches Nicola in the cafe, but she’s not interested, and Al is quick to clock that the bag is identical to one that was fraudulently purchased using his credit card a few weeks back. Al accuses the teen of theft, and as she rushes off, he makes a call to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Hiding the truth from Dan, Amelia arrives at the garage, and seeing how much he’s struggling, she offers to lend a hand. But disaster strikes when Amelia’s fitting a car battery and the bonnet snaps shut, leading her to fall.

When Dan tries to help, his back spasms. Seeing her father in so much pain, Amelia attempts to reach him, but falls into unconsciousness.

Realising Scott is planning an armed robbery of the Bistro, Johnny tells him that he wants out – just as he suffers a severe MS attack. Ignoring Johnny’s plea for help, Scott knocks him out cold, masks himself up and bursts into the Weatherfield eatery brandishing his firearm.

While injured Johnny staggers to a phone box to ring the police, Scott orders Ray and his poker playing mates to hand over their cash. Nearby, Craig is alerted to the situation, and fearing for Faye’s safety, he enters the building without back up.

The brave young copper tries to stop the masked thief from making a getaway, but is shot when Scott’s gun suddenly goes off. As Craig’s life hangs in the balance, Scott finds Johnny and threatens to take him down with him if he’s charged with armed robbery.

Haunted by the guilt of his criminal past, Johnny decides it’s time Jenny knew the truth about the man she married. The landlady is sickened by her husband’s revelations, but ultimately decides to give him another chance after learning Johnny has gone to the police station.

But just as Jenny picks up the phone to ask him to come home, Scott storms in, threatening to shoot her dead if Johnny spills the beans.

After a flirty first meeting last week, Honey heads off for her date with newcomer Paul. Billy bumps into her as she’s en-route, but their conversation leaves him feeling uneasy, and he later confides in Jay that he’s worried his sweet-natured ex is going to get hurt all over again.

Following a successful first date, Honey is thrilled when her and Paul arrange to meet again, hoping she might have found herself a new man. But their second date takes a sinister turn when Paul secretly spikes her drink, landing the mum of two in serious danger.

Kurt has only been back from the dead for a matter of days, and already he’s making plans for his future in the village. The biker has a business proposition for The Hutch, which he wants his friends to invest in, but Darren isn’t immediately sold on the idea. Concerned, Dazza wants reassurance that the venture is legit, but Kurt promises it will make them all stinking rich.

Working his charm on Mandy, Kurt vows to make her a household name, and asks if she and Darren will produce an online advert for his meal plan business.

There’s a little bit of pleasure thrown into the mix for Kurt when he hits it off with Tony’s sister Verity, and as sparks fly between the pair, jealous Sami realises he might have some competition on his hands.

To save getting another lecture from Bella and Willow, Colby makes out he has ended his affair with Taylor. But his lie comes back to bite him when Bella spies the lovers kissing and captures their tryst on camera.

Vengeful Bella tries to get her own back by threatening to leak the incriminating snaps, but Colby has no time to play silly games, and after storming over Parata house, he snatches her camera and deletes the images.

Bella isn’t the only obstacle Colby is facing this week, as he fears Ziggy is on the verge of exposing the truth about Ross’s murder to Angelo. Colby pays a visit to Ziggy and puts the frighteners on her – warning that he’ll take Dean down with him if she goes to the police.

But while Colby faces an ongoing battle to keep his killer secret under wraps, things are set to get even more complicated when he realises he’s actually developing real feelings for Taylor. This is going to end very badly…

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