CALABASAS, Calif. – October 28, 2020 – For the first time ever, 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment are making Control available to gamers on Nintendo Switch with Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version. As announced in today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version has now launched through Nintendo eShop, where you can purchase an Unlimited Access Pass for just £34.99.

Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version is the complete Control experience, including the original base game, both expansion packs, and all additional game modes. It also features an Enhanced Graphics mode at 30fps with ray tracing on or Enhanced Performance mode at 60fps with ray tracing off, as well as seamless transition between TV and handheld. With fast load times and cloud save synchronization, you can pick-up-and-play Control anywhere with a stable Internet connection.

“This is the first time ever that a Remedy game is playable on a Nintendo console! We couldn’t be happier that Nintendo Switch owners get to experience Control Ultimate Edition through the Cloud and join Jesse on her journey to becoming the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. We hope players enjoy discovering secrets and putting Jesse’s telekinetic powers to use in the weird, supernatural world we’ve created,” said Remedy’s Communications Director, Thomas Puha.

Following the story of Jesse Faden as she explores the dark secrets of the Federal Bureau of Control, Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version delivers a visually stunning third-person action-adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Blending open-ended environments with the signature world-building and storytelling of renowned developer, Remedy Entertainment, Control presents an expansive and intensely gratifying gameplay experience.

Nintendo fans want more 3rd party support on Switch
Some games can’t run on it
Nintendo finds a way to make them available
Nintendo fans complain anyway
I never knew there was such a large overlap between Nintendo fans and salt miners

I really hope this isn’t the future of third parties on Switch. If it is it blows donkey chunks 🐴

I’ve heard of this game and how good it is. But I don’t plan to get pissed off by a bad connection in a single player game.

Nintendo fans want more 3rd party support on Switch
Some games can’t run on it
Nintendo finds a way to make them available
Nintendo fans complain anyway
I never knew there was such a large overlap between Nintendo fans and salt miners

I’m not opposed to cloud versions of games that just can’t run on Switch (when I saw in this in the Direct I was completely gobsmacked that they got it running on there, until I saw it’s a cloud version). But if they’re going to go in this direction then pricing is a big factor. £35 for a version of a game you don’t own and will only be available for you to play for as long as the servers are up (which 505 can take down whenever) is steep no matter which way you cut it. Add on top the variables that could limit your access to the game like server issues (I already got put into a “play queue” of 500 when I first tried playing), issues with internet on your own end etcetera…I just can’t see how paying that kind of premium makes any sense.

Offer it as a proper rental kind of thing, £10 a month or something for unlimited access and it’s suddenly a much more attractive idea. I wouldn’t be opposed to third parties opening the floodgates on games that just aren’t feasible on Switch and offering games that way; Switch is by far my favourite way of playing games and if a native port just isn’t possible or can be done but only with undesirable results then I would welcome cloud versions. This ain’t it though.

I agree it’s not a perfect solution. Would I rather pay less for them? Sure.
But if we have to choose between this option and no game at all, at least with this some people will be able to enjoy the game.

Yup we’re at the point in the Nintendo console lifecycle where “fans” throw hissy fits over anything and screech “Nintendo needs a more powerful console”. It’s as if they haven’t been paying attention to the last 20 years or are too dumb.

I think it’s a combination of both.
But you could see it earlier. I mean. People complaining about GameFreak not making better use of the Switch’s hardware for Sword and Shield apparently didn’t pay attention to any game since Ruby and Sapphire in 2002.
So yeah. People’s lack of basic knowledge of maths, business sense, history, etc will cause them to be upset over unrealistic things

If you have a decent PC, just buy this on GOG instead, that way you’ll actually own the damn game.

I’d rather no game than an internet rental. “Cloud” gaming needs to die just as much as DRM.


Nintendo Switch, No More Heroes

World news – CA – Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version available now for Switch

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