Esports organization Cloud9 have terminated deals with four of their CS:GO roster over breaches of contract, meaning JT, motm, Sonic and coach T.c are now free agents. 

Cloud9 are one of the world’s premier esports brands, fielding teams in Dota 2, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

However, they have experienced issues with discipline when it comes CS:GO rosters, particularly in light of the ongoing global health crisis.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of active rosters are prohibited from interacting with people outside of their households, to keep themselves and the organization’s staff safe.

This appears to have been what forced the separation between the organization and multiple players, coming to light on October 24. Sources claim that unauthorized guests were invited into the team’s residence, making it the second time a contract breach of this nature has occurred.

In response to a request for comment from Rush B Media, Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne said: “The details that really matter is this was the second offence of unauthorized guests coming into Cloud9 property after being told that this is not all acceptable. And the reason it is not acceptable is because you are putting our staff at risk.”

The news was confirmed via Twitter, with the American organization retweeting comments from all those dismissed stating they were now free agents.

Similar tweets were made by motm and JT, confirming the news about their time with Cloud9 ending.

Notably, Joshua ‘oSee’ Ohm remains a part of Cloud9. He does not reside in the team house, and so has been able to retain his spot and has not been held responsible for the unauthorised interactions with the unknown visitors.

Furthermore, Cloud9’s ‘Colossus’ roster remains completely intact. What becomes of oSee, though, remains to be seen. We could well see more players come in to form a new roster, or oSee bide his time as Cloud9 formulate their next moves.

The US Army National Guard are running a series of CS:GO Community Nights and tournaments, all the way until December, with prizes up for grabs. Here’s how to get involved.

Starting in October, the community nights will offer up 30,000 points, which can be redeemed for prizes.

For the duration of the three-month-long series, players can also register their teams for bi-weekly tournaments, which will be held on the National Guard’s organizer page.

So, if you want to compete in CS:GO, participate in the community nights, and earn some prizes along the way, here’s everything you need to know.

First, you’ll need to be a United States resident to participate. Make sure you are registered here, and then you can sign up for each event.

Every player will begin with 1000 points, and be awarded 10 points for a win, or be deducted 10 points for a loss. The player with the most points will walk away with 10,000 points, 2nd and 3rd get 5,000, and 4th through 7th 2,500 each.

Links for all the upcoming community nights can be found below. Each night will begin at 12pm PT / 3pm EST.

For the bi-weekly tournaments, starting on October 18, players will be ranked on their wins/losses throughout this period. The top players will proceed to the next stage of the tournament and will be rewarded with Points, from a pool of 30,000.

To make things interesting though, Missions will be in-play for all matches, as a way to earn extra points. For example, actions such as getting headshots, clutches, bomb defuses, nade kills and more will be rewarded.

You will be set a mission challenge, for example, get 3 clutches, and succeeding will earn points.


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World news – US – Cloud9 drop CSGO players for ‘unacceptable’ contract breaches – Dexerto

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