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Huge tracts of the Amazon rainforest are being burned by loggers and farmers, exacerbating losses from climate change.

As much as 40 per cent of the Amazon rainforest could be transformed into drier savanna-like landscape if rainfall levels continue to drop as a result of climate change. 

Researchers warned nearly half of the world’s largest tropical rainforest is at a tipping point and risk of drying out permanently if global carbon emissions are not cut back.

Scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, an independent research institute which specialises in environmental issues, used mathematical models to test how rising temperatures caused by climate change would affect tropical rainforests around the world.  

« In around 40 per cent of the Amazon, the rainfall is now at a level where the forest could exist in either state — rainforest or savanna, according to our findings, » said the lead author of the study, Arie Staal.  

Savannas are ecosystems characterised by less tree cover and greater grassland, and tend to exist in temperate areas with less rainfall than that needed to foster a rainforest.  

Already, rising greenhouse gas emissions has caused a drop in the amount of rain falling on the Amazon in several regions and this trend is expected to worsen as South America warms thanks to climate change. 

 Rainforests such as the Amazon suck huge amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere, slowing down climate change.  

As rainforests generate some rain themselves by leaves releasing water vapour, their loss also exacerbates the already collapsing rain levels.

“As forests shrink, we get less rainfall downwind and this causes drying leading to more fire and forest loss: a vicious cycle,” said Mr Staal, a former postdoctoral researcher at the SRC and the Copernicus Institute of Utrecht University.

“We understand now that rainforests on all continents are very sensitive to global change and can rapidly lose their ability to adapt, » added Ingo Fetzer, a researcher at the SRC.

« Once gone, their recovery will take many decades to return to their original state. And given that rainforests host the majority of all global species, all this will be forever lost. »

As well as being home to the most extensive biodiversity on Earth, rainforests such as the Amazon suck huge amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere, slowing down climate change.  

The rainforest has come under increased threat following the election of Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.  

Mr Bolsanaro has cast doubt about the existence of manmade climate change and long favoured more exploitation and development by large agricultural businesses in the Amazon.  

Burning, logging and farming of the Amazon has noticeably increased since his rise to power in 2018, with data from Brazil’s own space agency showing fires had reached a ten-year high in August.   

Two C-130 Hercules aircraft carrying thousands of liters of water on Sunday began dousing fires devouring chunks of the world’s largest rainforest.

The Amazon in South America is the largest, most diverse tropical rainforest on Earth and it is natural that the entire world is worried and angry over the worst blazes in years raging there. It is hugely important that the fires in the Brazilian rainforest, known as the lungs of the planet, be extinguished as quickly

Four firefighters were hospitalised after battling the overnight blaze at Badim Hospital and about 90 patients were transferred to other hospitals, according to the fire department. Authorities said that a short circuit in a generator could have sparked the blaze.The fire broke out at dusk on Thursday at the Badim hospital in the north of Rio, sending medical staff and relatives into a desperate flurry to try to evacuate scores of patients.

Fires burning in Brazil and the broader Amazon basin are shining a spotlight on the role of forests and land use in the climate change challenge. Next week, the California Air Resources Board will hold a hearing that could have a direct impact on such fires.

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