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The next premium DLC incoming to the 4X hit Civilization VI as a part of the New Frontier season pass is delivering Byzantium and Gaul as playable civilizations. The former already received a first look presentation last week, so now it is time for the Gaul to be in the spotlight.

Incoming with the leader Ambiorix, Gaul puts a focus on quickly grabbing land and bolstering its defenses. Starting off, Ambiorix’s leader ability, King of the Eburones, returns 20% of the unit cost as Culture whenever a non-civilian unit is trained. Plus, melee, ranged, and anti-cavalry units perform better in battle when they are adjacent to other friendly combat units.

The Gaul civilization’s unique ability introduces an interesting mechanic where building a mine sets off a Culture Bomb, converting nearby unowned land to Gaul’s side. Mines also provide adjacency bonuses for districts surrounding them. However, the downside is that the usual adjacency bonuses of Specialty Districts do not apply to the Gaul, and Specialty Districts also can’t be built next to the City Center.

The Gaul does not have access to Industrial Zone districts, instead, it utilizes the Oppidum. This unique district can be built earlier than the Industrial Zone and arrives with a ranged attack for defense. The Apprenticeship technology is also unlocked for free when an Oppidum is built.

Lastly, the Gaesatae unit replaces the humble Warrior. Although they are more costly to produce, these elite units will provide extra combat strength when battling against higher tiered enemies as well as district defenses.

Gaul will be accompanied by Byzantium when this premium DLC releases on September 24 for Civilization VI: New Frontier. It can be acquired through the $39.99 season pass or via a standalone purchase. In addition to these, Firaxis is also including new world wonders, The Highlands map script, and Dramatic Ages as a new game mode, which offers Golden and Dark ages with much more powerful benefits and losses.

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