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This research will reveal why organisations are retaining archived email data, how organisations are storing their email data today, and their plans for the future. It will also gauge the primary drivers for migrating email archives to the cloud – from compliance and control to visibility and business intelligence.

This web seminar will explore whether the reality of multi-cloud has lived up to expectations and the benefits of multi-cloud for the day-to-day operations on which businesses rely – applications that commonly remain in the data centre.

In this launch season of Deskflix: Empowering the remote working revolution we will address all of this and more. Join our industry experts in this virtual event to discuss the best tools for remote working, obstacles that are surfacing and the challenges of being an IT Leader with completely remote teams and customers.

During this virtual roundtable we will examine data-related roadblocks and explore how they can be addressed. We will also look at productivity and quality levels, and explore how they are impacted by running in the cloud.

This white paper details 7 case studies of attacks that were intercepted and neutralised by Darktrace cyber defense AI, including a zero-day trojan in a manufacturing company’s network. Learn how Darktrace Antigena AI Response modules fight back autonomously, no matter where a threat may emerge, extending to the Cloud, Email and SaaS.

This white paper explores how cloud is a security blind spot for many organisations who struggle with the limited visibility and control in this new environment, where their existing security tools are often not applicable.

Essential for the senior IT professional, Computing produce high-calibre conferences, web-seminars, awards and events including the Computing IT Leaders Forum and the UK IT Industry Awards with the BCS.

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China is aiming to complete the work on its permanent space station by 2022, the officials of Chinese space agency said after the launch of a new spacecraft on Tuesday.

The lift-off took place from the coastal Wenchang Launch Centre in southern China’s Hainan Province, and the launch success was confirmed nearly 20 minutes after the launch.

According to the officials, a new Long March-5B rocket carried with it an experimental unmanned spacecraft and a return capsule into the orbit.

The new spacecraft is reportedly an improvement on the three-module Shenzhou spacecraft, which is based on Russian Soyuz mode and is able to carry only three astronauts to space. The new spacecraft is designed to carry up to six astronauts or three astronauts and 500 kilograms of cargo to the low-earth orbit (LEO).

Hao Chun, the director of China Manned Space Engineering Office, said earlier this year that the country had planned to send twelve flight missions for the construction of China’s space station.

« The first flight mission of [the] Long March-5B rocket is also to verify its performance, » Hao Chun said in January.

China’s crewed space programme reveals China’s aspirations to rival the US, Russia, Europe and private aerospace companies in outer space exploration.

In 2011, China launched its first experimental space station – Tiangong-1 – which burned up in the atmosphere seven years later. The vehicle, however, enabled China to master the technologies needed to design bigger stations.

In 2016, China launched Tiangong-2, its second space station, to support long-duration missions. In the same year, two taikonauts were also sent to Tiangong-2, who stayed there for 33 days, setting a new record for consecutive days spent in space for China.

Chinese engineers and scientists are now working to build a larger space station that will feature multiple modules, much like the International Space Station. It will be shaped like a T, with a core module (Tianhe) at the centre and one lab capsule on either side, according to Chinese news agency Xinhua.

China’s space complex will offer 160 cubic meters of living space across the three modules. The ISS, in comparison, offers 388 cubic meters of living space for astronauts.

The Chinese space station will also have room for scientific experiments from multiple fields, including life science, basic physics and astronomy.

The country also aims to launch an optical telescope « in the same orbit » in near future, according to Xinhua.

Emails contain large amounts of critical business data, usually stored in archives for compliance and legacy purposes

Influencers can help brands reach audiences that might normally be out of their reach, but there are rules that need to be followed, warns Goodman Derrick partner Paul Herbert

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World news – GB – China sets sights on permanent space station by 2022

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CSS Engineering s’implique dans les projets de chaque client comme si c’était les siens. Nous croyons qu’une société de conseil devrait être plus que d’un conseiller. Nous nous mettons à la place de nos clients, pour aligner nos incitations à leurs objectifs, et collaborer pour débloquer le plein potentiel de leur entreprise. Cela établit des relations profondes et agréables.

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