The Haunting of Verdansk has started in Call Of Duty and it has some great new modes and cosmetics for Halloween.

It’s not just brand new games, like Amnesia: Rebirth, that try to make the most of the spookiest time of year, as most live games will also be getting a Halloween makeover this month – including Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The games are usually a bit too serious for ghosts and ghouls but the Haunting of Verdansk event will cloak Warzone’s map in darkness and feature new cosmetic items based on non-supernatural horror classics such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw.

The new items can be found in the 16 special Trick or Treat chests that will be dotted around the map, although there’s also the risk that any of them could instead contain a forfeit.

If you do manage to collect all 16 cosmetics then you’ll get an extra reward in the form of the Legendary Pumpkin Punisher assault rifle blueprint, which will only be obtainable during the event.

Despite the roadmap below, not everything has been announced for the event yet and the only confirmed modes for the new night-time version of the Verdansk map are Trios and Plunder.

The other big change for Warzone is a new limited time mode called Zombie Royale, where, you guessed it, dead players come back to life as zombies. They are proper zombies though and can’t carry weapons, although they can run and jump faster than normal humans and have thermal vision.

Over in the standard Modern Warfare multiplayer there’s a different set of changes, including having your head turn into a flaming jack-o’-lantern if you get a killstreak of three or more.

You’ve also got two new modes in Onslaught and Snipers Only, but the more Halloween-y changes will be the introduction of three new bundles.

The Saw bundle includes Billy the Puppet from Saw as an Operator outfit, as well as a throwing knife, called the Phlebotomozier Lethal Equipment, that creates an over-the-top explosion of blood when it hits home.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bundle lets you dress up as Leatherface and includes a new LMG blueprint called the Family Heirloom that lets you hold the stock like a chainsaw. Plus, there’s the Anyone Home? melee weapon which incorporates both a hammer and a meat tenderizer.

Finally, there’s a new operator called Dr Karlov, who’s into energy weapons and includes a new skin for Bale and two electricity-based weapon blueprints and an electric throwing knife.

The Halloween event for Call Of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare will start on Tuesday, October 20 and end on November 3.

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