Published: 19:19 EST, 6 November 2020 | Updated: 19:38 EST, 6 November 2020

A personal trainer has opened up about how he earns over $20,000 per day teaching women how to get a thick booty while revealing his top five tips for plumping up your backside.

Anthony Osorio, 30, based in California, focuses 100 per cent of his energy on building women’s bums to help them get the sexy figures they deserve, earning himself the name the ‘Booty King.’ 

The successful fitness guru, who is the son of Mexican immigrant parents, now rakes in the cash and drives a Ferrari thanks to his success.

Making money: Anthony Osorio, 30, based in California, makes more than $20,000 per day teaching women how to give their backsides a boost 

He regularly shares motivational posts with his 1.3M followers on his @bootyking Instagram page, including incredible before and afters. 

Anthony insists that in order to get the body you desire, you must change the way you eat and be consistent with your workouts.   

And while it takes more than just a few hip thrusts to get a juicy behind, he guarantees results if you follow his top-five tips.  

Listen up: Anthony, who has more than 1.3 million Instagram followers, said that ‘being consistent is the most important to reaching your goals’

He has a point: Anthony noted that he is always preaching about consistency because doing a workout every now and then won’t change your body 

Doing a killer workout every now and then isn’t enough to help you get the body you want — you have to keep at it.  

‘Being consistent is the most important to reaching your goals,’ Anthony told Jam Press. This goes for everything in life, but especially in fitness.

‘If you’re not consistent, don’t be surprised when you aren’t seeing the results you want to see — so consistency is something I preach a lot!’ 

Do it: While he may chow down on junk food during his training sessions, he recommends drinking two protein shakes a day 

Nutrition: The trainer explained that protein helps build muscle, which is important when you’re trying to add more curves to your derriere 

‘And your booty is a muscle, so protein is important to see growth in that area.

‘The everyday regular person doesn’t really eat enough protein throughout their day, so drinking those protein shakes will definitely help — and promote fat loss.’ 

Just saying: Anthony explained that ‘hip thrusts are the absolute best workout you can do for your booty’

‘Hip thrusts are the absolute best workout you can do for your booty,’ he insisted. ‘If there was only one exercise you can do, and you wanted to grow your booty, hip thrusts are it.’

However, the trainer noted that people should also incorporate other moves into their routines to keep their bodies proportionate.  

‘Now, the last thing you want is for your legs and butt to not match,’ he added, ‘so doing lunges will definitely help form a better looking lower body along with your glutes.’

Do it all: The trainer noted that people should also incorporate other moves into their routines to keep their bodies proportionate

Pump that iron: Anthony said lifting weights is important, and people should force themselves out of their comfort zones to make sure they do so 

Anthony’s fourth nugget of advice will sound familiar to anybody who has spent any time in a gym. 

‘Lifting weights and pushing yourself is something a lot of people aren’t comfortable with,’ he said. ‘But it’s necessary if you want to achieve your fitness goals.’

Pumping iron helps burn fat and build muscle, with the latter being particularly important for those who want bigger bottoms.  

‘If you want to achieve your goals, you must get out of your comfort zone,’ he said. 

Anthony’s final piece of advice is to ‘enjoy the process,’ which may be easier said than done. 

‘Make fitness a part of your lifestyle — make it a part of your daily routine,’ he said, explaining: ‘If it’s something you truly dread, then you definitely won’t reach your goals.’

Anthony said falling in love with your workouts and the way they make you feel is half the battle and will ensure success.  

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