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Black Friday is getting closer by the day, and the number of early Black Friday gaming monitor deals grows with it. Indeed, there are some proper good deals to be had right now, letting you grab a great gaming monitor bargain on the cheap before the big rush at the end of the month. Whether you’re after a G-Sync Compatible monitor, an ultrawide display, or a 240Hz gaming monitor deal, we’ve got you covered.

I’ll be keeping this page up to date with all the best gaming monitor Black Friday deals as and when they appear, so make sure to stick this page in your bookmarks if you’re looking to pick up a new gaming display on the cheap before the end of the year.

To help make things nice and easy, I’ve split this year’s Black Friday gaming monitor deals into some handy categories, which you’ll find on the right hand side there. Click the type of monitor you want, and you’ll be whisked straight down to that section of the page, saving you from having to scroll past reams and reams of gaming monitor deals you don’t want to look at. Naturally, most sections are pretty empty at the moment, but I’ll be updating them with more deals as soon as they go live over the coming weeks.

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If you’re after a cheap 1440p monitor and aren’t fussed about getting one with a high refresh rate, this LG is a real bargain right now. It’s one of Ebuyer’s early bird Black Friday deals, too, so you can be sure prices won’t change between now and Black Friday proper.

Another great LG gaming monitor, this one bumps up the refresh rate to a smooth 144Hz and it’s one of Nvidia’s officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors, too, making it a good buy for AMD and Nvidia graphics card owners alike.

There’s probably not much need to buy this over the LG above, but if you want an even higher refresh rate (plus full G-Sync Compatible status), Asus’ excellent TUF monitor is also worth considering. Its Extreme Low Motion Blur tech offers even sharper visuals when it’s combined with its variable refresh rate tech, and it also supports HDR, too.

While its 1080p resolution isn’t a good fit for doing lots of work, this is still a pretty good price for a 27in gaming screen with a 165Hz refresh rate. Bear in mind it only has a fixed stand, though.

This is the cheapest price HP’s 24x has ever been, according to my Amazon price tracker, making it a great time to pick up this small officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitor on the cheap.

Alternatively, if you want a small gaming monitor with an even higher refresh rate – 240Hz, to be precise – HP’s Omen X 25 is also the cheapest it’s ever been, too. Another officially certified G-Sync Compatible screen, this would be a good fit for keen competitive shooter fans.

A true ultrawide bargain, Iiyama’s 34in display is about as cheap as these kinds of displays come. You still get a 144Hz refresh rate and AMD Freesync Premium support, too, meaning you’ll be able to take advantage of its variable refresh rate tech for super smooth gaming in a much wider frame rate range than regular Freesync screens.

You’ll need a sizable desk to accommodate this 38in ultrawide gaming monitor, but at £400 off, it’s a great buy if you’re after loads of pixels and lots of frames – especially when its refresh rate can be overclocked to 175Hz. You’ll need a powerful Nvidia graphics card to play games at this resolution (it being a full-fat G-Sync monitor rather than a G-Sync Compatible one), but if you’re after a top notch ultrawide display, this is definitely worth considering.

One of Nvidia’s officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors, this 27in 1920×1080 monitor is a great fit for those after a large gaming screen with a high 144Hz refresh rate. Its resolution may be a bit fuzzy for long stretches of work and web browsing, but as a pure gaming monitor there’s a lot to like here.

Alternatively, if you do want a 144Hz monitor that can double up for work and play, this 24in Samsung CRG5 is a much better fit. Its resolution will be much sharper at 24in, and it’s quite a bit cheaper, too.

Resolution: If you’re not sure what kind of gaming monitor is best for you, a good place to start is to look at what kind of graphics card you’ve got. If you’ve got an Nvidia GTX 1660 or AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT card or below, then you’ll probably want a monitor with a 1920×1080 resolution, as this will mean you can play games at the fastest, smoothest speeds. Got an Nvidia RTX 2060 / RX 5700 or above? Then you should probably aim for a 2560×1440 screen, as you really need one of these cards to make the most of this resolution when playing games at high settings. Meanwhile, those with an Nvidia RTX 2080 or above should consider a 4K (3840×2160) or ultrawide monitors depending on your preference.

Freesync or G-Sync? Traditionally, you’ll find most Black Friday gaming monitor deals come with AMD’s FreeSync technology, which allows AMD graphics cards to produce a super smooth, tear-free gaming experience with no stutter and no skipped frames. Previously, Nvidia owners couldn’t make use of this tech – they had to look for monitors with Nvidia G-Sync tech. These are becoming increasingly scarce now, though, thanks to Nvidia’s new G-Sync Compatible driver. This lets Nvidia graphics card owners use Freesync monitors exactly like AMD owners. As a result, buying a good FreeSync monitor is now a much better way of saving money than finding a good G-Sync deal.

That said, there are some FreeSync monitors that don’t play as nicely with Nvidia graphics cards as others, which is why Nvidia have their official G-Sync Compatible standard (with a capital ‘C’). All Freesync monitors are G-Sync compatible (with a small ‘c’), but only the ones Nvidia have tested and certified get a big ‘C’ sticker. You’ll find a complete list of all the confirmed G-Sync Compatible monitors right here, so make sure you check your deal against this list to see if it’s guaranteed to give you a good experience. That said, there are plenty of non-G-Sync Compatible monitors I’ve tested that have worked perfectly fine with my Nvidia graphics card, so there’s still a good chance it will work absolutely fine even if it hasn’t made Nvidia’s official list yet.

Panel type: If we haven’t reviewed a monitor, another good way to gauge the quality of it is to look at the monitor’s panel type. TN panels are very fast and cheap and good for twitchy shooters, but aren’t particularly colour accurate. Instead, IPS are the best for colour accuracy, and more and more have response times that are pretty much just as quick as TN panels. VA panels, on the other hand, have great contrast and wide viewing angles, but their colour accuracy can suffer slightly compared to IPS. To find out more, read our Gaming monitor panel types explained article to see exactly what each one means, what their advantages are, and what to look out for.

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