ASUS will be allegedly releasing a whole new range of different products all based on a previous anime that took the world by storm and was arguably one of the most popular cartoons to air on cartoon network- the “Gundam” series! The mecha franchise fits perfectly with the image that ASUS wants to be associated with and that is next-level technology, speed, and basically tech goodness.

According to an article by PC Mag, the upcoming new product will include a GPU called the ASUS ROG Strix 3090 Gundam Edition graphics card. This will be a special model that not only offers the much expected performance from the typically powerful ROG RTX 3090 Strix GPU, but it’s definitely outfitted in fun by the popular Gundam-centric colors.

The main Strix 3090 unit will be in white, red, and blue with gold accents. It actually might be difficult for those who aren’t certified fans of the “Gundam” series to understand why it’s quite important.

For those, however, who happens to be big fans of the classical mecha series, they will get why the color scheme as well as the design is very significant and according to the article “immediately be reminiscent” of the previous TV cartoon series that admittedly took hours and hours of our time growing up over the years.

The GPU was the very first to be shown off during a particular ASUS-focused gaming event. With the already difficult-to-purchase RTX 3090 GPU as of the moment, according to Tom’s Guide, the special editions are said to come out ever more pricey! The GPU alone is said to go for a whopping 16,999 Yuans, or reaching a rather staggering 2,538 USD. In any currency, that price is still pretty high for a gaming PC part.

Buying from certain resellers could be even more costly and also still quite difficult to purchase even for the typical RTX 3090 GPUs. In order to purchase this ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3090 GPU, getting the right contacts or being able to put a reservation could be the only way to get it.

As of the moment, neither this particular product, nor any of the other Asus Gundam-themed peripherals just like the power supplies, motherboards, or even cases, will generally be available outside of Asia.

Importing is still an obvious option to possibly procure one of the many coveted graphics cards. As of the moment, this is still the best option for getting this graphics card.

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World news – US – ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3090 Gundam Edition GPU Review: Only Sold in Asia

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