A new paradox has been discovered. The field of quantum mechanics is ever-changing. With Einstein’s theory of relativity, this is the second most fundamental scientific theory. Quantum mechanics have described very small articles. These include atoms, photons, etc. According to too Niels Bohr, a founder of the theory. It’s not because we lack information, but because physical properties like position don’t actually exist until we measure them.

Very often it is tough to find definite answers from quantum theory. As in most cases, it only provides us with probabilities. Even the likes of Albert Einstein argues that there is more to life than what quantum mechanics can describe.

Einstein’s article states that when a pair of distant particles in an “entangled” state, are put under the same property then the result will be random. However, there will be a direct correlation between the results.

An example of this would be. A person measuring the position of the first particle could perfectly predict the result of measuring the position of the distant one. This could be done without touching it. The person could also predict the velocity. This has a natural explanation. Both properties existed before being measured. In opposition to Bohr’s statement

In 1964 Irish physicist John Bell held Einstein’s argument wouldn’t work if we were to carry out a more complicated combination of the two particles. Bell showed that if the observers randomly choose between measuring one or another property of their particles. The average results are tough to explain, in any theory. Wherein position and velocity were pre-existing properties.

Theoretical physicist Eugene Wigner developed an experiment to show the problem with the idea of measurement. He considered a different situation. Wherein his friend goes into a tightly sealed lab. He performs a measurement on a quantum particle. The event was performed on its position. He noticed that if he applied the equations of quantum mechanics from elsewhere. The results were different. Instead of the friend’s measurement making the particle’s position real. From Wigner’s perspective, the friend becomes entangled with the particle and infected with the uncertainty that surrounds it.

In conclusion, if the quantum mechanical predictions continue to hold. This will have strong implications for our understanding of reality.

Source: https://stanfordartsreview.com/2020/08/30/as-per-physicists-there-is-a-new-quantum-paradox-there-is-a-casting-of-doubt-on-the-pillar-of-reality/

World news – GB – As per physicists, there is a new quantum paradox, there is a casting of doubt on the pillar of reality… – Stanford Arts Review

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