Audiophiles with impeccable tastes know the quality of Anthem products to be first rate. All their products are hand crafted in Canada to some of the highest quality measures in the audio industry. Audioholic’s President Gene DellaSala did a full review of Anthem’s STR Preamp and Power Amplifier and said that, “the STR preamp is perhaps one of the most flexible and diverse two-channel preamplifiers I’ve ever seen.  It offers state-of-the-art performance in every mode of operation handling analog and digital sources with equal ease”. 

Anthem recently released information on an upgrade of their A/V receivers and  processors. We first saw the MRX series of receivers and AVM series of processors at the 2015 CEDIA show where Anthem first made their debut into the immersive audio and streaming game. The MRX 540, 740 and 1140 A/V Receivers; and AVM 70 and 90 A/V Processors will replace Anthems previous models.  All five new products feature industry-leading room correction, expert management of
the latest audio formats and robust
integration. The new
releases are a culmination of the research and learning from the past five

Our fans and dealers have been
anxiously awaiting these next generations and we are pleased to be unveiling products with such rich feature
sets. We’ve had the opportunity to design and
create new products that really set the benchmark of delivering tremendous performance for a great value.
Being able to continue that legacy is something we’re very excited about.

New programs and training for
Anthem’s specialized dealers will also accompany these product releases. “We
have fantastic training materials and
programs for our dealers, who are truly the cornerstone of our brand’s
success,” said David Baker (Director of Sales),
Paradigm Electronics Inc. “We are excited to work closely with them to launch
these new, high performance solutions.”

The new series of A/V processors from Anthem will include the AVM 70 and AVM 90 models. The AVM 90 is Anthem’s new flagship A/V Processor with upgraded audio circuitry, four independent subwoofer
outputs and a 32-bit AKM AK4499EQ DAC with 768kHz sampling capability.  The AVM70 Processor can now manage
configurations up to 15.2 channels and the AVM90 up tp 15.4  channels (up from 11.2) and all come with ARC Genesis Room Correction.

ARC has been a pretty solid room correction system from our past
experiences. We love the fact the EQ could be bandwidth limited so you
can just apply correction at and below the room transition frequency or
whatever your preference may be.

Anthem’s new AVM 70 and flagship
AVM 90 A/V Processors bring all of today’s technologies into a single component.

The AVM 90 also comes with upgraded audio circuitry, four independent
subwoofer outputs and a 32-bit AKM AK4499EQ
DAC with 768kHz sampling capability.

The new lineup of MRX Receivers will include the 540, 740, and 1140 models.Anthem says that the MRX A/V Receivers are
“about maximizing performance for the money”. MRX Receiver channels can be assigned in many ways. For instance you can Bi-amp demanding speakers by assigning unused channels
to bass or mid-range drivers. Extra channels power an additional audio zone in a whole-house system. Set up
any configuration of height, width or presence speakers in a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X system; then balance the
presentation with ARC Genesis.

Gone is the OSD overlay many consumers have become accustomed to in other AV receivers and processors. Anthem Web User Interface is now built in to all MRX Receivers and AVM Processors. By using a phone, tablet
or laptop, you can easily access any function or setting and make changes on the fly. In addition, you can power the main or
second zone on and off, adjust volume, change audio modes or tweak channel trims. Web UI can also be used to calibrate speaker delays and levels and configure network settings/control
options. We love the fact that these new products can be located in a different room from the display and speakers, yet they can be fully controlled and calibrated from anywhere you have network access via a tablet or laptop. Source devices can be renamed, simplifying set up by enabling the elimination of unused inputs. Installers
can import and export files to make remote management simple and convenient. Amp matrixing supports the reassignment of unused amplifier channels to Zone 2, surrounds, heights or to bi-amp even the most demanding speakers.

All new Anthem products will be available in December through authorized Anthem dealers. Anthem will be sending us an MRX 740 for evaluation and integration into the master bedroom of the new Audioholics Smarthome. We look forward to learning more about future upgrade paths to HDMI 2.1 and if DTS:X Pro will be on the roadmap. Tell us what you think about these new Anthem products and what future upgrades you’d like to see on them in the near future.

Tony is our resident expert for lifestyle and wireless products including soundbars. He does most of the reviews for wireless and streaming loudspeakers and often compares soundbars in round ups and helps us cover the trade shows.

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World news – CA – Anthem Releases New 11CH & 15CH AVM A/V Processors and MRX Receivers

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