Boutique hardware maker Analogue is famous for its FPGA-based system and is about to unleash the Analogue Pocket on the world, but that Game Boy-style handheld isn’t the only project the company has in development right now; it’s just announced that it’s creating a new console which replicates the performance of Kanye West’s favourite games system: NEC’s legendary PC Engine (known as the TurboGrafx-16 in North America).

The Analogue Duo will play PC Engine / TG-16 HuCards (including the handful of games made for the ill-fated SuperGrafx system) and CD titles (including Arcade CD games like Fatal Fury Special and Strider) and boasts support for original pads and accessories. Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless are built-in as standard, so you can use compatible wireless controllers if you so wish. There’s also a USB port for plugging in wired USB pads.

The PC Engine is famous for being one of the smallest and more adorable home consoles ever and stole a march on the SNES and Mega Drive when it launched in 1987. Offering arcade-quality titles such as Splatterhouse and R-Type, the system quickly claimed second place in Japan (it was even outselling the mighty Famicom at one point), beating Sega’s more powerful 16-bit Mega Drive / Genesis in its homeland. A North American launch happened in 1989 but the TurboGrafx-16 wasn’t able to challenge Nintendo or Sega in that region, despite the release of the CD-based TurboDuo, upon which the Analogue Duo’s design is based.

As well as the Duo, Analogue has also announced that it is releasing an adapter for the Analogue Pocket that will allow you to play PC Engine / SuperGrafx HuCards and TG-16 TurboChips on the upcoming handheld. It’s also coming in 2021 and will cost $29.99.

Will you be picking up either of these products? Let us know by posting a comment below, and don’t forget to check out our history of the PC Engine family here.

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Having just had my first experience with the PC Engine via the Mini, I am really excited by this, gonna pre-order it!

This is how these mini consoles should be.If they are just going to be emulators no reason to buy them at all.

This is awesome news. I don’t collect PC Engine/Turbo Graphix games, so I won’t be picking one up. It does gives me hope for FPGA N64 and GameCube systems though. Until then, my Eon HD adapters will have to suffice.

I don’t have any games for the Turbo/PC Engine systems so I may had to pass on this clone. I’ll wait for the Analogue 64Nt (N64 FPGA clone) or the DreamSg (Dreamcast FPGA clone) though.

This has absolutely nothing to do with N64 or GameCube, since those systems (especially the N64) are infinitely more complex to replicate on an FPGA.

That said, just get a Mister instead of this. You can play all these games (and more) for the same price.

@StevenG I wouldn’t call anything Analogue makes a mini console as these aim to be like original hardware with modern conveniences. They are more ultimate revisions on original hardware than anything.

I haven’t bought any of their other products but this is one I’ll be pre-ordering. I treasure my turbo duo and live in fear that it will one day crap out on me, so this is going to be awesome. I’ve built up a pretty good collection over the years and want to play them for even more years to come.

I’ve got a real pc engine duo r and I’d just like to warn some people. The difficulty in collecting for the pc engine is not really the price of the console, it’s the games. When you look at lists of pc engine games that you should buy(even going into like top 200) only about 20% of the games are less than $100, doesn’t matter if it’s hucard or cd. Most games are in the $100-$200 range and some of the good games go for as much as $700-$1000.

I love my pc engine and I’m willing to pay the price for games. It’s just you should be warned if you get an analog system that acquiring the games is by no means cheap. CDs can be burned but I don’t do it because it puts stress on the laser. Repro hucards, if they exist are not common.

Right there with you. I’ve got a turbo and turbo CD and a rack full of games. Had to have a complete board replacement for my cd unit after a chip failure. This will be a day 1 preorder for me, only as a means of making the most of this ridiculously expensive library. My turbo will be for CRT use only I think after this.

I do have some questions, like super card support and arcade support. The duos have super cd support built in, but my turbo only has the 2.0 card support (the super 3.0 cards are stupid expensive). And arcade cards were PC engine only and also even more expensive. Will this run arcade and super cd games without the system cards I wonder?

@Yorumi Yup. It’s pretty crazy. I’m SO glad I was at least a little ahead of the curve on this one. I’ve got some pretty good titles from years back and never really broke the bank on any of them (well, maybe a few). It’s kinda insane to see what some of them go for these days.

When you consider the TG-16 Mini was about 100 bucks, this is a solid deal from a company making ridiculously high quality consoles. Looking forward to the day patents allow them to tackle the N64

Although I did still end up buying 5 mini consoles, they’re mostly just shelf display items tbh, box in back, with the mini consoles in front of boxes and some figures to stand around each console respectively

It’s not patents, it’s cost and technology that is holding everyone back on N64 FPGA development. You can’t even achieve perfect N64 emulation on a high powered PC.

Totally agree, I have a PC Engine Duo R, with a great selection of Hu cards and CD roms. But collecting ain’t cheap. Personally i hardly use it because I value it so much. I have a raspberry pi setup with amazing Engine emulation. So not stressing the original tech.

Finally one that makes sense, given how hard it is to find one with a reliable laser assembly. Everyone needs to play Splash Lake!

For once it’s cheaper to buy this one than getting a working original unit with all the peripherals needed.

@Heavyarms55 I agree with you. By far my most anticipated system, and I was actively trying to get my pre-orders (I wanted 2) in as soon as the site went live, and still couldn’t. No way I’m paying scalpers though. Was really hoping this announcement would bring with it a second pre-order batch for the pocket, even more so now that it support PC Engine.

I’d urinate in my own mouth while rowing down Rubber Dingy Rapids just to get this console. I MUST have an Analogue Duo!

Well, since I’m pretty sure the laser on my TurboDuo is shot, I’ll have to try to beat the scalpers when this preorder goes live. Thankfully, my Turbografx/PC Engine collection went largely untouched back when I was selling my games (I think Strider was the only PCE Arcade CD game I let go). And HDMI output is always welcome.

My dream is an Analogue console for every retro console I have and play, along with one of their DACs so I can play on a CRT or HD TV as I see fit.

Considering an N64, PS1, PS2 and Gamecube are on that list, I’m not sure it will happen before I’m too old to play.

West is a garbage person, no surprise that they like a garbage system as well. Who the heck cares about them or what they like?

Still want to get a pocket if they do another production run. Would like to get the MG as well, but shipping charges and lack of 8bitdo controllers in the UK has put me off so far.

Like any Analogue product, I’d like one but probably not anytime soon. And without CRT support it’s not a priority

Something else for Kanye to drop down the toilet along his grammy, sunday service, ugly overpriced shoes, and presidential campaign.

@Axelay71 yeah I worry about my cd drive. Though I got one that was fully refurbished from a good seller. I don’t really worry about the hucard slot because they’re just cartridges and that’ll last forever. I only put official cds in the drive though, they say burned ones wear out the laser. It really is just about my favorite console, ton of fun to play with a lot of unique games.

Oh my days… I need one of these. Price is perfect. Day 1. I’ve nearly spent £200+ on a Duo several times but stopped myself due to fears of the thing keeling over not long after I got it. This… is the business. I think I’m going to start collecting software now!

Yes fantastic system, own all the systems from that era. Snes is my favourite though. But all amazing in their own way.

@KillerBOB n64 games look better on my 2010 mac than they did originally fpga is obviously not a big deal for me as I want to play the games but don’t really mind it being imperfect if it’s not too noticeable that’s just me though enjoy this it looks awesome! Also if said fpga n64 thing comes out I’d probably pick that up too just because it would be awesome even if I’m not a connoisseur like you guys.

@KillerBOB I had not heard of that but I am seriously looking at getting it since the Analogue stuff is expensive and hard to get.

It’s kind of similar to a Raspberry Pi (if you have heard of it), but it’s an FPGA.

If you go on YouTube and look up « Smoke Monster Mister FPGA » he has posted dozens of videos showing you what it’s capable of and giving a basic rundown, then you can research more on your own.

Every analogue product has had a « jailbreak » firmware that allows game loading via sd card. I’d assume this would be no different and have no plans to use the cd player to play cd games.

It’s not cheap, but they do offer a dac for $80 which allows all their consoles to be played lag free on crt.

It’s not patents stopping from N64. It’s just more powerful than current fpga current chips and more complex. My guess for analogue is Neo Geo then Saturn then PS1 then N64. So maybe N64 in 2025.

I have the Mega SG and it’s a quality product best clone system out there. This one piques my interest but I really wish they would bring back the Super NT.

@Yorumi burnt discs and an everdrive is all you need. Nobody in their right mind is going to start forking out £500 and upwards for a CD game.

@KillerBOB Exactly! This is why I recently purchased an RGB modded N64 with an Everdrive. I think we’re still a ways off from an FPGA N64 solution and emulation just doesn’t cut it with that console. I’d be happy to be wrong about FPGA being a ways off!

I had a feeling I’d find an article about this here, and that either you or Liam Doolan would be the one to write it. 🤦‍♀️

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