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Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links below, we may receive a commission. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

If TikTok is always coming for your wallet, prepare to drain your account once again. The Flexispot Cycle Desk Bike is going viral on the platform, thanks to one creator’s super-popular video singing its praises. And the hype comes at a good time, as the bike is on sale right now.

While people are working and quarantining from home, sitting still all day is the new norm. To be more active while you work from, TikTok user treyfoundjules highlighted the Flexispot Cycle Desk Bike in a recent video.

The video itself has amassed over 9 million plays and over 1 million likes — and for good reason. Forget what you know about desks. The Flexispot Cycle Desk Bike is a combination of a workspace and an exercise bike. Like an office chair, you can adjust the bike’s height with a pump from under the seat. You can even move the desk portion closer or farther for comfort. Plus, the bike even has an arm cushion for added support.

While the desk top offers a wide workspace, the bike is a true workout machine. If you’re looking for a light or hefty workout, there are eight different resistance settings. Not to mention, the bike can track your calories, distance and miles biked as you pedal and work.

The desk-bike hybrid earned a CES Innovation Award in 2018, and it has rave reviews by actual buyers, too.

“This is the desk bike of my dreams!” One customer wrote. “It’s so modern-looking and very easy to use. It’s like biking and working out at the gym. The only difference is that you can literally work on your computer while using this!”

Another shopper, who bought the bike on Amazon, said that while the bike is good for light use, serious cyclists won’t get their fix.

“The bike works smoothly and the range of resistance is good for using while working,” they wrote. “If you’re a serious cyclist, you won’t be able to get a heavy workout, even at the highest setting.”

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This heavy-duty, nonstick roaster is perfect for holiday dinners — and it’s on sale for $40

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Source: https://www.aol.com/article/lifestyle/2020/10/19/tiktok-is-freaking-out-over-this-at-home-desk-thats-also-an-exercise-bike/24656385/


World news – CA – An at-home desk that’s also an exercise bike is going viral TikTok

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CSS Engineering s’implique dans les projets de chaque client comme si c’était les siens. Nous croyons qu’une société de conseil devrait être plus que d’un conseiller. Nous nous mettons à la place de nos clients, pour aligner nos incitations à leurs objectifs, et collaborer pour débloquer le plein potentiel de leur entreprise. Cela établit des relations profondes et agréables.

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