Remember the action-adventure platform series Drawn to Life during the Wii and DS generation? If you don’t, we’ll forgive you, as it’s obviously been quite some time since we last heard about it.

For anyone who did enjoy this series back in its prime, the good news is it appears to be returning. According to Gematsu, the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee recently rated an unannounced title known as Drawn to Life: Two Realms for Nintendo’s hybrid system, the Switch.

This game will apparently be published by 505 Games. 5th Cell (the Scribblenauts dev) worked on the main games back in the day, but there’s no word on who is developing this new one just yet. For now, here’s a brief description and along with the box art (see above).

« Drawn to Life is a game where the player must draw their own character, weapons and accessories, platforms, and objects. »

And to top it off, the domain name ‘ was registered earlier this month – which seemingly lines up with this rating. Did you play this series when it was first released? Would you be interested in a new entry? Tell us below.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

just seems mighty inconvenient for us docked players, to be honest
edit: (not to say i’m not excited, though, i loved these games as a kid as kind of meh as they are in retrospect)

Seemed like one of those games that looks awful unless you were attached to it as a kid.

I’ve only played bit of the first game. I liked the idea more than the game. Scribblenauts always had the same problem. They give you lot of tools and different ways to solve the problem but you always go for the same ones that work for everything.

Judging from the title and the presence of a certain two characters, it seems they’re continuing off the second game’s infamous ending. If you don’t know about the ending, at the end of the game you put out the « eternal flame », all the characters disappear, then it plays this:

I completely forgot about those games but I played and loved both of them on the ds! There was also a spongebob crossover game but it was awful…

The first one had my favorite ending to a video game ever other than metal gear solid 3. I still even have the song from it and listen to it all the time. I hope the composer comes back to do the music for this one

Maybe the ending will be a little cheerier this time around? I don’t think my heart can handle another ending like the second game.

this is nice to hear, i was lucky enough to stumble on this game back on the ds and it was entertaining enough as a kid. ill keep an eye on this

@Noid It could continue off of the altered ending where they had Mikey fall off a tree and go into a coma. However I would definitely prefer the original ending. The game probably sucks now, but it I was very emotionally attached to it when I was a kid.

@Noid I didn’t know you could hide spoilers like that! Lemme try!Bruce Willis is actually a ghost in Sixth Sense.

Nice, really enjoyed the first game on DS back in the day and recently picked up the sequel on the Wii for a couple quid

@Abeedo I’m wondering if the devs of this new one even remember the second alternate ending… Being over a decade after the original release, it’s possible the people working on this one didn’t even realize the alternate ending in the 2nd release. Or plot twist… The alternate ending is him trying to rewrite history on his mind and this game is about bringing it the truth.

Holy cow, my mind is reeling. I’ve been waxing on about how fantastic the DtL series was for almost a decade–how the story is filled with deep characters, intrigue, religious allegory, political satire, and heartwrenching emotion, with a divisive (excellent) ending. This is very exciting, but has me concerned as well. Can a different studio continue the story in a compelling way true to 5th Cell’s style? Can a game that effectively undoes DtL2’s ending be a worthwhile continuation? And what happens if it’s the weak link in the story (ignoring the non-canon Wii disaster)? There’s a lot left unknown here, but I want to be optimistic.

YAAAAAA I have been wanting to play this game forever yessss I’m going to buy day one for me and thank’s @Noid for helping me catch up lets F***ing GOOOOOOOOOO.

@Noid I just watched the ending and read up on the wiki a little bit and wow the ending is dark! now I see what you mean.

Woah, this actually sounds like a game that’s right up my alley… I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this game until now, especially since I grew up playing the Wii and DS! I hope the rumors are true!

Cool! I owned the second one and the SpongeBob spinoff, and while I enjoyed them as a kid, I’m not sure if they still hold up, as I haven’t gone back in an extremely long time. This is tapping hard into my nostalgia though, so I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on it. It’s always great to see a sequel to a franchise that’s been dormant for over a decade and you thought was dead forever.

Public service announcement–Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter has a killer soundtrack, and you should do yourself a favor by listening to the full loop of this track. One of my single favorite pieces of music from any game I’ve ever played. Absolutely beautiful, in my opinion. Criminally underrated, though. Listen to the part at 1:17 and tell me you don’t feel anything.


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World news – GB – A New Drawn To Life Game Has Been Rated For The Nintendo Switch

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