Today Borderlands 3 revealed what may be its final major DLC, although Randy Pitchford has been testing the waters for another premium pack on Twitter. The contents of this new DLC are not a total surprise given earlier teases, but we have a lot more information about it now.

Borderland 3’s next DLC is Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck which I am absolutely not risking putting in a headline. It’s out very, very soon, on September 10, keeping in line with the “every three months” schedule of big Borderlands 3 DLC that Gearbox has not missed, even during the pandemic.

As previously promised, this is a journey inside Krieg’s fractured mind (for newcomers, he’s a Psycho that was a DLC vault hunter from Borderlands 2).

The journey will feature Krieg’s dueling sane and insane natures, and Maya will return as a prominent figure as presumably Krieg learns of and deals with her death (they were close).

Tannis is also a key part of this DLC as the “mission” is to figure out why all Psychos are so…psycho. She believes they were driven mad by the knowledge of a mystical place called “Vaulthalla” which is locked away in their minds, and that’s what we’re trying to find.

It seems like Vaulthalla might be an actual physical place we end up going to, but before that, all legendary loot we find in Krieg’s mind levels can also be used anywhere (duh).

Finally, one thing that will probably be controversial among fans is another level cap raise, this time to 65, five whole points at once, and Gearbox promises that this will be the last cap raise for the foreseeable future. So, essentially all the loot you are getting from the six weeks of special events leading up to this DLC is going to be outclassed by much better versions almost immediately. Which is how these level caps always work. But after this one? No more…for a while, anyway.

One thing that is not mentioned here that I find curious is any news about a fourth skill tree for vault hunters. Dataminers have found bits and pieces of new skill trees for each of the existing four classes, and it seems like this big DLC would be the perfect time to take those out for a test drive. But nothing in this reveal or the press release I’m paraphrasing describes anything about new skill trees. I know they’re talking about this DLC later on today during the Bordercast, so maybe it will come up then. Or maybe it’s just not ready, and this was one thing delayed due to pandemic-era production, I’m not sure.

Regardless, I am of course eager to play new Borderlands DLC, as there has not really been anything to do in the game since the last DLC outside of these mini-events. I’m glad I wasn’t farming those due to the level cap raise, and I guess I need to figure out what I’m going to do with five extra skill points if there’s not going to be a new skill tree to play with.

More info to come, but we are getting very close to launch which is barely over two weeks away.

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World news – GB – ‘Borderlands 3’ Reveals Psycho Krieg DLC, Maya’s Return And An Imminent Launch Date

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