Developer Proletariat has provided meaningful updates to their magical, spellcasting battle royale game Spellbreak. Their latest update, Spellbreak – Prologue: The Gathering Storm, which is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, made the game so much more than just another battle royale.

Clash is a 9v9 team deathmatch where teams kill enemy players to reach a kill count in order to win. Like in the battle royale mode, players still go around the map, collecting better gear and spells, but this is a more action-packed, quick, low stress mode, probably because you respawn upon death and don’t lose your gear.

That’s right. Clash divides each side into three squads of three players each. The encroaching circle pushes players into what the developers described as “designer-placed areas that ensure good gameplay for both teams.” In Clash, when a player dies (exiled), they aren’t done for the rest of the match. Instead, you respawn near your team, in the air to drop down to a place you feel comfortable. You’ll respawn with all your gear and upgrades, full health and armor, and two armor shards. You will drop a copy of your loadout for other players to pick up, though.

I’ve only played two matches of Clash so far, but it feels like a quick, different pace game mode that shows how well Spellbreak’s gameplay lends itself to modes outside of battle royale. That said, leavers can quickly ruin a game. In both games I’ve had 4 teammates leave one game, and 3 in another.

Clash wasn’t the only thing added in this update. Chapters are another big addition to the game. This Prologue Chapter adds story elements to the game, as well as Honor Quests to complete to rank up your Chapter level, unlocking rewards. Example Honor Quests are “Use Firefly Skill 15 Times,” “Deal 100 damage with Flamewall,” and “Deal Damage with Fire and Toxic Combined.” Rewards from the Prologue Chapter include new outfits, badges, titles, emotes and Gold to spend in the shop.

With those two major additions, new consumables and talents may not seem like as big of a deal, but there’s new gameplay wrinkles and changeups with them. New talents include:

There are also new small health potions and small armor shards for quick, small amounts of healing, a small and large Safeguard Potions that gives you health and armor over 10 seconds, and a Knowledge Potion that gives you 2 bonus charges to your rune and your sorceries.

All in all, this is a meaty update. Visit the Spellbreak website for full patch notes. And let us know what you think of 9v9 Clash Mode in the comments below.

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