Super Mario 3D All-Stars will bring back some of the best Mario 3D platformers. Here are some annoying enemies from Super Mario 64.

Players often assume that kid-friendly games are a cakewalk, but that’s that’s not the case for this Mario game. Sure, the game is generally simple when it comes to power-ups and battles, so most common enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas are easy to defeat. However, some enemies in the franchise are annoying as heck. In Super Mario 64, there are several straight up obnoxious enemies that Mario encounters throughout his adventure.  Some of these enemies are sneaky too, so don’t allow their innocent appearance to let them off the hook.

This article details the ten most annoying enemies in Super Mario 64. Whether it’s because of their attack styles, or their indestructible nature, these ten enemies are sure to frustrate any Mario player.

This ice cold snow person appears in Cool, Cool Mountain, Snowman’s Land, in the DS version, they even appear in Chief Chilly’s Challenge. The first thing that makes these characters tricky is their sneakiness. Players don’t know that Mr. Blizzards are around until they pop up out of the snow and attack.

These enemies also throw snowballs at Mario after their whole rise-from-the-dead snow spawning action. Oh and not to mention, these guys are thieves! Yep, that’s right. If Mario loses his hat and fails to retrieve it, a Mr. Bizzard will be wearing it the next time a player returns.

Fly Guys are nothing more than Shy Guys with propellers on their heads. That sounds innocent enough, but they can be lethal. In Super Mario 64, these enemies fly around spitting fireballs at players.

The perk to these lies in their ability to help Mario sore sky high. In this game, if Mario jumps on a Fly Guy’s head, he’ll be shot into the air. This can be bad or good, depending on the location. Players just need to make sure they don’t stomp a Fly Guy without a reachable ledge nearby.

Those who play The Legend of Zelda know just how annoying that bats, crows, and other flying enemies can be. Well, Nintendo apparently has a thing for tiny annoying enemies that fly. Swoops are the Mario version of bats, and their name couldn’t be more fitting. These enemies show up in Hazy Maze Cave, and they’re not too happy about their sleep being interrupted. Like real-life bats, Swoops like to hang upside down in caves to rest and wait for their prey.

The difference is that real-life bats like bugs, but Swoops like to attack Marios instead. They’ll also fly around in circles just annoying the heck out of players. Like most air-borne enemies, these creatures are annoying because of how much autonomy they have.

So far, Chuckyas only show up in Super Mario 64, and hopefully it stays that way. These enemies look like overgrown Bob-ombs, but explosion is not their attack method of choice. Instead, these characters throw Mario wherever the heck they feel like throwing him.

It’s an unpredictable predicament. Chuckyas use the same fighting methods as King Bob-omb, but he’s much slower than they are.nTo defeat them, Mario must lift them from behind and throw them, leading to an explosive demise.

Mario developers have never shied away from using descriptive names. These Heave-hos do exactly what it sounds like they do. If Mario steps on them, they fling him up so high that he’ll wish he had just stayed home that day. Like Chuckyas, these specific enemies are only present in Super Mario 64.

Another annoying aspect of these is that it’s impossible to kill them. Like the Fly Guys, players can use Heave-hos to their advantage. If a location is too high for Mario to reach on his own, players can manipulate a Heave-ho into launching them up to a higher platform. There’s always a bright side to look for while in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Ah, yes, Lava Bubbles. The most annoying Mario enemy of them all. In this game, they only appear in a level called Lethal Lava Land, and that description couldn’t be closer to the truth. It’s impossible to kill them, and they try their hardest to infiltrate Mario’s path. These enemies hop in and out of the lava like fire-dolphins, so it’s important to be patient and focus on timing when encountering these little demons.

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The other annoying thing about Lava Bubbles aside from their lava-hopping is that they take three whole wedges from Mario’s health meter. This proves challenging since his health meter only holds up to 8 pieces of health in this game.

Again, Nintendo uses wordplay to their advantage. Fwooshes are puffy clouds that blow players right off the ledge, causing them to climb all the way back up the mountain. They only appear in Tall, Tall Mountain, fittingly enough. These clouds aren’t much bigger than Mario is, but don’t underestimate their power.

To avoid getting blown away, simply avoid the Fwoosh. Getting too close to it will trigger it, and attacking it is pointless. Like many of these other annoying enemies, the Fwoosh is indestructible. One positive thing to say about Fwooshes is that their attacks are flawless, especially given Mario 64’s age.

As seen above, Tox Box’s are a bit moody. These Thwomp-like enemies have one hollow side, but every other side will squish players so it’s important to time it just right. Their path is narrow, and surrounded by quicksand, so really the only legitimate way to pass a Tox Box is to follow its pattern and hide in its hollow end.

These multi-faced enemies are found in Shifting Sand Land, and it definitely takes patience to maneuver around them. These obnoxious Tox Box cubes definitely aren’t what makes players rate Super Mario 64 the best Mario game for Nintendo 64, but they do create a good challenge.

Maw-Rays are annoying for the same reasons any other video game eel is annoying. Underwater enemies are obnoxious, and these eels like to pop out of holes and use their big scary chompers to attack. In Mario 64, the Maw-Ray’s name is Unagi, and he’s located in Jolly Roger Bay.

In order to complete the level, Mario must provoke Unagi to attack him. By tricking Unagi into attacking, players can complete both Unagi missions by removing him from his location. His big Chain-Chomp-looking month doesn’t make this super easy though.

Finally, the trickiest enemy of all, the Mad Piano. This thing is creepy as heck, and annoying to boot. What appears to be nothing more than a beautiful, fancy instrument is actually a living creature with an Unagi-like bite. As if the eel wasn’t bad enough, this object isn’t even supposed to be alive in the first place!

Thankfully, the Mad Piano only shows up once. As expected, it’s present in Big Boo’s Haunt. This possessed piano is nothing to mess around with. If hit, players will lose three hearts, so it’s easy to die quickly in here. It’s best to just run from it, avoiding its lethal bite, then quickly grab the red coin that it’s working so hard to protect. It looks like Luigi should be here instead of Mario. Ghosts and Ghouls are no match for Mario’s green-loving brother.

Noel McDavid is a writer, a reader, and an avid retro gamer. She loves Spyro the Dragon and most Legend of Zelda titles, along with Crash Bandicoot and other classics. McDavid has been writing at KeenGamer for a year, and now writes for Game Rant. She is pursuing a master’s degree in Professional and Technical Writing and spends her free time beekeeping and farming.


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